Plug-in EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Plug-in EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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Prix tarif : $199.00


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EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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R. Walsh

29 mars 2020

EMT 140

Finally! I have been searching for a specific sound/reverb for my T50 slim. No other reverb did what I was looking for. As soon as I plugged this in, bam! Exactly what I was searching for.Thank you!

m. Jasso

28 mars 2020

sounds great but

My only reason for withholding a star is because I would have liked a little more control over the reverb. I’m sure it’s because UA is staying true to the actual analog hardware it’s modeled after and I can respect that
I would still recommend It

P. Woehl

25 mars 2020

Most used reverb

This has become my go to reverb. It just sounds so good.

Y. Jae Hyeoung

24 mars 2020

Best Plate reverb

Irreplaceable plugin


11 mars 2020

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator, fantastic piece of gear!

Just jumped in UAD world, this is the first plugin I bought and it's simply... great!

S. Oh

1 mars 2020

More than good!

My favorite and trusted Plate Reverb.
Strongly recommend!

K. OConnell Peller

24 février 2020

so good

i sound like ritchie freakin valens thanks guys

G. Mahn

23 février 2020

Excellent Plugin!

The EMT 140 plugin rings true to its promise. Authentic and natural emulation for essential reverb. Love it!

M. McCray

6 février 2020

Love this plugin!

It sounds warm. Adds nice space to your recordings. Simple to use. Almost an instant gratification when you looking for its sound through presets. Amazing!

s. yang

4 février 2020

Deep ringing It is touching.

I love the EMT140 very much.

The deep ringing touches the listener.

It has a general tendency to apply in many cases.

I think that is essential reverb.

I also love Pure Plate Reverb.

I am happy to have a perfect plate reverb with the EMT140.

Now everything is ready!

M. Sedano

26 janvier 2020

The best reverb!

This is the best emulation of the EMT 140. Very natural and beautiful sound for any kind of instrument.

M. Mchangani

25 janvier 2020

Dimensions unmatched

I just started using this reverb again, and now I have to revisit to all my mixes because its missing in action! No hype if you know what you are doing then you should be having this plugin in your vocal chain or other elements in your mix! Great design!

N. Gureev

25 janvier 2020

Still the best plate

This simply works. The absolute best plate on the market and I’ve tried quite a lot. This one is incredible - it just ADDS to the song and without much tweaking. And works CONSISTENTLY. But I’ll give you hint. I slept on this plugin for a while because the first time I demoed it - I demoed it on a source in solo. Didnt understand what the fuss was about at that time. But later on when I tried it in the context of the mix I was blown away. And it still blows me away. One of the best UAD plugins and I have quite a lot

G. Baker

23 janvier 2020


A beautiful, versatile and rich plate reverb. If you needed just one natural plate, this is probably the one.

Utilisateur UAD

16 janvier 2020

Why did I wait so long to purchase this...

What a pleasure it is to use this plug-in. So far the presets have been a great starting point. However, the best part of this plug-in is how well the effect sits in the mix with very little fussing. The UAD guys have done an AMAZING job with the EMT 140 plug-in!

D. Singh

15 janvier 2020

Amazing emulation!

Really Happy with my Purchase,Thank you UAD for such an awesome Reverb plugin.

P. Sviyazov

9 janvier 2020


Always in use

G. Daddio

7 janvier 2020

It’s very nice

And it’s neato. I like to look at it

J. Delgado

5 janvier 2020

Excellent !!

Beaucoup de couleur agréablement surpris !!

G. Chan

1 janvier 2020

Best Reverb

No.1 Plate Reverb

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