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UAD Producer Edition

Evaluation Globale

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c. peralta

26 juin 2024


all plugins are great

c. peralta

26 juin 2024

great pack

all plugins are great

S. Shin

25 juin 2024

Great EQ!!

Finally, I bought Pultec EQ!
This sound is so great!

c. cowie

25 juin 2024

This Was A Major Surprise - The LA2 & Pultec Combo

I needed an affordable soundcard for some laptop work outside my main studio, so I opted for the UA Volt 1, the cheapest option available. That turned out to be a great purchase, well worth the price. Along with the soundcard, I received a bundle of free plugins, including the LA2. and the LA2A Gray and Silver compressors and the Pultec EQs. Over the years, I've accumulated numerous plugins, but I don't even install most of them anymore. For the past seven years, my go-to EQ has been Fabfilter, which is functional and does the job. For compression, I usually rely on Ableton's stock plugins simply because all my other comps are no better. I spent years searching for plugins with that elusive "mojo," and I had basically given up and made a decision I wasn't even going to bother downloading the bundle.

But one evening after using the soundcard for about two weeks I thought, OK I will check them out, expecting the usual underwhelming results. Plugins downloaded, fired up a session and to my major surprise, I found myself very quickly impressed. I started applying the LA2A compressors and Pultec EQs on various tracks and very quickly replaced all other comps and Eqs in the session with the LA2s and Pultecs. Just initiating the LA2's without adjusting anything seemed to hit the mark every time - and still does.. The EQ;s I was pushing to max and still track elements sounded good. However, I told my self its just my imagination, after all I've been here many times before and its probably just that placebo effect of thinking something sounds great and the next day I will know its just my imagination. But the next day the session still sounded good, and what I was hearing suspiciously sounded like Mojo. I was beginning to realise the plugins had genuinely helped me improve the sound. The mix had a vibe reminiscent of what I used to achieve with analog consoles, and the compressors added a cool, pumpy quality to the tracks. Even when over pumped, still sounded good - It was just more vibe.

But because years of reality hitting and the ultimate come down I was still thinking this newfound enthusiasm will wear off because that's what always happens. But, that's not what happened. I've continued to use the LA2A and Pultec plugins in every session since. I'm actually enjoying EQ'ing and compressing stuff - Imagine that!. Yes, I also hear that 3D thing others talks about in their reviews.. Coming from someone who had grown jaded with plugins over the years, believe me, this is a significant endorsement.

I don't know what magic the UAD coders have worked, but to me these plugins are very musical and have legit Mojo. And you know what's also great about them - no fancy flashy distracting Guis which force you to mix with eyes. Needless to say the coders have done a 10+ star job. I've never owned the original hardware, but have owned some emulations in the past and these plugins outshine others by all others I have tried or owned by a huge margin. The fact that I got them with a £100 soundcard, which also included a decent Plate Reverb, an Echo (not really my style), a channel strip, and a Synth, is incredible. But its the LA2A and Pultec plugins that are the true stars of the bundle though and its well worth picking up the Volt 1 just to get the plugins.. They are now my absolute and only go to EQ and Comps and only if I need to get very surgical will I fire up the Fab.

M. Breu

25 juin 2024

Oh Yeah!

This is great. Along with the other Moog plugins. You can take yourself to outer space and different dimensions with this thing, you can get all kinds of sounds from it. I love it, it's actually very addicting to play with.

R. Lachaine

25 juin 2024

Satisfied new user of UA plugins

Bought the Producer Edition bundle on sale and I am very satisfied having tested the various plugins included in bundle. They are all very useful and sound great. If you have a home studio and you need new plugins beyond those included in most DAW’s, this bundle will help in raising the quality of your projects. The bundle is really a no brainer, especially on sale.

J. Segundo

24 juin 2024

Fell in love with these sounds

Every plugin in this edition is enspiring. All the sounds generated are rich and full of life. My favorite is Electra 88. Incredible sounds. Game Changer!

M. Otay

23 juin 2024


the best uad ❤

M. Otay

23 juin 2024


the best uad ❤

M. Ballarani

22 juin 2024

great rotary emulation

as a hammond player, I found this plugin great for studio recording, when it's not possible to have a real leslie.
it obviously sounds very good with real hammond organ, but it makes digital clonewheels sonding better too.

G. Healey

22 juin 2024

Full on

Nice, warm, vibe rich sounds with lots of extra goodies to sculpt and shape with.

U. Oehm

21 juin 2024

Alles Gut - Klasse B3 Orgel

Meine Sound-Vorstellungen werden erfüllt. Klasse B3. Ich hatte mal ein B4 VST2 Plugin von NI (das jetzt nicht mehr funktioniert) das mir noch besser gefallen hat. Die hat noch mehr geschmatzt.

Z. Diumilah

18 juin 2024

Unresolved Issue

there is an internally issue that still hasn't been resolved. This makes it practically unusable.

D. Black

17 juin 2024

Pultec EQ bundle

Excellent EQ bundle, they're much more useful than you'd think. No regrets here. This is the best one I've heard. And it's doing the Pultec boost attenuate punch quite well.

D. Black

17 juin 2024

Century channel strip

It's got a decent tube preamp sound, additional compression and EQ sections. Can be turned up to distorted sounds if preferred

P. Mello

17 juin 2024

Simple and crystal clear!

Like everything Universal Audio does, this plugin is also awesome, simple and crystal clear, it delivers fantastic results, all you need is a good instrument, excellent performance and a set of honest microphones that are not necessarily the most expensive. I never stop being surprised with each new acquisition with UAD.
Paulo Bourg
Brazilian Conductor

A. Pashka

15 juin 2024

The best emulation on market

Having used real LA-2As, I can confidently say this is the best LA2A plugin collection by far

V. Shamets

15 juin 2024

ilok and no midi mapping

No matter how good this synth sounds this damn ilok dongle which takes one usb port on my mac book and lack of midi mapping is a real dealbreaker ...even for discount price. I have a nice keyboard with knobs an sliders and I still have to use the mouse? No way. NO deal!

G. Pigman

14 juin 2024

Jot to the Ears

Beautiful, simple and a delight to add echo and reverb to give tracks full depth and dimension.

Not to mention, its green !

S. Joseph

13 juin 2024

Simply fantastic!

UA did it again! Great plug in

41-60 sur 7224 résultats