Plug-in Precision Enhancer Hz

Plug-in Precision Enhancer Hz

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Un outil spécialisé et simple pour améliorer rapidement la perception des basses dans vos mixages.

Le plug-in Precision Enhancer Hz pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo vous permet d'ajouter sélectivement des harmoniques hautes aux fondamentales des basses. Souvent qualifiées de « basses fantômes », ces harmoniques stimulent un effet psychoacoustique d'accentuation des basses chez l'auditeur, offrant un meilleur rendu des sources de basse fréquence, même sur les plus petits haut-parleurs.

L'approche unique d'Universal Audio par rapport à cette problématique courante réunit un jeu de commandes simples, qui donne des résultats précis avec un minimum d'ajustements et offre l'éventail de sons le plus large de sa catégorie, du plus subtil au plus audible.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Étendre facilement la réponse des basses jusqu'à 1,5 octave pour un impact maximal

Donner du corps aux pistes individuelles ou à tout un mixage avec des commandes simples d'emploi

Choisir parmi cinq modes pour mieux coller à votre signal source

Exploiter quatre pentes d'effet différentes pour des variations de densité harmonique

Caractéristiques Principales

Un outil conçu spécialement pour améliorer la perception des basses fréquences

Convient aussi bien pour traiter des pistes individuelles que des projets complets

Augmentez la réponse perçue dans les graves de jusqu'à 1,5 octave

Coupure des fréquences en Hertz avec la capacité d'isoler le signal passe-bas filtré

Trois pentes de coupure du filtre et cinq modes d'amélioration

Requiert une carte DSP UAD-2 ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

Precision Enhancer Hz

Evaluation Globale

(65 avis)

S. Shaw

9 juin 2020

Great for adding 200Hz to help bass cut

I believe there are other usages - will test them out. A decent plug.

A. Breyer

13 avril 2020

Useful for some lowend. Needs a UI update badly.

This thing is hard to read and the controls should be able to better tell you what you are changing without memorizing the manual. But it can sound really great on some things. A little goes a long way. I do feel like if you want that VOG effect on kick or vocals, that tool is easier to dial in than this.

D. Lacroix

29 décembre 2019

Clean It UP

If you've been having issues getting your vocals the way you want to sit in the mix without having the harshness of the vocals being too loud or peaking then you should definitely, check out the Precision Enhancer Hz. Easy UI interface, not difficult to use just set it to where you fel your vocal range is going to be and there you go Smooth Sailing!!!

A. Kastan

6 avril 2019


I am not sure, perhaps as a plugin for free..... Sorry, nothing for me

M. Hoffmann

29 janvier 2019

leicht einzusetzen

Einfaches Plugin zum Mastern. Leicht zu bedienen mit guter Wirkung

B. Sorensen

8 novembre 2018

Not very useful

Maybe it's me. I don't find it very useful on either bass og kick. So I never use it.

A. Blaze

1 juin 2018

Working Horse

Find myself using it quite often on bass , drums even on vox sometimes. Small simple working tool) Nothing special - but it gives exact what i need,

A. Müller

4 avril 2018

Nice tool for lowend

A few options keep this plugin overviewable, but it works fine. This Enhancer is a little workhorse for lowend freqs. Works fine!

C. pena

1 avril 2018

one of my Fav

From Precisión this is my fav Plugin I use it a lot in the Bass

D. Pierce

14 novembre 2017

Works as advertised

I rarely use the Precision Enhancer Hz, but when I do, man does it pack a punch. You can push it until you hear the artifacts (if that's what you want) then back off a little and wallah.

J. Smith

21 août 2017

A subtle tweak that can make a voiceover sound amazingly better

There are other enhancers that use harmonics to give one's mix the impression of a bass boost without needing big speakers. I tried three of them, and they added way too much bass and mud for enhancing voiceover. Precision Enhancer Hz adds a subtle tweak that I have not been able to get by adjusting EQ.

W. Brown

6 août 2017

Beautiful bass.

I am using this plug in on almost every recording of my Moog. It's simply magic. Previously only applying Eq and a occasional touch of VOG. Precision Enhancer Hz has added a new dimension.

R. Dent

14 juillet 2017

Better than Maxx Bass

The problem with Maxx Bass was that it always sounded too digital. I want something dirty for my style of electronic music. Was impressed with this. A few artefacts when really pushing it but I probably need to learn how to use it better.

M. Chomczyk

29 janvier 2017

Great Low End Tool.

From the moment I tried it I use it for the most of my mixes. Great tool that will make your Bass and Kick work how it should :) Essential stuff.

A. Turner

30 décembre 2016

Amazing for the final mix!

5 stars on this one. I just threw on a preset and immediately fell in love with the warm analog hug it gave me. It seemed to do something with the stereo field but it's adjustable. I love it. One of my favorite UAD plugins so far.

E. Zorgman

2 décembre 2016

Below ave

I bought this based on an assumption. this does not work well on any of my electronic basses unfortunately.

Utilisateur UAD

22 novembre 2016


Works great, still working with the settings to get it just right

Utilisateur UAD

7 septembre 2016

Great for getting depth ITB

One of the things that I always struggle with when mixing ITB is the depth component of the mix. Precision Enhancer just cleaned everything up nicely. If you don't have it, you might not miss it, but once you "hear" it, you won't want to be without it.

S. Connor

19 mars 2016

Great tool when you need it

Rarely have to use this but it is a great tool to have in the arsenal- does exactly what it says on the tin, when you need it- its there. But try and get the source recorded right first though........

m. ceko

9 décembre 2015

Precision Enhancer Hz Plug-In

Precision Enhancer Hz Plug-In