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EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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F. Jessen

27 décembre 2021

A classic and unique sound


J. Szeszel

21 décembre 2021

1 plate for vox

My first choice for vocals.

P. Bosek

18 décembre 2021



A. Zhukau

11 décembre 2021

Wonderful reverb

EMT-140 fits all styles I ve been working with. almost no track of mine is complete without it

Y. Kim

5 décembre 2021

Love it

Simply Best

I. Inkilä

3 décembre 2021

Love it

It's lush and great with a variety of sources that call for the sounds of yesteryear. Vocals, drums & guitars, this plugin just delivers. There's plenty of room to play around with the different plates and eq to really dial the sound to your liking.


30 novembre 2021

Very Nice

My Best!!

K. Komaranski

11 novembre 2021

Alway on my Aux

This has to be my favourite plate verb. Sounds great with guitars, vocals, drums. Lots of settings and control to dial it in.

M. McMillan

15 octobre 2021

EMT 140 Plate Delivers!

Wow!! What an amazingly musical plate. Sounds incredible on snare, vocals, guitar, and anything else. All three plates have a unique, musical quality.

C. Hlavka

15 octobre 2021

This or Pure plate

I was using pure plate in the demo, found it really convenient to throw in on for tracking. But, in a mix I preferred the EMT140, with it's three plate types, and more defining EQ. After trying both for 14 days I went with the EMT140. I recommend trying both to make up your mind.

M. Ramson

6 octobre 2021

Sounds great!

No brainer. Love it on Vocals. Great for vocal tracking in the console.

Y. Blanche-Barbat

14 septembre 2021

Classic reverb sound

My new go to reverb = UAD EMT140,EASY TO USE and I LOVE THAT

J. Harris

1 septembre 2021

Like the EMT140 very much!

I really like the EMT 140 plate reverb. It's easy to use and sounds great! Another great plug=in from UA!!

D. Vogrig

18 août 2021

a MUST HAVE Abbey Road sound

Probably you know that all dark side of the moon got only this reverb you know what you are getting!!! after this you have to use it properly on the kind of music you are mixing but...hey...UA made his is your turn !!!

C. Lema

13 août 2021

Es uno de mis favoritos

Sonido suave balanceado fácil de usar uno de mis plug-ins que siempre están en mis mezclas

H. Song

6 juillet 2021

A must have reverb

A different taste from 480L, it's vivid, full of clarity.

J. Ojeda

5 juillet 2021

Lush, smooth…

This is just like the real thing. Lush and smooth. Beautiful.

Y. Taniguchi

30 juin 2021

Reverb is fantastic

Reverb is like a magic.
EMT140 can make various sound .
Maybe real EMT is better than UAD EMT.
I like this.So sweet.

K. Marshall

26 juin 2021

Spinning plates

Been trying this on demo and bagged it at a great price in June sale, adds a lovely warmth to strings and percussion. Using it everywhere in my chain...

M. Kylliäinen

21 juin 2021


So great plugin!

41-60 sur 1007 résultats