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Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

Evaluation Globale

41-60 sur 859 résultats

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D. Beneke

19 octobre 2023

Best Reverb Out There

This is the best reverb unit I own! Easy to dial in the right ambiance, the presets are amazing!

A. Zaykin

19 octobre 2023

The best reverb of all time

I really love this lexicon, it's incredible! There are many analogues, Arturia has a good Lexicon, but this one from UAD is much better, there is an amazing chorus before the reverb. Another huge plus of the plugin is its unparalleled and very convenient design.

D. Monroy

18 octobre 2023

El mejor reverb

Sin duda el mejor reverb que he usado, crea especialidad de una manera increíble en todas mis mezclas

D. Monroy

18 octobre 2023

El mejor reverb

Sin duda el mejor reverb que he usado, crea especialidad de una manera increíble en todas mis mezclas

J. Frýbert

17 octobre 2023


Reverb for everything. Drums, guitars, snyth, vocals. Just fantastic.

C. Livingston

17 octobre 2023

Lexicon 224

A+++ Reverb. Sounds fantastic on everything!

D. Jackson

16 octobre 2023


This is my first delve into lexicon reverbs and this does not disappoint. Sounds great on vocals and synths

J. Sanchez

16 octobre 2023

Reverb muy versátil

funciona genial para dar suavidad y profundidad a la voz.
Con guitarras funciona perfecto, tienes una reverb para alternar entre espacios acústicos pequeños o emular colas de reverb enormes. Gran calidad y versatilidad.

U. Juhl

16 octobre 2023

Rich and Lush sound.

Good presets. Not easy to start without the presets.
But it is possible to get an amazing sound.

J. Lee

16 octobre 2023

A learning curve but classic usable tones once it's understood

Differing from modern styles of reverb, the Lexicon has a timeless tone to it with a slight learning curve to acclimate to how it works.

J. Viretto

16 octobre 2023

Now my main reverb

The title says it all! Loved the hardware version, love the plug-in! Great job again Universal Audio!

A. Zerbi

16 octobre 2023


I guess it will take some time to find the fine tune for my voice and acoustic guitar recordings. I'm starting from the plugin presets and my impression is to have too much of an impact from this digital reverb. None of the presets seems to really fit my personal taste… and I have to research how to hit the target. Searching is nice. Satisfied with the purchase, tnx UA

J. Harris

16 octobre 2023

Lightweight Power House

I love how this one is so optimized and can sound great on any sound. Gonna always have minimum one instance of this plugin per session. gold standard.

M. Billon

16 octobre 2023

Excellent but with serious license issues

The plug-in offers the best reverb I’ve used.
However the plug-in has a horrid licensing issue , which renders its uses very impractical and counter productive . When I launch the plug-in through Logic Pro, it always indicates that the product is unregistered and disabled. I did enter the licence key correctly and sometimes, very seldom, it works…
If the licensing wasn’t so counter productive , I would have given this plug-in 5 stars.

L. Cariddi

15 octobre 2023

Love this!

From today he will be present in every session!

P. Fornasati

15 octobre 2023

Excelent sound.


15 octobre 2023

Nice reverb to use

I love the easy-to-use presets.

M. Nettlefold

15 octobre 2023

Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb review

Incredible-sounding emulation of such a classic reverb unit, delivering the sound I have craved for years but never been able to afford until now! Thank you UAD - absolutely amazing product and so easy to access via the UAD portal. I want more so, NEXT..!!

O. Viamontes

14 octobre 2023

Why look for another when you have the best?

I love it on vocals and especially on acoustic guitars, the natural tail this unit brings is amazing thanks Universal Audio for another great product

D. Studio

13 octobre 2023

This is famous plugin

Very nice on vocal/drums&others great plugin

41-60 sur 859 résultats