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Moog Minimoog

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J. Dallarda

13 novembre 2020

Expressive, musical and a joy to hear, play and use, very happy I pulled the trigger on this!

This Minimoog is something special. No others can compare. People should not be giving it a low rating simply because they want to whine and have a little pouty tantrum because they can't use it outside of Luna or because Luna and its extensions are not yet available for PC. The review and attendant rating should be about its quality or lack thereof, not about that certain people want to cry and stomp their feet about things that are not relevant to rating the actual quality of this Minimoog. Such reviews and the low ratings that go along with them are not legitimate reviews and ratings based on experience with this Minimoog, they are merely tantrums and UA would be totally justified to simply delete these tantrums - and should. Seriously. They artificially and misleadingly lower the rating of a very fine piece of work and are not even actual legitimate reviews. Period.

m. meli

19 octobre 2020

Feels right

Who cares if it's luna only, whah whah whah. This thing is legit!!! The beauty of a real minimoog is the attack, full bandwidth, and the amazing cutting buzz of the oscillators. It feels like real electricity. I've played the real thing, I have all the copies, this thing more than comes close. It just inspires the same way the thing it's meant to emulate does. Even buying a uad interface plus the plugin is less than half of the price of the original unit so... No brainer!!!

D. Marais

18 octobre 2020

Good God Almighty this is a stunner!

At last, it feels like I'm playing on a real Moog. This is outstanding and the sound is so warm and creamy. Congratulations, UAD, on nailing this. I thought everyone knew it was only for LUNA, so I'm baffled as to why people are slamming this gorgeously accurate emulation for being linked exclusively to the UAD recording system. LUNA is going to be the next gold standard of recording, anyway - it's that good, and it just keeps getting better, so I have no qualms in investing in it and its extensions now. Five stars all round.

T. Elms

15 octobre 2020

Incredible plugin but.......

UA needs to make LUNA compatible with Windows!!

T. Sparks

17 septembre 2020

Sounds Great!

This Moog emulation sounds fantastic! Do I wish it would also work in another DAW? Yes, but I'm fine with using it in Luna.

O. Min

23 août 2020

Very unique sound

The unique moog sound is very good

M. Bentel

15 août 2020

Once it's understood it's FIRE

It took me a while to get to know this one, but once I did it seriously rocks! Its prob not your cup of tea if you want instant gratification as today's world demands, I love it because it not perfect its little untamed, but is really unique and I love the texture it gives, I use it on just about everything!

E. Janson

9 juillet 2020

Amazing sound

This is by far the best minimoog plugin I used. Other plugins sound thin or artifical in comparison. I like the Arturia and Native instruments versions, but this is different.

N. Lavee

7 juin 2020

Sounds like the Real Deal

An amazing Model D !
Marking a New Era of UA Synthesis

G. Cockram

28 mai 2020

Nothing else comes close

Nothing else I've tried comes close to the warmth, grit and analog feel of the UA Minimoog. The sound palette, coupled with the responsive interactive controls, are so inspiring that I think my guitars are starting to feel neglected!

L. Steiner

27 mai 2020

crisp, smooth & juicy

Tried it for a baseline and was very satisfyed with its sound. Midi remote control allows twiddle mayham like with a real one. Nice!

C. Du

23 avril 2020

sound is so so

Nothing special compared to all the other plugins I own. too few presets. too expensive.

T. Mcdonald

11 avril 2020

In demo mode in LUNA. Will purchase for sure!

Sounds awesome! not to mention the amazing preset browser in LUNA. It makes auditioning presets and switching virtual instruments so fast and intuitive. Nicely Done UA! Don't listen to the other negative douche canoe whining about it only being for LUNA.

C. Carroll

11 avril 2020


Quality VST's are super hard to come by, but this, this is insane. Ive never heard anything sound more Moog than a Moog before. 12/10 a must have for sound design and production!!!

41-54 sur 54 résultats