Moog Minimoog®

Moog Minimoog®

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System


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Moog Minimoog

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R. Castro

3 juillet 2020

More Windows Format brush off.

I would easily buy this if it was available on Windows format and not tied to a DAW people don't really want.
UAD, stop treating your Windows customers like crap.

J. Hicks

30 juin 2020

Luna exclusivity kills it

Sounds lovely, but it doesn't work outside of Luna and that makes it virtually useless. Moog's own Minimoog iPad app is more flexible and easy to integrate with a DAW than this, and it sounds quite good as well.

M. Lambert

29 juin 2020

Sound fantastic!

The sound of this plugin is fantastic!... But Luna is a crap.

W. Thomas

21 juin 2020

Great Moog Emulation but--

Compared to other Moog emulations, which I have used, this one is a step above in sound. For the price, however, I feel this synth should've been designed for use with other DAWs. Other Synth emulations provide this luxury and much more, at a reasonable price. LUNA is a great system, no doubt and getting better. It's a go to for mixing and getting that polished sound. But it would sure be nice if this Minimoog emulation were interchangeable with DAWs that one has gotten accustomed to when recording.

Utilisateur UAD

19 juin 2020

The price is an insult

Compared to equally good plugins already out there, the price of this plugin is an insult to customers. Arturia has been in the game longer with great plugins. And yet their stuff is significantly cheaper. Now add the fact that this only works in Luna and this thing loses value significantly. I wish UAD would have some respect for its customers.

C. Achladiotis

12 juin 2020

Only for Luna...

I want to use it with other DAW

R. Panossian

11 juin 2020

No Time to Waist

I maybe wrong but at least for me after trying the demo, sorry but that thing needs delay, reverb and an arpeggiator so it can start to sound good. I personally have not time to fiddle with this. But if you are a synth freak yes that is your new toy that I'm sure sounds like the original one.

N. Lavee

7 juin 2020

Sounds like the Real Deal

An amazing Model D !
Marking a New Era of UA Synthesis

A. Clark

7 juin 2020

Close, but no cigar

Sounds close to Synapse Audio's The Legend synth, which is another Moog clone and only $99. Would definitely use this plugin but the fact that it's attached to Luna only to encourage people to work in Luna is silly.

M. Kozlov

2 juin 2020

Can’t use it in my daw

This guy sounds nice but I want to use it in my DAW

G. Selan

30 mai 2020

Ne fonctionne qu'avec Luna, dommage !

Quel dommage !
Pourquoi ?
Y a ura t il une version compatible avec d'autres DAW ?

G. Cockram

28 mai 2020

Nothing else comes close

Nothing else I've tried comes close to the warmth, grit and analog feel of the UA Minimoog. The sound palette, coupled with the responsive interactive controls, are so inspiring that I think my guitars are starting to feel neglected!

L. Steiner

27 mai 2020

crisp, smooth & juicy

Tried it for a baseline and was very satisfyed with its sound. Midi remote control allows twiddle mayham like with a real one. Nice!

A. Losev

22 mai 2020


I would love to purchase this synthesizer if it could be used with other DAW

C. Du

23 avril 2020

sound is so so

Nothing special compared to all the other plugins I own. too few presets. too expensive.

T. Mcdonald

11 avril 2020

In demo mode in LUNA. Will purchase for sure!

Sounds awesome! not to mention the amazing preset browser in LUNA. It makes auditioning presets and switching virtual instruments so fast and intuitive. Nicely Done UA! Don't listen to the other negative douche canoe whining about it only being for LUNA.

C. Carroll

11 avril 2020


Quality VST's are super hard to come by, but this, this is insane. Ive never heard anything sound more Moog than a Moog before. 12/10 a must have for sound design and production!!!

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