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Capitol Chambers

Evaluation Globale

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15 juin 2024

Game changer

Loved it!

G. Kellman

14 juin 2024

Power demands more Power

I was unable to run this plugin and the Avalon plugin in the same session as it requires more dsp than I currently have. So now I need to boost my dsp capabilities before I can get to really enjoy them working together. :(

E. Petersen

14 juin 2024

sounds fantastic

I just love it. it sounds fantastic!

片. 浩和

13 juin 2024



C. Klenk

11 juin 2024

I have Capitol Chambersw and Motown - Both are supurb- and bring character to your mix

I have a confession to make - I'm an old analog gal in a digital world. I "came of age" in an analog studio many years ago - from the mics the Neve analog desk, throughout the signal chain, to the 24 track Studers to the two track for the mix down. My signal chain is still as analog as I can make it. I RELY on UA to keep me true to that analog spirit. To have access to the Capitol chambers (and the Motown chambers (I grew up in Detroit during the Motown years)) is something that would have been impossible back in the day. But UA gives me that capability. I use them both on just about every mix (and the I also rely on the UA EMT 140 plate. ) The Capitol Chambers are smooth and bright and never muddy. Simply stated, UA is critical to my analog as possible - mix signal chain.

N. Grant

11 juin 2024

The Best

Best reverb plugin I've ever used. So easy to dial in great sounds

K. Filus

10 juin 2024

Fantastic Reverb

I thought that nothing would surprise me in the reverb category, but Capitol Chamber sounds beautiful and glues vocals and instruments together.

s. ayton

10 juin 2024


Points off because of the smoke and mirrors but points on because of the implementation. You can easily sample this using an impulse response sampler and some Mouse clicks but if you can get it discounted then might be worth your while. If you’re into beautiful tails and sustain then get the AkG BX20
Spring reverb or if you want a really interesting sound space, Hitsville should be 1st choice. Putting some EQ pre and post the send and returns make this more usable but a nice little effector.

B. Ganbayar

9 juin 2024

Must-have tool!

Yes2. For me it's my go-to chamber and maybe the best alternative to exotic convolution stuff or can be better depending on tracks!

C. Fregtman Peisner

3 juin 2024

La mejor Chamber & Reverb!!

He grabado en estudios profesionales del mejor nivel, desde los años 70, , conozco la sensación física de tocar en ellos, y este pluging replica totalmente la atmósfera de los grandes estudios de primera clase. Profundidad, sin exceso de brillo “barato”, adhiriendo armónicos al timbre sonoro, elevando el nivel de tu material (micrófonos , instrumentos, etc). Vintage sound “high class”!!

A. Verd

3 juin 2024

Really brings sense of space

"Ready to go" reverb on any track. Also plenty of adjustment possibilities. Since I got it I use it in every mix. It sounds deep and wide. I recommend.

T. Zick

2 juin 2024


There is a lot to unpack in this plug-in. Of course I went right to the Al Schmitt preset. Once I get comfortable with all this plug-in can do it will definitely be a go to for me on almost every mix.

M. Köpke

31 mai 2024

It is, what it is, and that is great

Some say, this is not "modern" sounding. Some say, this is not drastic enough. Some say, this is not ....whatever.
My Ears tell me, this is a great Reverb. Once, you learn, how to use it, it makes your instruments shine and breathe, as if they were recorded in well....Capitol CIty ;-)

K. Araki

29 mai 2024


I decided to purchase after watching a video post of my favorite teacher Michael White. As soon as I put it on my project, I found I made a right choice. This is not just a chamber reverb. I can feel the atmosphere from the past, which was the Golden Age of Recording.

M. Malavasi

27 mai 2024

Great reverb

I love this reverb, specially on voice. Great!

m. Sherman

20 mai 2024

Really Nice

Has made it on every mix since I got it. It’s fun to cycle through all the chambers and mics and suddenly “ah!”.

R. Johnson

15 mai 2024


Love it A++++

D. Louisin

15 mai 2024

The legendary sound to work in the box !

whether on wind instruments, guitars, percussion, and especially the voice ! it is a great tool to place and give an exeptionel dimmension to different sources in the mix ! you already know it, but you are on top of it !

B. Barr

14 mai 2024


Very sweet reverb with a lot of flexibility. Definitely captures the retro sound of these chambers in a very hi-fi way.

S. Clement

13 mai 2024


It has great depth and it’s become one of my go-to reverbs

1-20 sur 674 résultats

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