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Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

Evaluation Globale

81-100 sur 859 résultats

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F. Hasan

29 septembre 2023

besttt reverb!

better than any other lexicon 224 plugin! must have!! Thanks a lot UAD

R. Mannucci

28 septembre 2023

Lexicon coming threw!!

Lexicon coming threw with that flavor!!!! This 1 is niiice!!

D. Faggiolino

28 septembre 2023

Great reverb!!!

Love It so much!!!!

b. cheung

27 septembre 2023

The lush reverb you get on this is so good

wow, this reverb sounds amazing and im so glad i am able to pair this with the 480!

E. Koch

27 septembre 2023

17 % DSP !!!! and what a deal, YAY !!!!

when i first got on board with UA i didn't know about coupons, or sales, or DSP ( finially found the DSP Chart in support after spending about $1,700 ) .... i have the 480L, and love it, but more as a post bounce in place staple DAW bus verb, because it's a DSP Hog .... i needed a good tracking comfort verb, but told my self i would get by with the feebees that came with my hardware, even though i, oddly, like digital plates better than physically modeled plates for some reason .... so yeah, i had been eyeballing the 224, but it wasn't even on my wish list....then i saw the offer i could not refuse, and i couldn't be happier.

S. Ramsay

23 septembre 2023

Atmosphere preset is sublime

I use the atmosphere preset on every project to give a certain vibe to my tracks. Very useful reverb plugin!

M. Weber

8 septembre 2023

Smooth sounding Lexicon 224 Reverb

I’ve always loved the Lexicon 480L and I was a bit new to UAD’s version, actually a very nice versatile version built upon UAD reputation of plugins. I’m using the Native Version and have found many uses, very nice performance, I have so many reverbs with my studio performing sessions each day.The Lexicon 224 has that professional sound with UAD’s capabilities.


6 septembre 2023

it's awesome!!

no regrets! i can recommend it! pick it up!

T. Poe

4 septembre 2023

Essential Plugin

Incredible plug-in that just adds so much to so many aspects of a mix and it’s even great as a guitar practice tool to play with a little more life than a dry signal


3 septembre 2023

legend reverb

easy to use great reverb

A. Finkin

3 septembre 2023

It sounds really good, way better than other 224 emulations or convolution.

It is a tasteful and good looking reverb plugin, very easy to use, giving that instant 80ies flavour to your mix, effortlessly.
It's unfortunate that i can't compare it to the original unit.. as i know that a lot of people focus on how the plug in version compares to the real unit...
I can't comment on that, my job is to focus on what i hear.
But i used the 224X many times and own a decent collection of reverb units (lexicon, bricasti etc..) and a lot of plugins as well, and i strongly recommend anyone to try it, as it's a great product, to a more than reasonable price.
I compared it to other 224 emulations & convolution, and obviously, Universal Audio makes it better.

G. Svensson

3 septembre 2023

Sound is very good, GUI not user-friendly

The sound from this plugin is high quality. Also the presets are very good. But the GUI seems to be inspired by the original hardware, which means it inherits all the drawbacks of the analog era, not taking advantage of the possibilities of good, digital GUI-design.
I do not regret buying, due to the excellent sound.

F. Verjux

31 août 2023

Add musical spaces to anything

A great weapon for synths , I really like the sound, the parameters, the flexibility in terms of frequencies

F. Richard

30 août 2023

Just like the original hardware and more

I began doing studio sessions in Montrea as a flute player l when the Lexicon 224 was released and this was the big thing. The Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb is a great digital reproduction of the real hardware and even better because more clean !

I. Vorobei

20 août 2023

Excellent and easy manage reverb

Convenient setting of rooms number of referrer. I use it for podcasts.

W. Tang

15 août 2023


Thanks for your plugin

O. Cuellar

2 août 2023


Just bought my Apollo interface so I can’t comment . But all I can say is that UAD products are so good

S. Verma

30 juillet 2023


Use it on any instrument,sounds beautiful,infact on sub bass :)

R. Lavender

26 juillet 2023

Sounds great - GUI needs work

Having used the Lexicon 22XL back in the 1980's and 1990's I can say that the sound of the UADx 224 plugin is so close I am no sure that there are very many people that could tell the difference between the plugin and a hardware unit. So very good job on getting the sonic characteristics right.

In my DAW I had been using three different reverb plugin to get the sound I was looking for so often. I bought the Universal Audio 224 plugin, and opened my current project and the 224 plugin replaced the other 3 reverbs. No Problem, the sound is superb.

However I have been unable to get the GUI to work properly, I get the Left half of the GUI and the right half is missing, simply not showing up at all. So to access all the parameters I have to drop to a generic mode and type in the settings I want to use. It works, but more time consuming. I have been going back and forth with Universal Audio Tech Support (nice folks there) and have tried everything they recommended and still the issue persists.

I am running an Windows 10 machine and an AMD platform. But the issue exists in Studio One, Reaper, Ableton Live, and Harrison Mixbus32C which is my primary DAW for mixdowns. So I can't blame the DAW. Tried the Windows setting but that also had no affect. So to date the problem remains unresolved.

That said, the sound is worth it.

g. parenti

15 juillet 2023


Se convirtió en mi única reverb para todo junto con la pure plate, increíble sonido y texturas

81-100 sur 859 résultats