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Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier

Evaluation Globale

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C. Bruce

21 juin 2021


I’m not much for plugin amps but this one I use regularly. I’ve found I’m not the only one who likes it. My teacher at Berklee prefers it himself too.

R. Walsh

21 mai 2021

Yes, yes, yes

Best bass amp emulator I have ever used. I own a bunch including the Softube Amp Room and the UAD SVT. This is it.

J. Harrison

21 mai 2021

As good as the real deal

I have an Ampeg B18n at home with an extra extension cab. It’s upstairs with my Fender Rhodes but my UA stuff lives with most of the guitar amps downstairs. I’ve tracked both with my J bass and 60s Gibson EB2D. My B18 is a little noisier but tone is the same without messing with mics

S. Shaw

22 avril 2021

Versatility wins. Don't forget to try it on Guitar!

Great modern sounding and presets are quick dial-in.

h. lelieveld

1 avril 2021

Sooo good for my precision.

I was actually quite happy with the unison DI input of the neve 1073. But then I tried this one out. Soooo good. I'm really really happy with my old precision with flatwounds into this amp. I can great get disco, funk and rocksounds. It's quite dirty, but in a good way and it works really well in a mix. So that's it, I have found my sound. Thomastik flatwounds and the UAD B 15.

L. Pauselli

13 février 2021

Huge sound

It is another sound respect Ampeg SVTR , so you can choose beetween them, nice the treble knob!


22 janvier 2021

Awesome Plugin!

Love this plugin! A must if you want to lay down solid, great sounding bass tracks for songs! Love using it on Americana, Latin, Country, and Pop songs!

R. Craig

21 janvier 2021

Good, but not my favourite Ampeg

Decent plugin, and have found places to use it, but sometimes I find it sounds a bit fake.. I prefer the amp models on my Kemper or even some of the other Ampeg models from UAudio.

L. Caucci Molara

13 janvier 2021


Da avere se amate il basso!

L. Caucci Molara

13 janvier 2021


Assolutamente da avere se amate il basso

E. Bassi

7 janvier 2021


Simply amazing.No difference between plug and real.Absolutely a must have Uad plugin.

A. Nelson

29 décembre 2020

This is the real deal!

I owned a '68 B-12N for 25 years and spent years playing through a B-15 and a B-18. This plug-in captures that amp!! I completely recognize the Ampeg fliptop sound and feeling but without tube/cap/pot replacements and with recall. So good!

J. Boeke

1 décembre 2020

Saved me a long long search

Now my Fender Jazz Bass '72 is really sounding like an even older Precision somehow. No need to look further, I can sound like James Jamerson if (I practice my index finger a lot more)

F. Trentini

3 novembre 2020

Very good

I own a couple of Ampeg amps (SVT & Portaflex) so I know exactly what the "real deal" sounds like. This beautiful plugin reproduces that tone and vibe with great accuracy. Well done.

F. Trentini

3 novembre 2020

Very good

I own a couple of Ampeg amps (SVT & Portaflex) so I know exactly what the "real deal" sounds like. This beautiful plugin reproduces that tone and vibe with great accuracy. Well done.

S. Daunt

15 octobre 2020

Best Bass Amp Plugin so far

Of all the bass amp sims this one feels the best to me. Warm fat and clear. The fx rack add ons are useful too.

A. Reverberi

19 septembre 2020


Solid and very versatile, another great Brainworx amp sim

T. Hansen

13 septembre 2020

Like the Real thing.

I was planning to buy the Ampeg portaflex, and I probably will sometime in the future. But now i’m not in a hurry anymoore. This plugin is great! It puts the bass perfectly in the mix with all the beautiful tone, grit and dirt you can possible expect from a real tube amp. It just sounds Amazing!

F. St-Gelais

23 août 2020

Green Day!

Decided to give this a try after reading Butch Walker used it on the latest Green Day album, which has killer bass tones (in my opinion). Absolutely love it. I feel ambarassed that I overlooked it for so long but better late than never!

E. Koch

20 août 2020


offering the OX Box technology in a plugin would be kind of a big thing to people..

something about the way a tube rectifier supply reacts to loading....if Mesa/Boogie is going to be a snot about licencing plugins, then make Eleven with selectable power supply rectifiers, and just walk around them..

41-60 sur 283 résultats