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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

Evaluation Globale

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P. Salvador

14 juillet 2024

Great Sim

Great amp sim. The best amp sim I´ve worked with. Have been playing for hours with this wonderful toy.

賢. 藤井

9 juillet 2024

good sound


R. Butler

22 juin 2024

Lotsa Bang For The Buck!

I spent last weekend checking out this plugin, and I'm absolutely floored with the sound. I've owned a few Tweeds in my time, and this really is an excellent reproduction. Rich, gritty goodness you'd expect from a Tweed without the huge price tag. Warning: It's very DSP hungry, so if you have a smaller device like Apollo Solo you'll be limited to any additional effects running simultaneously.

M. Haasdijk

31 mai 2024

Very realistic amp plugin!

What this plugin does very well is that it seems as if you can hear air moving trough the amps speaker. I miss this in most other plugins. Great job and awesome sounding plugin!

a. cristofalo

24 mai 2024

fender vst

i have several ampsim and the fender is one of the greatest

J. Pino

23 mai 2024

Very realistic recreation of a classic

This plugin really does sound and behave like a small Fender tube amp. I don't have an actual Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe, but I do have a Fender Bassbreaker 007 tube combo, and I can tell you that the resemblance is spot-on, complete with great dynamics and response to input gain -- roll back the guitar volume and the amp cleans up very nicely while remaining warm and retaining good volume. In fact, I have a track where I recorded my real 007 with a ribbon mic, and another track where I recorded with this plugin, and they sound nearly identical. Keep in mind that you may not like the raw sound of a small tube amp without effects (I very much do), and if that is the case, this amp sim may not be for you. In any case, the engineers did a great job on this one.

M. Saur

5 mai 2024

Sound amazing !

Great sound, as usual easy to use !

N. Maciel

3 mai 2024

Fender Uad

Best fender emulation amp, is nice that have unison capability, and you can print the sound, I hope they release a native version of this plugin

E. Sedrick

24 avril 2024

To Obtain Clean Tones Easily.

Some advice to reviewers who were saying they can't get a clean tone: in the bottom microphone controls panel, set your output volume up, and your mic volume mostly up.
Make sure you're using the MIC inputs on the virtual amp. Turn up the mic gain knob on the amp a bit. That is how you obtain clean tones, not just in this plugin, but on the real Tweed amplifier.

Great sounding virtual amp!

f. previtera

13 avril 2024

FENDER 55 - difficult to reach a clean tone especially on mid low tones

I've tried the plugin with a Jazz guitar but it is not convenient to reach a full clean tone typical of this style. Better results on Neve without amp simulation

f. previtera

13 avril 2024

FENDER 55 - difficult to reach a clean tone especially on mid low tones

I've tried the plugin with a Jazz guitar but it is not convenient to reach a full clean tone typical of this style. Better results on Neve without amp simulation

D. Pintaldi

7 avril 2024

My basic clean/crunch American guitar amp .

It is essential for me to obtain classic twangy, clean and very realistic crunch tones.
I like his fluid and natural behavior in following the dynamics of my picking

S. Lambeth

6 avril 2024

Authentically Comparable

Did a good comparison of the UAD Plug-In to my Mesa Mark V90 "Tweed" preamp setting on Channel 1 @ 10W. Not just similar sonic context, but very much the same feel and response. Shout out to Leo, Randall, and especially the folks at Universal Audio for bringing specialized boutique to the plug-in world. Cheers!

k. gregory

29 mars 2024


wow !!! just beautiful !!! grateful for this bad boy ! very nice

A. Hunt

15 mars 2024

That tweed sound in the box

My go to clean channel amp sim.

M. Postmann

15 mars 2024

ZZ Top läßt grüßen

Zusammen mit der genialen Unison Technik grandios.

D. Caruso

7 mars 2024

Belle simulation

J'aime le son mais le niveau volume est très élevé voir trop

a. falesi

5 mars 2024

It was up to me

Ok, if you read my previous review, called "I don't know", well it's outdated, because I found the key, and now the Fender amp sound reaaaally good. The most important thing to check is gain stage: everything starts for there. If you, like me, feed the amp with a wrong gain value, well, the Fender Deluxe will sound "fake" whatever you try, fake saturation, fake distortion, really poor headroom, as you can read in some review. But we don't have to blame the amp but ourself.
As soon as you dim the input and stay in the middle of the green field, everything goes perfectly fine. You cam hear the real sound of this emu. And it's great. And you can have it in stereo too, just check YT. Cheers

a. falesi

4 mars 2024

I don't know...

There's something in this amp I can't judge, I love it or not? Don't know. It's a strange thing. Sometimes I believe I found the right way to deal it, I love the sound enough, even if it has a very narrow sweet spot. The next time I fall again in doubt. I said to myself: this thing almost eats an entire DSP to run, 2 years in the making, Fender endorsed, made directly from UAD... it must be great.
I don't know... Is it? I would have the opportunity to play on a real one to answer to this question.
I like how it sounds? yes and no. 3 stars is enough. But maybe it's up to me.

S. Saied

23 février 2024

Redo Review

My first reaction to this plug-in was on the negative side which was pre-mature. After watching some YouTube demos and player suggestions on how to set up and use the plug-in, my overall review is positive. The only complaint about this plug in, is it seems it is DSP hungry. However, the responsiveness and tones I'm getting now are wonderful. Clean tones are obtained by setting volumes correctly primarily but also considering which mic and placement to use. The plug-in responds differently depending on the guitar, pick-ups etc.. I'm really digging this plug-in now and is by far one of the best amp emulations I've ever used.

1-20 sur 694 résultats

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