Plug-in EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Plug-in EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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Prix tarif : $199.00


Vous économiserez 40%

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Trois réverbérations à plaque légendaires
capturées au sein d’un même plug-in
aux performances incontestables.

Certifié par EMT International GmbH, l'EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator plug-in pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo vous apporte cette richesse organique que seule une réverbération à plaque peut susciter.

Modélisant ingénieusement trois modèles d’EMT 140 aux caractéristiques uniques, toujours utilisées dans les studios The Plant de Sausalito, en Californie, le plug-in EMT® 140 redonnera à vos sources la chaleur et la beauté caractéristiques de cette reverb à plaque emblématique.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Choisir parmi trois reverbs à plaque EMT aux caractéristiques uniques

Ajouter une profondeur et un éclat naturels aux voix et aux instruments

Sculpter votre son avec des commandes originales tels que l'amortissement mécanique et les filtres d'entrée de système

Améliorer l'ambiance offerte par système à plaque avec des commandes propres au plug-in : Balance, Width et Modulation

Exemples sonores

Exemples sonores
5 Minute UAD Tips
5 Minute UAD Tips

5 Minute UAD Tips

Plug-in EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Trois plaques savamment émulées

Trois plaques savamment émulées

Le plug-in EMT 140 offre trois nuances distinctes du classique EMT hardware. Les plaques A et B modélisent le système électronique EMT d'origine, pour lequel les plaques elles-mêmes n'avaient volontairement pas été réglées pendant un certain temps. A l'inverse, la plaque C – celle ayant la plage de fréquences la plus complète – utilise une électronique Martech plus moderne venant tout juste d'être révisée de fond en comble.

De nouvelles commandes,<br>plus de flexibilité

De nouvelles commandes,
plus de flexibilité

Avec des commandes propres au plug-in telles que Balance, Width et Modulation, vous pouvez exploiter l'EMT 140 de façons jusqu'à présent inaccessibles avec le hardware. Ciblez une reverb de caisse claire mono avec la commande Balance, déployez les cordes avec la fonction Width ou faites appel à la fonction Modulation pour ajouter au chant un éclat subtil ou une queue de réverbération intense. L'ajout de ces commandes au circuit d'origine d'EMT vous donne accès à des tonnes de textures de réverbération à plaque pour toutes vos sources.


Basé sur trois plaques EMT 140 des studios The Plant – chacune ayant un son unique

Certifié par EMT Studiotechnik GmbH

Son de plaque doux, naturel et très précieux

Modélise les commandes de decay mécaniques du hardware d'origine

Filtres passe-haut, EMT 80 Hz original et électronique Martech

Les fonctionnalités propres à la version numérique comprennent : égaliseur deux bandes en plateau, PreDelay, Width, Balance et Modulation

Avis Clients

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Evaluation Globale

(806 avis)

B. Boykin

1 avril 2015

This plugin is awesome!!!

I've searched everywhere for a good sounding all around universal plugin and I must say this plugin is now in my heavy rotation of go to plugins.

V. Azevedo

15 décembre 2014

Sounds lovely

I'm a very great fan of reverbs and have some ones I like to use.
I was watching EMT for a while and, after test it few hours with some of my real mixes, I noticed the it sounds much better than my favorite Plate. I mean it is dense, warm, with nice resolution.
It sounds like a non digital. It sounds real. Good for a lot of things.
It's graphical interface is pretty, simple, fast and easy to use.
EMT now figures my session's Plate's Bus. My favorite reverb now.

Vinnie Azevedo
Mix Eng

G. Mutandwa

14 décembre 2014

best reverb ever!

This is my go-to reverb, ppl demo this asap it will transform your mixes!!!

T. Spielmacher

15 janvier 2014

Wanted this amazing plugin for awhile now...

Classy, smooth, versatile, elegant and truly professional sounding. So easy to be used in a tasteful way. Brings things to life without the fuss. A terrific and affordable weapon and tribute to the past.

V. Romanov

13 janvier 2014

EMT 140 Plug-In always "at hand"

I often use EMT 140 Plug-In vs Vocal BUS, great space emulation always "at hand". Rival Music pays respect to UAD

C. Freitas

8 mars 2013

EMT 140

On 80's I mixed a lot of classic albums here in Brasil at Transamérica Studios in São Paulo using the original EMT 240 and EMT 251 reberbs and when i tried the 140 UA Plug ins i came back 25 years and the new experience was amazing!

B. Trimpe

13 septembre 2012

The Best Reverb Plugin I have ever used

Jaw dropping. This is the kind of plugin that makes mixing more fun. It adds depth, width, and ambiance. It sounds great on all source material. Reverb plugins usually have really brittle, tinny, a/o false decay tails. I have tried a bunch of other plugins from IK Multimedia, Waves, and a few others. This thing buries them all in terms of sound and usability.

I have been really impressed with most of the UA plugins but this thing is off the scale. I use it on every session now and get amazing results quickly and without fail.

G. Bordarampe

15 août 2012

Sounds just like the original, lush, clear, and great tweaking capabilities. It's my go to plate reverb.

D. Lamb

3 août 2012

The DAWs I use have their own built in reverbs, so to buy another reverb for a back bedroom studio seemed overkill to me. Then I tried the EMT140 Demo...... I expected it to sound great (and it does!) but the surprise was how EASY it was to get a great sound. In very little time, and with only a few tweaks, you're there, you have a reverb that sounds great in your mix.

F. Yaker

4 juillet 2012

I've used many reverb plugins over the years and have always struggled to find one that I really can work with. I find most reverbs to be overly complex and even though I am somebody who uses presets as a basis and adjusts from there, if the options are overwhelming, I get frustrated. This plugin sounds great, but one of the main reasons that I love it is because the controls are few and straight to the point. You can easily adjust the sounds to your taste with the limited amount of knobs. I also want to mention that while most reverbs I always finding myself slowly turning down and down and down until there is a subtle ambience but not a really apparent reverb this might be the first reverb that beckons you to turn it up!

S. Froudist

14 décembre 2011

The original EMT plate reverb is a steel monster that needs an isolated vault of its own. With only rudimentary damping and EQ, it is more or less a "set and forget" creature. Instead of a soundproof room, the UA version (really three units in one) just needs a UAD card to run on. While lacking some of the more esoteric settings of other types of reverberators, this classic and classy reverb responds well to a bit of tweaking: for example, fine tune the frequency response to compliment the audio, using both the input filter and the reverb EQ. If you cut the low end or scoop out some mids, you can keep the level and reverb time up without muddying the mix, or you could boost the tops to to add a dreamy air to vocals or acoustic guitar.
Use the modulation control to add movement and harmonic complexity to shimmering sounds.
Try two instances in mono, panned Left and Right: this keeps the centre dry and there is much more sonic room to move.
Or exaggerate the pre-delay to keep the reverb out of the way.
Or send some signal from your delays into the reverb.
Don't be afraid to run an EQ after the reverb.

A great workhorse reverb, and of course you can run several instances at once!
Or use it alongside one of the other great UAD reverbs!

One last hint: make the reverb obvious and do your tweaking. When you are satisfied, drop the reverb level...less is usually more. Automate your levels (and even your tweaks) if you need the reverb to be more obvious at the end of vocal lines etc.

D. Craighead

15 juillet 2007

I think this is the best reverb for drums and percussions there is on the software market. It has a nice non-metallic sound, it's kinda hard to explain, very smooth. Way better than dreamverb in my opinion. Also nice when you put it to the Master-Out, EQ it just right and turn it on to 5%, it "glues" the end mix to one piece. And for this price it's better than tc.

R. Ravella

30 décembre 2014

EMT 140 Classic Plate

Like all UAD plugins, this one is way WAY too expensive. Between the year end sale and the small $25 coupon that takes a tiny bite out of the cost, I purchased this for something closer to a reasonable price. It sounds very good, but then all my reverb plugins sound very good. This one sounds different, I have no personal experience with the real thing so I can't say if that difference is authentic, but it will likely be usable. If UA would stop trying to gouge their customers and act a bit less like Avid, they would probably sell enough more product to compensate and actually make more money in the end. But clearly, they're driven by greed. Like Avid.

C. Cormier

20 décembre 2006

I'll have to be the lone dissenter here. I was disappointed by this plugin, after putting it through its paces. It's just murky and dull sounding. Dreamverb is probably my favorite UAD reverb. But put this up against Sonic Timeworks' gorgeous plate reverbs, or even TC-Helicons, all of which I spent a few days A/B/C'ing with, and it just sounds terrible.

m. casula

6 avril 2015

problem with rever emt 140 (uad v.8)

hi, after I updated to uad 8 , reverb emt 140 no longer works , in version 7 uad I had bundled and now with uad 8 should I buy ?? annoyed for this ....
I hope someone can answer me , thanks

B. Kircher

8 février 2007

I bought a lot of plugs from UA (projpak, fairchild, cambridge, precEQ, preLim, BossFX, LA2A, 1176LN and the Plate 140).
After i mixed a demo (using only the Plate 140 as reverb), i brought the tape to a professional audio-engineer (he had several hits in the german charts).

His comment: "the reverb is not very satisfiying...".


I trusted in all the comments and all the evaluations shown up in this area!

I recognized, not to trust in too many people - in the future i will trust my own ears.

Sure - plug-ins give you the possibility to get a certain quality to a low price.

But in my opinion it is only "good" but not "great".

There is a difference between hard- and software.

Please be honest.

Thank you, Bernie.

M. Wagner

15 février 2013

Love the Plate!

I LOVE plates, and the UAD EMY 140 delivers! I use it every day!

It is lush and warm, and sounds like the real thing! It is a must have for any UAD user, and for everyone else who doesn't use UAD, your a moron!

Matthew von Wagner
Crystal Castles
Alpha Galates
Most Non Heinous

W. Kopka

20 septembre 2011

Hi, update on the UAD version 6 1 is no longer my EMT 140. what do I do now?


Y. Kim

7 septembre 2019


It will make your vocals and keys sound unique.

T. Hansen

6 septembre 2019


I use it on pretty much everything. Its great!