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  • Avis clients
  • 4.9/5
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Add tube compression royalty to your mixes.

As Manley Labs' flagship compressor since 1994, the Vari Mu is a tube and transformer-driven classic that exudes handmade craftsmanship and is the gold standard among mixing and mastering engineers. The Manley Variable Mu Limiter Compressor plug-in gives your stereo buses or your entire mix the same clarity and cohesion as the high-end hardware.

Versions incluses

UAD Native
Fonctionne sur votre Mac ou PC sans le matériel d’UA.

Apollo Realtime & UAD-2
Fonctionne en mode accéléré sur les interfaces Apollo et les systèmes UAD-2.

Configuration système requise : les plug-ins UAD natifs fonctionnent sur macOS 10.15 Catalina ou une version ultérieure, ainsi que sur Windows 10 et 11. Consultez notre page d’aide dédiée pour connaître la configuration système requise.

  • Add definition and fidelity to individual tracks, stereo buses, or an entire mix
  • Glue together difficult mixes with signature Manley tube compression
  • Link channels for a precise, perfectly matched stereo image
  • Select from Left/Right or Mid/Side operation for precise control of stereo imaging
  • Use the plug-in-only Dry/Wet Mix control to easily dial in parallel compression

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Easily Add Stunning Polish

Easily Add Stunning Polish

Treat your source material with velvety-smooth gain reduction, while infusing warm harmonic content, free of audible compression artifacts with the Manley Vari Mu Limiter Compressor plug-in and add a variable gain compressor with stunning transparency to your studio.

Enhance Tracks and Glue Mixes

Enhance Tracks and Glue Mixes

The Manley Vari Mu Limiter Compressor plug-in can be used on single instruments such as bass or a lead vocal, or on subgroups like strings or horns. But its raison d'être is on the mix bus, where it can unify your mixes with a rich, hi-fi fit and finish.

Polish your Mixes with Powerful Controls

Polish your Mixes with Powerful Controls

Parameter linking allows simultaneous adjustment of both channels with stereo signals. When unlinked, the plug-in's Mid/Side processing is improved over the hardware, giving you phase accurate stereo imaging. Use the High Pass Sidechain filter to reduce low-end pumping — letting you compress, say, overheads, while retaining punchy bottom-end. Dry/Wet Mix offers easy parallel compression — perfect for polishing vocals and more — while Headroom lets you optimize the Variable Mu’s overall level to your playback system.

Avis clients

Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

Evaluation Globale


A. Mavashev

11 avril 2024

My go to

Its my go to compressor on my main mix as bus and definitely keys drums and guitars

J. Makhaisingh

10 avril 2024

This is The Real Deal !!

As a owner of the Vari MU mastering version, I can only say that this plug in is very very close to the real hardware unit. May a 10% less than the character of the hardware, but just really close in every character.
And I must say I love it, its just easy to dial in on a bus or entire mix...a really game changer!


O. Rosell

10 avril 2024


Es un gran producto en realidad lo recomiendo

A. Mavashev

10 avril 2024

Exactly what i needed

Great for guitars and keys when i need to limit or level up

F. Nguyen

8 avril 2024

Good sound!

Feel subtle!

d. Music

6 avril 2024

My first choice compressor

Love it so much !!!

r. gupta

5 avril 2024


Uad plugins a really so close to.the orginal hardwares .. .. every studio must have these wonderful plugins

A. Navarro

25 mars 2024

perfecta compresión

Se nota la calidad de Manley, con tan solo colocarlo, se puede apreciar el cambio en el sonido. Luego, la magia de la compresión. 100% recomendado

j. paredes

24 mars 2024

Very good

Very good emulación

D. Kirschbaum

23 mars 2024

Manley Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

This is a very good compressor limiter. I use it for mastering, which results in a warm and saturated sound, giving the mix a studio quality. Despite writing dance music, I really like this compressor.

y. yamada

22 mars 2024

Still good

It reminded me of the first time I used the actual device. Or rather, it's like a stronger magic. It just broadens the range of options with other UAD Plug-ins.

S. Studio

22 mars 2024

Best Program

Good Plungin

R. Robertson

21 mars 2024

Subtle to work with.

I found the Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor plugin to be subtle to work with and yet quality sounding.


21 mars 2024

One Word new World

awesome !!

s. etzel

19 mars 2024

Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

I have way too many compressors but the Manley Vari-Mu is one of the very best!

A. Ford

19 mars 2024

Essential to any mix!

My go to compressor for extra punch and clarity on my master bus!

h. Shin

17 mars 2024

It's Good!

Good change gain it ... good more than maxmiger defferent color have it~~

S. Tanno

17 mars 2024

Great to have in your arsenal!

When you want that subtle extra punch at the master bus, this should be appreciated by many music producers/engineers. Usually I would use it for only around 0.5dB reduction/gain, but still it makes a huge difference!

M. Krizaj

16 mars 2024

Manley Variable MU Limiter Compressor

I Don't know what the emulation is, but the sound is muddy, warm and grate. 5 points for developers.

T. Zaporozhets

16 mars 2024

Great Compressor!

My go to compressor for mastering.