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M. Ferreira

16 avril 2024

Great Synth

Easy to Use and Great sound!

R. Fukui

16 avril 2024

Joining new music

I feel like the addition of new tools to music production makes it even richer.

T. Poe

15 avril 2024


If you are a serious producer, you have to have a Moog in your arsenal and while the real deal is more fun to mess around with physical knobs and whatnot, sound wise this is 99% there. Absolutely epic tones for lead, harmony, and bass (my personal fav). Must have plugin instrument from uad!

A. Holbert

14 avril 2024

Opal is really Cool

I was on the fence at first since I own Arturia's V collection I doubted I needed another Synth. I was wrong this thing is awesome and unique. I really like the way it's set up, Very easy to understand and it you Also buy PolyMax as well Than you will quite the cool tool box. Trust Me!

A. Holbert

14 avril 2024

Must Have!

As a Guitar Player, This is the best sounding emulation I have heart so far and it you get it sale You might feel like you need UAD some additional Money. LOL. All Jokes Aside It's Incredible!
Thank You UAD TEAM!

E. Carvalho

14 avril 2024



O. Frey

14 avril 2024

Best VST Organ I've got to know so far...

...unfortunately UA Connect gets opened in the Background each time I open a DAW project containing a UAD instrument which brings my CPU and RAM down


13 avril 2024

Unique and Nice! Reverse Sound

Reverse Piano is very unique sound. I feel tricky and illusional when playing that .

d. martins

13 avril 2024

Incredibly good piano sounds

Sounds incredibly good and the app is very easy to navigate

M. Muniz

9 avril 2024


Such a BEAST!

F. Nguyen

8 avril 2024

Super good

Great bundle I ever had.

j. david

7 avril 2024


muy buen sonido de emulacion me a sorprendido espetacular saludos desde peru

J. Plaza Riera

7 avril 2024

Best quality I can dream

my mixes and recordings have clearly leveled up. great quality and realism!

U. W

7 avril 2024

Opal Morphing Synthesizer

A wonderful plugin. Sections "Header", "Display" and "Panel", which display the signal flow in a clear order from left to right, while important controls are always displayed in the "Panel" section, so more time is left to create interesting sounds and less time is spent exploring the menu.

S. Echevarria

6 avril 2024

My new daily driver

Feels like I’m sitting on an actual B3.

S. Brar

5 avril 2024

Synth is stuck in demo mode even after purchasing.

After I purchased the demo, the minimoog stayed in demo mode. I'm still seeing a buy button in the UA connect app and on the plugin itself. I reached out to UA support, but I ended up having to chat with a bot and it's been over a week and they still haven't got back to me. I'm combing boards for a solution, with no lucky. It's been a very frustrating post-purchase experience.

G. Jonkheer

5 avril 2024

Great Synth, but terrible License scheme

When you like to use this synth offline (with a live performance or in an offline studio) this expensive synth is not a choice to make. The synth makes terrible noises when it is not connected to the internet. Although the synth is great, it will because of this never be extensively used like all other software that depends on an internet connection. No good for musicians on the road!

Y. Worontschak

4 avril 2024


We're nearly at "peak plugin" (ie everythings soooo vanilla) and lets hope Ai develops more interesting stuff before it destroys all of us.

L. Silva

4 avril 2024

Really good

UA is the real deal. All plugins make the sound better, warmer.

A. Lazy Kat

2 avril 2024

Cool & I love it

No complex, Easy to use, Great warmy sounds

181-200 sur 7171 résultats