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EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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J. Delgado

5 janvier 2020

Excellent !!

Beaucoup de couleur agréablement surpris !!

G. Chan

1 janvier 2020

Best Reverb

No.1 Plate Reverb

C. Gould

20 décembre 2019

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Quality and versatile retro reverb from back in the day! Close so close to the real thing nice work guys. This reverb has many uses but on vocals it can give a bit of 'old school' class and warmth.

J. Lee

19 décembre 2019


140 is best

H. Holzheu

18 décembre 2019

EMT 140

Always in my mix

J. Kim

14 décembre 2019

140 is standard

so you must have this one and on.

L. Ross

12 décembre 2019

EMT 140

Hard pressed to tell this from the real thing. A winner!

M. Bridges

11 décembre 2019

The sound I've wanted for decades is here

There is a certain reverb tone I have been looking for since I started home recording in the early 80s, it was heard in an old local pro studio and it left a huge impression. I knew it was a plate reverb, but I have never heard that exact tone until I tried the UA EMT 140 plugin. Smoothness, warmth, and adds a sparkle and detail to the highs that I haven't heard anywhere else. I use it all the time, even when mastering live recordings, it adds just the right amount of brightness and ambience to the mix. Expensive, but worth every penny.

R. Zareski

9 décembre 2019

Sounds beautiful

The EMT 140 has a beautiful sound... Love it

S. Alekseev

7 décembre 2019

Favorite reverb plugin!!!

Highest quality emulation and little use of dsp. This reverb can solve absolutely any issue, be it a small room or a very large space. As always 5 points!!!


28 novembre 2019


EMT140 is best of the best!

J. Hoon

27 novembre 2019

Top of Plate Reverb

If you like plate-style reverb, there is no better choice. Clean, transparent and sometimes heavy, you'll love it.

G. Creasor

21 novembre 2019


Really nice reverb... it will get lots of use.

C. Belien

17 novembre 2019

Best plate ever?

Sparkling reverb on your mix! One of the mixing secrets.

D. McCarty

26 octobre 2019

The best!

I use the emt on every mix. Love it!!!

T. Zaporozhets

22 octobre 2019

Great reverb!

EMT-140 and Pure Plate my favorite reverbs.

R. Chirinos

19 octobre 2019

Classic Sound

Increíble vintage sound.

R. Chirinos

19 octobre 2019

Classic Sound

Increíble vintage sound.

n. birot

15 octobre 2019

blend perfectly

outstanding reproduction, really like to use it !

C. Kiasi

8 octobre 2019

Super cool

Super cool reverb! It's become a go to reverb for me!

181-200 sur 1007 résultats