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Waterfall B3

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M. O'Flynn

1 février 2023

Waterfall B3 Organ

A good selection of presets, virtual microphone choices and their position. A convincing emulation.

c. maskell

29 janvier 2023


larger than life groovy. Loads of fun

R. Peterson

14 janvier 2023

Sounds like the real thing!

My new go to for virtual organs. Great presets for some instant inspiration.

J. Bru

12 janvier 2023


Muy realista e inspirador para la creatividad!!!! Lo recomiendo

F. Angelini

10 janvier 2023


Fantastic, truly real sound....I can't help but use it in all my productions!...highly recommended!

P. Jonsson

9 janvier 2023


Simply the best out there

T. Taivalaho

7 janvier 2023

Warm and vintage

Bought it for one song. I'm gonna use it another songs too. Best Hammond emulation

H. Petersson

4 janvier 2023

A mix ready B3 emulation

This is one of the best Hammond B3 emulations I've heard. I have compared it extensively to both the AcousticSamples B5 and IK Multimedias B-3x and it holds up really well.
It's a very simple plugin with few options compared to the other two I mentioned, but for what it does it works incredibly well. While the B-3x gives you the feeling of sitting in the room with a B3 this gives you a well recorded and balanced organ that is ready to be thrown into the mix with little effort, and there is so much value to that.
In contrast to many other B3 plugins there is no effects section between the organ and the speaker. I find it a bit strange since UA have many excellent effects that they could have just thrown in there. Like the TS9 for example. Instead they chose to make it possible to drive the amp a bit further than what is normal. This works and it allows for more simplicity, but more tonal options would have been nice, since they don't provide you with a separate Leslie plugin. The only option if you want put effects in between is to buy a third party Leslie emulation.
The Leslie emulation is really good however. It is not as wide and larger than life as the one from IK, but it sound like you would expect to sound a well miced Leslie to sound like on a record, which is what most people are looking for I think. A stereo option for the drum would have been nice though.
It is very shy in the bass register, but it's possible to bring up the bass with a shelf EQ without it getting muddy so it's not a big deal. The amount of bass is by the default what you would set it in a band mix.
It would also have been nice if you could turn the click volume up a bit as they can be a bit too subtle in some cases.

But all in all this is an excellent plugin. It is more tailored towards 70's rock/soul rather than jazz. It has a lot of energy to it and it will fit well into a mix.

I. Olander

2 janvier 2023

The ultimate B4

I didn’t expect to be impressed by yet another B4 plugin but this is seriously raised the bar even higher. Great presets too!

M. Avery

28 décembre 2022

Beautiful, natural sound

Amazingly vibey for a plugin. The only thing missing from a five star review is the ability to load just the Leslie on its own separately.

L. Spilger

24 décembre 2022


Best B3 emulation I know! Well curated and useful presets!

B. Dunn

20 décembre 2022

Better than expected

I say that not insinuating that universal audios products are not good…They are, but often times these emulations on the instrument side of things can fall a little short. The Ravel, for example, is a little too distant for my taste, but it’s not bad. However, This thing is really really good. I would recommend it highly.

L. Pauselli

9 décembre 2022

Fantastic B3

Simple, efficient and realistic!

U. Audio Account

9 décembre 2022

Una emulación perfecta!

Tengo un altavoz leslie original y la sensación de tocar con este órgano es la misma, muy conseguido!

J. Bostwick

3 décembre 2022


I'm not really an organ guy, but had a couple of coupons burning a hole in my account. This instrument is great. The promo videos don't do it justice, as it has so many more sounds than are showcased. Even if you consider something like this to be a niche effect, you'll find a home for at least one setting in your palette. Highly recommended.

f. white

24 novembre 2022

First ever effectively real Hammond

I have a Hammond. A very early BV. It’s very rough after all these years, having had all manner of its innards messed with. It still has its thing, but I often need the sound of a smooth, mid period Hammond, and I’ve tried three or four plug-ins before, none of which got anywhere near a convincing representation of the Leslie speaker. This one does. I’m probably using it three times as much as my real Hammond, because it sounds real. Anywhere between smooth and raucous. A very good instrument

D. Austin

1 octobre 2022

Best yet?

Having tried most software B3's (including years of playing the real thing) I would say that this, overall, is the best of them. Particularly of note is the Leslie simulator . I currently use a 'Ventilator" Leslie 122 pedal, which IMO is the best Leslie out there (apart from real ones!) but Waterfall runs a very close second to it.

My main gripe is the need for either an Ilok key or authorisation via Internet. I bought this to use live as well as in the studio. Ilok keys are disastrous on tour, they are easily damaged , and are the last thing you need hanging off already crowded USB ports on the Macbook Pro I use for gigs. I recently had to abandon Waterfal at soundcheck as the venue wi-fi was down. Please please UAD, can we have machine licensing as per my Synthogy Ivory Steinway, and other softwares?

The instrument itself is great, but beware --the CC numbers in the manual for midi control of the drawbars is out by 2. Upper manual drawbar one CC is 14 (and so on up),
not 12 , at least when using Korg Nano Kontrol. Well worth the sale price, a bargain in fact!

I. Ortiz

20 septembre 2022

Sounds amazing

k. jang

18 septembre 2022


The most realistic B3 simulation.

J. Day

18 septembre 2022



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