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Capture your best.

We’ve been making microphones sound better for more than 60 years. Explore our range of professional mics for studio and stage.

Real mic modeling that works for you.

Real mic modeling that works for you.

Standard Microphones with Hemisphere Modeling

Distinctive professional microphones designed to record everything, offering 32 classic Hemisphere mic models across the range.

Starting at $129 USD

SC-1 Condenser

Get legendary studio
mic sounds. Learn More

SD-1 Dynamic

The world’s most inspiring
dynamic vocal mic. Learn More

SD-3 Dynamic

A modern classic for snare,
percussion, and guitar amps. Learn More

SD-5 Dynamic

Get kick and bass tones
from your favorite era. Learn More

SD-7 Dynamic

Capture toms and instruments
with legendary clarity. Learn More

SP-1 Pencil Pair

Capture the details
with impossible precision. Learn More

Get the sounds of the greatest mics ever made.

Get the sounds of the greatest mics ever made.

Sphere Modeling Microphones

Our award‑winning microphone modeling system, with endless sonic inspiration.

Starting at $999 USD

Sphere DLX

Our flagship dual-capsule mic modeling system featuring 38 mic models. Learn More

Sphere LX

A smaller, more affordable package featuring 20 iconic mic sounds. Learn More

Sphere Mic Modeling

Sphere Mic Modeling

Access revolutionary features such as Dual Mode, IsoSphere, and more with the Sphere Mic Collection.

Analog mic nirvana, handmade in California.

Analog mic nirvana, handmade in California.

UA Bock Microphones

Give your recordings the unmatched sound of a David Bock-designed microphone, lovingly built in Santa Cruz.

Starting at $1,249 USD

UA Bock 251

Reach sonic nirvana with a handmade tube mic inspired by the elusive 251. Learn More

UA Bock 187

Capture your best with a FET mic inspired by the legendary 87. Learn More

UA Bock 167

A handmade tube condenser inspired by the classic 67. Learn More