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Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

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D. Docato

1 juin 2023

Perfect recreation

Lush, warmth, deep... yes it's a Lexicon
I hope to see soon the 480 in native

f. scolfaro

14 avril 2023


Stunning, unobtrusive, adds instant width and depth to sources without loading up on low-mids. One of the best reverbs ITB ever created, this became a no-brainer as soon as it went native.

V. Ruzicic

20 mars 2023


A legend!!!

D. Newby

9 mars 2023

Inspirational sound!

I have various software reverb emulations I use for vocals and I wasn't convinced this would be very different from the others, but in a moment of weakness (and a sale) I bought it. Wow .... it was so easy to dial in a very high quality sound that just felt right on my voice. I immediately felt inspired and haven't used anything else since. Couldn't be happier!

N. Merrick

16 février 2023

Great plugin!

I have worked on the real thing for years! Great plugin!

W. Boogaard

14 février 2023

Great reverb

I’m using this Reverb standard on a bus..

c. palouzier

5 février 2023

Real deal

This is it: you are in a studio with the best reverb ever.

A. Thierry

18 janvier 2023

A toy for voice

This is the must go for me for vocal and drums send my go to reverb and native so perfect for hard use ..

L. Martella

15 janvier 2023

Simply fantastic!

Simply fantastic!

A. Spruill

11 janvier 2023

Lush and thick...

The one and only - I love Lexicon reverb and this one is essential...

E. Chen

9 janvier 2023

Beauty Reverb Plugin

it's classic sound . I will use it in each of my next projects.

F. Vasseur

8 janvier 2023

A mettre sur toutes les pistes.

Excellente reverb. Utilisable sur tout type de pistes.
Permet aussi d'obtenir un son 80s très facilement sur les drums.

S. Neron

6 janvier 2023

la meilleure reverb pour moi

j'adore cette reverb elle est tout ce que je voulais facile et donne un résultat à mes mixte super et professionnel

S. Gara

4 janvier 2023

Migliore in assoluto

Per me è il migliore reverbero mai provato. Con i synth suona benissimo.

T. Kingen

2 janvier 2023


I first became "aware" of reverb while listening to pop music productions in the 80's. I have a good selection of reverb plugins to choose from but still missed that 80's vibe. The UAD Lexicon 224 gets me there.

L. Spilger

24 décembre 2022

Great sounding Reverb - even native

Love the tone of that reverb. Hardly possible to make it sound bad. Happily using it over and over. Most of the time I use either this one on my vocals or the EMT 140. Another plus for the 224: you can use it natively with spark!!

M. Ahmad

23 décembre 2022

Love Reverb

Nothing Go wrong with LEXICON 224 Owesome!!!

V. Villanueva

23 décembre 2022

An awesome reverb!

A great reverb with great character. Definitely my go-to reverb for a musical and coloured sound!

N. Salminen

21 décembre 2022



A. Litwinowicz

14 décembre 2022

Great plugin!

Great plugin, sounds like a real device. I use it especially for the background and for subgroups, sometimes also directly on the track for the instrument or vocals. It is perfect for most situations.

1-20 sur 781 résultats

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