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c. nagel

2 mai 2024

99% am Original

Wir haben die Hardwareversion im Studio- es ist beruhigend das Original schonen zu können und das lästige Tapewechseln fällt auch weg.
Danke UA Team:)

D. Phillips

2 mai 2024

It's Decent

Honestly, I love almost everything from UA, But this one misses the mark a bit.
It's very basic. Totally usable, but basic. I did really like the reverse piano pre set and will probably use that on something, but overall I have others I will probably create with first.

T. Kelleher

1 mai 2024


Sounds better than comparable versions from other companies, and much better presets!

j. nieva

1 mai 2024

A must have

I really love how the 1176 works with the mid range of the sources, especially in parallel processings, you could go subtle on it but the results are very nice to me.Amazing treating drums and vocals, you can achieve different flavors and attitudes, no matter the music style you are mixing.

T. bryan

1 mai 2024


I have been searching for a plugin that emulates the L22 Leslie for many backbreaking years of lugging around a two hundred pound speaker cabinet....... but none had been found to be accurate. Although not perfect it is the BEST rotary emulation I have ever heard. Thanks UA for QUALITY products!!!!

A. Anthony

1 mai 2024

UAD 1176

UAD 1176 gives an incredible tone and depth to the vocals . I was using UAD LA 2A compressor for quite sometime. Nowadays I started to use UAD 1176 as my first vocal compressor with a fast attack and release, and followed by LA 2A.
Really awesome plugin and this is going to be the first choice of compressors for me while mixing my projects.

L. Sant anna

1 mai 2024

Amazing compressors!!

UAD super quality compressor, no words for this product!

C. Åkerlund

1 mai 2024

2 days left of demo, buy or not buy...??

I really love the sound, in my opinion the best emulation on the market. I also love the authenticity, UAD let's this miracle of electronic invention, be what it is supposed to be. If you want a bunch of new features, why go after a Minimoog? I love that it doesn't have 5000 presets, as long as the ones you've got are great and the UAD ones are of course really great. The last thing I need is the endless scrolling through preset lists, which are totally killing creativity. But, UAD, please... why can't you give this amazing product midi learning?? You are making evertyhing else on this synth so authentic, why can't you let us users get the authentic feeling when we use it?? The Minimoog was on sale for about $50 not too long ago, now it's a bit over $100 and even though it hurts, I will have to wait for midi mapping or at least another major sale.

A. Albert

30 avril 2024

Convincing Analog Synth Sounds


S. Kottis

30 avril 2024

The best reverb

Always the best software

K. Kaspersen

30 avril 2024

Game changer!

This one is a game changer, i got more opportunities sound wise when i bought this, high quality piano plug-in, whether you want it to sound modern or 50s-ish then this is good piano!

c. tales

28 avril 2024

Ou est le'make UP gain

j adore le son mais je galère avec le rattrapage de gain est ce qu il ya une astuce? Une technique ?

p. Bataille

27 avril 2024

inutilisable avec Cubase Pro 13

j'ai installé le synthé Polymax après avoir up^gradé de cubase pro11 à 13. Bien que le plugin soit enregistré dans mon ilock physique, dès que j'ouvre une piste instru avec Polymax, cubase plante instantanément. je me passerai de ce synthé. Dommage .


26 avril 2024

Mini moog uad

Excellent software, it takes time to try out all its potential but from what I've tried so far it seems like a real mini moog tool. Optimal


26 avril 2024

Mini moog uad

Excellent software, it takes time to try out all its potential but from what I've tried so far it seems like a real mini moog tool. Optimal

A. Martinez

25 avril 2024



J. Crowe

25 avril 2024

Not worth it due to licensing issues.

Sounds decent, but other less hassling software can create these sounds in the box. An internet connection is required to load the plugin in an operating state, which causes problems for airgapped workstations. This is a major security concern and these plugins should be avoided.

P. Mues

24 avril 2024

Just Wooow!

I make guitar pop and this library is such a wonderful addition to my sound pallet. The warmth and sweetness of this emulation is off the scale. And don't get me even started on the realistic sound and spatial depth! I was working on a song that needed some electric keys for days before I demoed the Electra 88. The third preset I loaded was a direct hit. Completely what the song needed and then some! If I were to own a real Electra 88, I don't think I would be able to make it sound this good. Just blown away

M. Jansen

23 avril 2024

Great Synth, but...

Not usable for live performance, because you need an active Wifi-connection. Ridiculous!

J. Huisman

23 avril 2024

Amazing warmth, what a sound

I had my eyes on it for a while. Now I had the chance to buy it for €28 during a sale. I love it, especially for that price!

201-220 sur 7224 résultats