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Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier

Evaluation Globale

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D. Caruso

7 mars 2024


Transforme vos basse de manière vraiment pro

D. Chevalier

22 janvier 2024

Sounds like the real thing, recommended

The B-15N is one of those Ampegs that has its very own sound. My amp room is full and my wallet is poor but I needed a number of different bass amps for a recent project and this one sounds like my memory.

J. Anderson

7 janvier 2024

Next best thing to a real B-15

I can't afford the $2,500 for a real vintage B-15N, but after using UAD's version on many of my recordings, I'm super pleased with the results.

j. Stewart

19 décembre 2023

Great amp sim

This thing is nice ! Sounds fantastic and I use it way more than I thought I would . Don’t hesitate, just buy it . Another fantastic product from UAD .

H. Ruus

12 décembre 2023

Unfortunately.... a bit disappointed

I have the Ampeg SVT plugin and thought this one would sound more old school with a swampy Motown sort of sound... but it doesn't. It's actually more trebly direct and not so soft
Definitely not what I was looking for.
All other plugins I have bought have been spot on and wonderful...
Wish I could trade this one for something else

V. Ferrera

10 décembre 2023

Very good

To similar to the original!

J. Payne

27 novembre 2023

Fabulous spongy bass tones

Tube amps give a certain sag and bounciness to bass that's hard to replicate, but this amp sim DOES IT. I'm a big P-bass + flats kinda guy, and for that sound, this amp just kills. I like the VR for bigger modern tones, but the B15N is something special.

As with all the UAD amp sims, make sure it's on a unison preamp spot, it actually makes the sim feel real.

J. Sutherland

18 novembre 2023

Fat Bass Tone

Really love the way this sounds. Nice bass tone that sits great in the mix.

M. Kozlowsky

15 octobre 2023

Good plugin

T. Poe

9 août 2023

THE Bass Amp for Studio Sessions

Fender Precision Bass + Flatwounds + this plug-in gives you all the Motown mojo. Absolutely clinical application for studio sessions. I have a p bass with rounds, a p bass with flats, and all you need is this + your favorite pedals for grit. Outstanding.

B. Straburzynski

2 août 2023


its grate !!!

A. Rosario

5 mars 2023

Good ole tube sound!

Good tube bass saturation!

s. mcaulay

28 janvier 2023

bread and butter bass FTW

I pretty much turn this thing on this setting and track with it as is. Perfectly sits in the mix

H. Fivelsdal

25 janvier 2023

The sound I was looking for.

The Ampeg B-15N helps me to get that characteristic growl from my P bass. It's very easy to get good sounds from this plug-in.

M. Ross

6 janvier 2023


Sounds just like the real thing!!

U. Audio Account

15 décembre 2022

Great emulation.

I got this amp and the UA version sounds great.

s. Faubert

8 décembre 2022

The best bass amp plug in

Great discover always a great sound

F. Chatelain

3 décembre 2022

Mon plugin Ampeg favori pour enregistrer en Unison

Le gros son Ampeg, beaucoup de controles qui permettent de scultper le son du preamp / de l'ampli sur la partie puissance et de l'IR (cabinet + micros). Le feeling de jeu sans latence est exceptionnel avec une bonne basse (Fender Precision) pour enregistrer avec du confort et se laisser inspirer. J'aurais mis 5 étoiles si on avait eu un EQ post preamp (même si le Portaflex original n'en a pas) et la possibilité de charger des IR externes...

C. Lee

17 octobre 2022

Best of all the Bass Amp Plugins!

The B-15 is the best bass amp plug-in I’ve found yet and I own all UA’s bass sims and this one is by far the best.

S. Berry

13 octobre 2022

killer classic tone

Tried all the bass plugins before purchasing and this one's the best. It's versatile, realistic, and I can get multiple classic bass tones whereas other plugins are more limited. Sounds great with some dirt on it too!

1-20 sur 284 résultats

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