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UAD Sound City Studios Plug-In

Evaluation Globale

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17 juin 2024


Parfait pour le mastering!

F. Martinsen

16 juin 2024

Sound City is amazing

First i thought this was just a room sim, but it is so much more. All the extra features are amazing.

J. Romero

15 juin 2024

An impressive reverb

The features it has are simply amazing. It is not only a reverb but also a room with varied microphones to choose from.

It's become one of my favorite plugins.

J. Douglas

13 juin 2024

Sound City is Sound!

Simply Marvellous...a must for any frustrated front room producers looking for a superb space to play with.

L. Lachmann

13 juin 2024

Different than expected

I THOUGHT I was just getting a live room emulation like Capitol Chambers. I hadn't really read the details about the various things that this plugin does, and that's all on me. It does the live room thing PLUS much more that I wasn't expecting. I'm not sure how much re-amping or re-voicing of instruments I will be doing, but it's a very ineteresting plugin. Of course it does have just the room sound if you put it in "reverb" mode. I like to have a variety of real room sounds, which is why I purchased it, but the additional functions are a real bonus, and I need to learn how to use it to see if those other functions are something I need. Very cool plugin.

G. Marinos

12 juin 2024

Easy to use. A versatile tool in UA Plugins arsenal.

It needs some learning curve until you get that sweet spot for mixing and recording. A must for reverb, and not only fans. Thank you UA for helping my mixes to be part of rock n roll history!

D. Wershba

12 juin 2024

Simply Remarkable

Quite likely the best addition to my ever-increasing list of rooms & reverbs. This is different from standard rooms/p;ates/chambers, et al... it adds space around the sound and creates a more human feel to drum loops and other less-than-real sounding signals. I am absolutely thrilled with SOUND CITY. A good friend of mine worked in this room and raves about the sound of the real room... I couldn't be happier... thanks to the team at UAD

O. Amberg

9 juin 2024

A game changer

Yes, it is a game changer for me. Since my drummer records his drums in a rather small room, I can easily add a great room sound. I've also used it on all the guitar tracks. It literally gives the songs more room to breathe.

A. Pirjevec

8 juin 2024

sound city yeah!

it's a different game if you record in smaller a bit dead spaces. This plugin can give you room, but really room, not just and FX alternative.

B. Yong

2 juin 2024

Another must have masterpiece!

This is just a modern marvel for my studio. Truly blow away by the quality this outputs. This with Ocean way, Capitol and Hitsville chambers have given me an ITB solution for what I could only hope to achieve with a huge budget which I don't have (yet!). There will always place for my EMT and Lexicons but these are just next level. No one else does anything like this so hats off to you UAD.

M. Jordan

30 mai 2024

Amazing! Now do Wally Heider's.

This is an exquisite plug in, and the explainer video is one of the best I've seen, revealing all the esoteric engineer tips and tricks. Absolutely transformational to a mix I'm working on now. Did anyone dream 20 years ago that we'd be 'recording' in places like this... um, yeah. I guess someone did. As a Bay Area native, I'd love to have you guys do Wally Heider's (now Hyde Street Studios) if you could close that deal. The room sounds on CSNY's Deja Vu album makes me weak in the knees. Same sound signature on lots of my fave records. Carry on, yall.

l. dorville

29 mai 2024

s'adapter à différents styles musicaux

Un des aspects que j'ai vraiment apprécié avec ce plugin est sa capacité à s'adapter à différents styles musicaux. Que je travaille sur une piste de rock, de pop, de jazz ou de musique électronique, le UAD Sound City Studios Plug-In apporte une touche de magie qui rehausse le mixage. Il offre une palette sonore incroyablement variée, permettant de capturer l'essence de ce studio mythique et de l'intégrer parfaitement dans vos projets.

P. Bonifazi

6 mai 2024

Suena increible y se ve espectacular

Este plugin tiene todo y eso que recien lo estoy estudiando, por ahora decir que es algo del o mejor que he escuchado en reverb, su estética impecable por ahora decir que va muy bien, mas adelante entrare en temas mas técnicos. Felicitaciones por este gran resultado.

V. Todosovski

5 mai 2024

Amazing plugin but totally unusable

When will you make this plugin also for apollo?? Why only the native version?!? You know that the plugin is very greedy regarding DSP!! Why do I have so many DSP accelerator cards?!? For decoration?!? You have deteriorated greatly in recent years. I know that only profit is important to you, but also fulfill the wishes of your customers.

e. pellegrino

5 mai 2024


usato su batteria e voce ....semplicemente eccezionale,,,

R. Oksman de Aragao

4 mai 2024

Really interesting!

I'm still figuring it out, I tested it for a while and just used for a mix; but I can definitively say that this plugin does things that are really interesting!
It's awesome that now I can "re-record" stuff done in a not so ideal way.

K. Kaspersen

30 avril 2024

Must have plug-in

It shapes your music in a way you never imagined! Very helpful!

J. Gooch

21 avril 2024

Great Ambience Reverb. Sounds like great records

Using this through UAD spark has been a treat. I was originally confused by the layout but a YouTube video quickly helped me out and now my drums, vox, guitars, and bass sound way more alive and more like a record without much fuss. Only complaint is that I appear to be affected by the CPU bug spike as well. Really hope this gets fixed soon as I’d love to use this as a new go to reverb but can’t at the moment due to this issue. Well done though overall!

M. Fiskvik

19 avril 2024

Why not Apollo enabled?

Amazing plugn, but I don't know the descision behind not making it apollo enabled? Why invest in DSP power when you can't use it.......

D. Thompson

18 avril 2024

Must have for drums

Utilizing Sound City Re-Mic on drums from various drummers around the world, I'm getting consistent and phenomenal drums sounds. It's a must have for me.

1-20 sur 197 résultats

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