Plug-in FATSO™ Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

Plug-in FATSO Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

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(455 avis)

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Obtenez la richesse de son
de la bande magnétique,
des transformateurs de classe A,
et des circuits à lampes.

Capable d’adoucir les fréquences et transitoires, ou d’écraser signaux avec une saturation dense, le plug-in FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo émule de façon détaillée l'emblématique unité d'Empirical Labs, véritable référence du secteur.

Utilisé par des ingénieurs de légende comme Ed Cherney, Al Schmitt ou encore Brendan O'Brien, le FATSO™ peut également accroître le volume apparent de votre signal source. Dave Derr - le concepteur du FATSO™ - a examiné de façon minutieuse la fidélité du plug-in et a officiellement approuvé ce dernier.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Injecter à vos pistes et mixages la chaleur et les qualités musicales de la bande magnétique, des lampes et des transformateurs de classe A

Légèrement colorer ou au contraire détruire la batterie, le chant et plus encore avec la saturation des lampes et de la bande

Exploiter les commandes Tranny Saturation, Sidechain Filtering et Stereo/Mono
propres au plug-in

Élaborer une foule de textures analogiques avec les commandes Warmth et Spank

Vue d'ensemble du plug-in
Vue d'ensemble du plug-in

Vue d'ensemble du plug-in

FATSO Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor plug-in

De la simple maîtrise jusqu'à la <em>démolition</em> totale

De la simple maîtrise jusqu'à la démolition totale

Le plug-in FATSO propose une large palette de possibilités pour apporter un caractère analogique et de la cohésion aux pistes de votre station de travail audio numérique. C'est aussi un outil de création, capable d’ajouter, à n'importe quelle source, divers degrés de saturation - de la plus subtile à la plus sévère. La commande d'entrée du FATSO vous permet de nuancer la génération d'harmoniques et de distorsion, tandis que les commandes Warmth et Spank dosent l'apport en son typique de bande et de lampes.

Fonctionnalités propres au plug-in

Fonctionnalités propres au plug-in

La polyvalence du plug-in FATSO est considérablement accrue par les modifications personnelles que Dave Derr a ajoutées. Le FATSO Sr. offre une commande Tranny de saturation, le filtrage de sidechain et des réglages de compression plus poussés incluant Threshold, Attack et Release. Ces modifications spéciales du FATSO Sr. sont uniquement disponibles dans la version plug-in UAD Powered de cet indispensable outil de studio.

Key Features

Recrée la chaleur et les qualités musicales de la bande magnétique d'enregistrement, des lampes et des transformateurs de classe A

Sous licence et approuvé par Empirical Labs, créé par Universal Audio

Clipping, Warmth, Tranny et le sélecteur de compression autorisent une grande variété de possibilités de modelage sonore analogique

Exclusivité supplémentaire du plug-in UAD : le FATSO Sr. offre le concept original développé par Dave Derr d'Empirical Labs

Les fonctionnalités du FATSO Sr. comprennent la saturation Tranny, le filtrage de sidechain plus Threshold, Attack et Release

Fonctionnement mono ou stéréo avec commandes droite/gauche indépendantes

Avis Clients

FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

Evaluation Globale

(455 avis)

J. Brown

11 mai 2021

BAM! It works.

It works great and feels just like the real thing.

E. Wells

4 mai 2021

Very Flexible Way To Get A FATSO

With the price of a Fatso why not try the plugin?
You'll be glad you did.
Love what it can do on a drum bus or even a master bus, flexible routing allows you to take off a little in multiple places or thrash hard in on place to fit what you are after.

Happy with this purchase for sure.

i. hill

2 mai 2021

Every track

I have a jr on almost every track. This plug makes anything sound “better”!!!!

L. Micha

19 avril 2021

Great Tool

I use it mainly for parallel bus processing, great for giving some warmth to vocals

M. Altieri

14 avril 2021


Simply Fantastic !!!

L. Leonard

29 mars 2021

Good for bass and kick!!

It is so good for bass and kick!!

R. Schüchel

29 mars 2021

Very good sounding!

Good distorted compression!

L. Martella

22 mars 2021

Great compressor

Great compressor,
I use it on the voice and a little bit on the whole. It is a plug in to buy absolutely.

. Adams

15 mars 2021

Buy this

Seriously. Just buy it. It sounds amazing on just about anything. I've been using it on a parallel drum bus (a'la Andrew Scheps) and on my 2mix as well and it really adds that weight we're all looking for. If I had more DSP available I'd probably be using it a lot more. Watch out for that Warmth circuit though, you keep pushing the button because man it feels good but suddenly it's wayyy too much.


24 janvier 2021

Lot of character

If you want to add character this is the one. One of my fave uad

R. Walsh

16 janvier 2021

Bass, Kick and Drum Buss

I do not claim to be the worlds greatest but I get closer to it with the Fatso. Its a Distressor that mated with a 2 inch tape machine. It is difficult to describe exactly what it does but it does it well. A semi steep learning curve is involved but once mastered it is the go to on the kick, bass and drum buss. Works well on snare, toms, guitar and horn sections also. But it is on the bass and kick it shines.

B. Sound

14 janvier 2021

Great but...

Awesome! One of the best plugin I've purchased from UAD.
But GUI is ridiculously tiny. Hope UAD makes revision soon.

C. Velandia

11 janvier 2021


I have been using the Distressor almost on a daily basis for the longest time and was always curious about this plugin. I'll start off by saying that the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars, is that the GUI can be a pain in the butt. It's a tiny plugin and in my big screens, I have to get close to the screen to see the parameters. That being said, the plugin sounds amazing. Beautiful rich sound.

b. zucchetti

9 janvier 2021

Excellent as the original hardware and everything of UAudio !

Where is the difference with Hardware ?? Woww ! ... Must to have !
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everything of UAudio!

J. Geary

9 janvier 2021

This dinosaur holds up

Crazy to think this guy is 11+ years old and still kills it. Incredible for taking the digital tops off of sounds and tucking a mix together. Id love to see UA throw this guy in the legacy bin and put a new rev out. im sure for the dsp this eats they could get much closer to the unit these days. At very least an update with a mix knob and headroom controls would be appreciated

A. Nabavi

8 décembre 2020

I'm an ADDICT !!!

Not much time that I've had bought this Amazing plugin, but you can consider me as an Addict :))
Nothing can do what it Does to a Parallel Drum buss. believe me... It's Awesome
Cant live without it anymore

T. Qumok

5 décembre 2020

Perfect for guitar busses

I AB’ed this thing against a lot of comps, this one won them all.
Love it.

E. Fossum

1 décembre 2020

Still my go to secret weapon

I'd be lying if I said this plug was not a driving factor in me finally upgrading to my Apollo. This has long been my go to for really driving out the dynamics on my drums and synths. If I need something to sharply cut through everything in a mix, when I need that wow factor I go for the Fatso.

A. Richardson

30 novembre 2020


At first I had to play around with it.. but after I figure some things out.. I threw it on my drums

N. Joy

12 novembre 2020

Very cool!

I have several wonderful saturation plugins from different companies, this one really has its own flavour, really sounds great on low end stuff like bass and kick, but I have loved it on vocals in some places.
Makes things more up front, I found it’s best to use sparingly, a little goes a long way! Fantastic stuff, I would like to get my hands on the hardware.