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Moog Minimoog

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E. Bureau

20 juin 2022

The Best Mini Moog Emulation

Just benchmarked it against the Arturia (which I really liked), and the difference is night and day, it feels like software vs. real instrument. I was considering getting a Behringer Model D, but after demoing this, I honestly don't think that the Behringer will be any closer to the real deal.

Would be cool to be able to run external audio through the filters! Maybe as seperate effect VST version?

J. Dadley-Kon

18 juin 2022

Surprisingly good

This is very very accurate. I run it on my Mac Pro 5,1 Catalina based system. Fabulous sounds.

A. Kouthoofd

13 juin 2022

Superb emulation...

Absolutely one of the best emulations and I have tried them all. Kudos.

E. Brown

11 juin 2022

Huge Sound

I'm one of those people that probably owns too many plug-ins, and I have my eyesight on even more. I felt like this was a must have deal, and I wasn't disappointed. On my very first use I was able to lay a bone shaking bass line for a song that I was working on. Actually, I already had it recorded, I just exchanged it. It's clear that I have identified a workhorse for my studio at a fraction of the cost of the hardware. Tremendous sound.


20 mai 2022

Surprise !

Forced to mount it with a DAW under Rosetta because this instrument is not yet M1 compatible.

S. Haelterman

24 avril 2022

Amazing Repro but make it available for use without LUNA as well

I am using Cokos Reaper with a fully customized interface and rapid workflows for my music productions that I don't have with LUNA. LUNA is great for the final mix and the Moog should be used along with my other synths when in production stage. I don't get your commercial move at all. Even if you would make it more expensive when purchased for Apollo & Satellite, I would not hesitate. Thx, Stephane

A. Clark

3 avril 2022


Having tried virtually every model d emulation out there, this one comes the closest to remedying a few issues I generally have with software. This sounds focused and narrow, software tends to sound mushy and too wide in the bass area, losing definition on faster arp sounds. The other issue I tend to have is that software tends to sound thin, especially for pluck sounds. This synth has a full / rounded quality to the envelope, giving percussive and pluck patches more of the snappy but weighted quality I'm used to with hardware.

As for integration into Reaper, opening the interface is quick and doesn't make the session lag at all. Cpu is stellar as well, averaging 2% usage compared to Diva's 15% at 96k. Not sure what you guys did but good lord please make more synths. I'm LOVING having a Model D with patch memory.

A. Ferfecky

16 mars 2022

Most real Mini Moog

Look there is no beating around the bush. This is simply the best emulation. I mean, what did you expect? :)

U. Apel

7 mars 2022

The search for the perfect Mini Moog emulation has come to an end

We tested the plugin directly against two Mini Moogs (1977 and a D Reissue 2017) . The Moog - LUNA plugin and the Moog Hardware has been listend through a Apollo 8X which were connected to a pair of Genelec 8260 Monitors.
The fact is that the Moog/ LUNA version can replace a real Mini Moog -soundwise- 100% . There is no difference to be recognized between Software and the well know Hardware sonic charakteristics of a Mini. To me the Plugin sounds like another revision of an old Mini replica. I consider it the best 70´ies Mini sound I´ve ever heard. It sounds better than the D reissue, and it sounds fantastic also compared to our 77 Model.
Sure, a plugin will never replace the real instrumet, and the haptics and tactile elements of playing a real Moog has tons advantages. However just from the sound quality played single style or as part of a full mix, there is no disadvantage soundwise by playing the plugin.
And btw. the UAD Mini sounds different compared to the iOS Mini. Not sure what UAD did, but there are sonic differences , and I always preferred th UAD plugin in direct comparison. But thats just a side note.

C. Valentine

2 février 2022


Sounds so good and full. Best Minimoog Virtual Instrument by far. If you use Luna it’s a must have.

P. Borisevich

28 décembre 2021

Impossible. Next level.

No contest.
Complex, rich, evolving, detailed sound vs just wall of sound by competition.
The only complaint is - mapping MIDI CC to the MIDI controller could be a bit simpler. But it works in the end. What a gorgeous sound!
Loving both Minimoog and Ravel. Got them with LUNA Creator Bundle. Thank you Universal Audio for being generous with coupons and for bringing the sound quality to the next level.
Please do the Prophet-5 guys. It will be sick!


24 novembre 2021

Excellente !!!

Merci pour ce fabuleux travail. La qualité, je ne reviens pas, c’est une vrai machine !

J. Kandefer

15 octobre 2021

Switching over to LUNA...this Minimoog sealed the deal!

Long time LPX user and will most likely still use it for some things but I got this Minimoog plugin the other night and just added some Valhalla Vintage Reverb and WOW! It floored me. Super rich, fat low end. None of the synths in Logic sounded any where near as good as this. I literally did not want to stop playing...especially with the awesome ARP plugin LUNA comes with. I set up a nice sounding arp and then played some lead lines from my MOOG Matriarch over the top of it to hear the two together. This plugin definitely captures that MOOG sound in every way, it sounded amazing.

Another reason to switch to LUNA would be the amazing integration with my Apollo x6 unit. Maybe I just don't have my LPX DAW setup right, but right out of the box everything in LUNA sounded more 3D and studio like. There are a few things I'll need to adjust to and I wish LUNA had an EQ plugin like the stock LPX EQ but I'll probably get Fabfilter Pro Q3 to replace that anyway.

Highly recommend the Minimoog! Got it 50% off and used a $25 off coupon...one of the best plugins I've purchased to date. I feel like I could make a full album with this VST alone...but of course I'll use my Matriarch too ;)

A. Bakken

23 juillet 2021

Future Minimoog plugin without the Luna

I recently purchased the Apollo x4 audio interface and are very happy with it. Using it together with Ableton Live, it was a disappointment to discover the Luna-only offering of the Minimoog. The Minimoorg by Moog is already out there for iPad, and it sounds fantastic. Following traditional marketing strategies, I am confident that the plugin will be released soon as a UA plugin as well. So have patience my friends. Meanwhile, the iPad version costs almost nothing.

N. Assolo

1 juin 2021


Laissez ce plug libre à l'achat, pour qu'on puisse l'utiliser sur d'autres DAW ... j'utilise le mien depuis 20 ans, et je n'ai pas envie de changer!


S. Shaw

23 avril 2021

Best digital analog, hands down

Took some time comparing UAD's offering to Softube's (both highly acclaimed), I have to say I prefer UAD's taste - slightly less wild, but also less digital artifacts which equals to easier sitting in a mix. Nicely done!

A. Ferfecky

27 mars 2021

Best Moog Mini D Emulation On The Market

There is no better emulation. Is that simple.

m. meli

14 février 2021

This is the sound

It captures the buzz, and the tight bottom that none of the other emulations come close to. It's proprietary, this is made quite clear so I don't see the problem everyone has. If you want the sound of a mini moog, and are a grown up enough to deal with 2 daws, this is an amazing piece of software.

S. Marshall

5 février 2021

Amazing synth!

This might be Luna only, but the quality and the sound it produces are incredible. There’s so many nuanced sonic possibilities you can get out of it, just like a real analog moog. It just has that analog vibe and character!
I definitely reccommend giving it a go! 5/5 stars!

K. Abdullin

5 janvier 2021

This is the best synth emulation ever created!

Only recently, I criticized the fact that uad charges such money for moog without integrating it into logic. Having tried a lot of vst synthesizers, I can say that uad is a miracle! Playing this synthesizer is the ultimate pleasure.There are no analogues.I'm still worried that there is no logic,but it is worth the money.

21-40 sur 54 résultats