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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

Evaluation Globale

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S. Raha

17 décembre 2022

True Amp

Love it

S. El Hammami

13 décembre 2022

Perfect for my Acoustasonic

I was looking for an amp that fits my Fender Acoustasonic. This one is perfect. I can now use my Apollo Quad DI entry without any frustration. This one is really not overlaping the Marshall Amp plugin.

J. Neves

9 décembre 2022

Very Authentic

Perfect Fender Tweed authentic sound. Very easy to dial in some great tones. The only downside is that it doesn’t work in stereo. At this day and age I can’t possibly imagine why we weren’t given that option, hence the 4 stars.

s. Faubert

8 décembre 2022

Like a real one ( nearly ;-)

A great simulation very close to the real one

C. Laroche

11 novembre 2022

Great plugin! Incredible sound! A must have for all enthusiasts!!!

Great plugin! Incredible sound! A must have for all enthusiasts!!! Thanks to the whole Universal Audio team for offering us all these products!

S. Anttila

29 octobre 2022

Even Neil Young would love this

Perhaps the best guitar amp plugin of all-time. I've recorded several tracks with my Apollo solo and it sounds better than most of my real amps. Just unbelievable.


15 octobre 2022


Un peu délicat à régler (comme le vrai) on peut arriver rapidement à de supers sons clairs. Sensations de jeu réalistes (Unison ?) Consomme du DSP

E. Peterson

11 octobre 2022

Rockabilly and country machine

I’m really digging this amp sim and use it a lot. It responds to volume changes at the guitar and responds like a real amp. It’s gritty and sublime with lots of tone options. Can’t say enough good things about this one. The 55 and the buxom Betty are my go to amps. Thank you UA

T. Kingen

12 août 2022

Nice Emulation

At first I wasn't sure about the '55 Tweed Deluxe plugin. It seemed to distort quickly and I'm a clean/slight breakup player. But after some experimentation I was able to get a great clean tone out of it. Perfect for recording. Thank you Universal Audio!

P. ferrell

4 août 2022


Go amp clone but .ua needs to update this plugin with a option to remove the noise or hum and giving it more clean head room then you have the perfect clean amp plug for humbuckers @ single coil pickups.

G. Haddow

9 juillet 2022

Just a simple two word review.

It’s real.

e. vantroyen

21 juin 2022

Sounds real


S. Trazos

18 mai 2022

Lo mejor de mi vida!!

Es la mejor que eh escuchado en años!

j. kang

10 mai 2022

Nice nice nice

Seems like real full analog. Nice sound.
I want twin-reverb versionof this plugin

Y. Zolberg

8 mai 2022

Exactly like the real one

Just like the original, it does not good for every style of music. Where you know it fits, then it responds just like the original.

R. Griffith

7 mai 2022

Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

After I got this plug in and used it I was so amazed at the great sounds I could get from the presets. I havent gone out of the presets because I was having soo mush fun working with the new fab Tones! You should get it, you wouldnt be sorry!

K. Socasau

30 avril 2022

The Beauty of the Fender Tweed

Beautiful recreation of a great Fender 55 Deluxe, it sounds killer, mics and speakers are well reproduced too, the amp sounds real and killer in a lot of mixes ! beautiful cleans and great mighty overdrivey tones, eaven fuzzy tones are top notch. A must have. Well done UAudio !

S. Patterelli

29 avril 2022

OK for blasto sound

It's very difficult to get any clean sound out of this. I've watched the videos with good players checking it out, and it sounds good. But even with the volume on 1 or so it' still starts to break up. And the in-between sounds are very crackly sounding ,like the input is overloading,( I've checked and it's not.) I like the amp exploding sound, but it seems like it should be more than a one trick pony. Especially if you watch the videos.. UA products are great, perhaps I'm using it incorrectly.....

g. faraone

22 avril 2022

Best amps sim i've used

Hands down best amp sim i've used for the best amps ever made (fender tweed). I just wish I could run it native

J. Reinhardt

22 avril 2022


SaaWeeet! Little two-faced amp., very sweet or gritty just like the real deal - add a little delay/reverb and it's 3D; add some Tele or Gretsch with single coils it's Rockabilly time, add some humbuckers and it's Real Blues time! Very well done UA. Now please give us a 1965 Fender Super Reverb with both Normal and Vibrato Channels with Bright Switches and choice of Ceramic of Alnico Speakers - Please!

61-80 sur 683 résultats