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Decades of soul, at your fingertips.

Waterfall B3 Organ is the world's most thorough emulation of the classic Hammond B3 organ and its companion Leslie 147 rotary speaker cabinet,* giving your music the same rich tone and three‑dimensional sound heard on decades of legendary albums.

*All trademarks are property of their respective owners, and used only to represent the instruments modeled as part of UAD Spark software.

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UAD Native
Fonctionne sur votre Mac ou PC sans le matériel d’UA.

Configuration système requise : les plug-ins UAD natifs fonctionnent sur macOS 10.15 Catalina ou une version ultérieure, ainsi que sur Windows 10 et 11. Consultez notre page d’aide dédiée pour connaître la configuration système requise.

  • Get the sound of a legendary 1958 tonewheel organ as heard on countless R&B, soul, rock, hip‑hop, and gospel hits
  • Experience the rich, three-dimensional whirl of a vintage 1974 rotary speaker cabinet
  • Tap into dreamy spring reverb and perfectly-placed vintage microphone setups
  • Stay inspired with over 70 expertly crafted presets giving you legendary organ sounds, instantly

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Get the Sound of an Authentic Organ, in your DAW

Get the Sound of an Authentic Organ, in your DAW

By emulating every last detail of this classic organ — including tube power amp saturation, transformer "pumping," and rich, upper-harmonic drawbar interactions — Waterfall B3 gives you album-ready sounds heard on countless R&B, soul, rock, hip-hop, and gospel hits.

Experience Immersive Rotary Speaker Sounds

Experience Immersive Rotary Speaker Sounds

Only Waterfall B3 gives you the three‑dimensional movement, speaker breakup, and full tonal range of the legendary "Type 147" rotary speaker cabinet, captured in all its glory using expertly placed vintage mic setups.

Get Hit-Making Organ Sounds Fast, with Presets

Get Hit-Making Organ Sounds Fast, with Presets

Waterfall B3 is the most "record-ready" organ emulation ever put into a DAW, giving you over 70 hand-crafted presets for album-ready results across every genre.

Key Features:

An exacting emulation of the iconic Hammond B3 organ and companion Leslie 147 rotary speaker cabinet*

Best-in-class physical and circuit modeling of entire tonewheel organ for unparalleled playing dynamics and realism

Complete three-dimensional emulation of a classic rotating speaker with perfectly positioned mono and stereo vintage mic setups

Over 70 "album-ready" presets for instant professional organ sounds for any genre

Onboard vintage spring reverb based on Accutronics tank

Authentically emulated tube power amp saturation

Keyboard Split functionality lets you play upper and lower manuals with a single MIDI controller

MIDI-mapped parameters give users hands-on, real-time control in the studio and on stage

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Waterfall B3

Evaluation Globale

(69 avis)

T. töteberg

28 mai 2023

sound great, but...cant play without internet????

no way...I didn't know that. really pissed I have to say

E. Daniels

11 avril 2023

Great organ except...

I actually love this organ and use it extensively. The biggest con for me is that It DOESN'T come with an iLok COMPUTER AUTHORIZTION. I have been on gigs and there's no internet or it goes out and there goes the organ...on the gig. My iLok is usually in my studio working on sessions. I ALWAYS HAVE TO have other plug-in organs in my performance laptop rig as backup. None of them require this silliness. Other than that huge thing, it's a great organ.

W. Kamel

5 avril 2023

UA Waterfall B3


R. Yuen

4 avril 2023

Quite nice

There are a lot of B3 plugins out there. Apple has a built-in one in Logic Pro, I also have Arturia's Hammond. I also used to play a real B3 with a Leslie 147. This waterfall B3 is a little different, not better but just different, in a nice way. Have to play with it more to learn more but so far I like it. Not the best out there but definitely usable.

H. vander Meulen

1 avril 2023

Do I need more hardware?

Hi, I have a Yamaha Clavinova keyboard connected to a Apollo Twin.
I purchased the Waterfall B3 Organ plugin.
I want to play my keyboard with the sounds of the plugin.
Do I need more hardware ? I can't make them communicate. The plugin only works with te mouse.
Please help. greetings, Henk

T. Rogers

29 mars 2023

Gorgeous sounding organ

Complete with the preset keys on the far left of each keyboard, this is exactly what I've been hoping for since hearing Brain Auger and The Oblivion Express a few years ago. WAAAY cheaper than buying an actual B3, I can use my own keyboard like the OG now! Goes really well with an audio field widener as a second plugin, just saying, but the Leslie box microphone placement options are a hidden delight. Love your work!

P. Damerau

28 mars 2023

iLok - UAD fooled me - last time you get my money!

UAD doesn´t allow to put iLok licenses on the (offline) computer.
My last iLok USB Dongle died for an unknown reason and I will NEVER trust this little **** again. Feeling so fooled by you UAD! Cheap move.

D. McEnroe

25 mars 2023

Deep waters

I have only scratched the surface, but it is quite clear that the amount of fine tuning you allow is excellent. The sound is deep and powerful, and reminds me of the days when I was lucky enough to hear a Hammond/Leslie only a few feet away from me on the stage. Add to that the huge amount of Hammond presence in so much of my favorite music, and I feel very comfortable in these deep waters!!!

A. Saly

23 mars 2023

Very good emulation, but lacks seperate rotary audio fx

Very good B3 emulation with a very authentic sound, but it lacks a seperate rotary audio effects plugin. The Rotary must be purchased seperately, which is a bloody shame. So at least sell the Rotary at a substantial discount to owners of Waterfall B3

N. Smith

21 mars 2023

Most accurate b3 and sound yet!!

I am blown away!! I work out of Malaco studios a lot where they have two vintage b3s and a vintage 122 Leslie and have had the pleasure of recording many different b3s, c3s and other great organs. This is the closest I’ve heard a software get to the authentic sound of those classic organs. I’ve been using the NI Komplete b3 and some nord patches recently in my own studio for ease and speed but this one has blown them out of the water. UA strikes again!

H. Alfred

9 mars 2023

Great sound.

I'd written a 3 star review (that somehow did not appear), basing it on the notes hanging up. Turns out to be not the fault of the plug-in but my garbage midi-usb cable - those $15 jobs.
Seems to happen only when I plug in and enable BOTH the IN and Out plugs and go for polyphony. This all stopped occurring with a dedicated MIDI-USB box. It reoccurs again only when I use the cheap cable. The GUI and the sounds from this emulation are great and I'll buy it when on sale AND I have a coupon but admittedly is a tough choice as I don't really need it. My keyboard/synth has convincing built in sounds and I also have two great Leslie pedals. But still, this is too nice to not have for when that 60lb keyboard isn't with me.

A. Rosario

5 mars 2023


You can get so many rich and different sounds.

P. Morelli

28 février 2023


Suono molto realistico. ottima fattura . Semplice da usare. Consigliato

A. Ross

23 février 2023

A "must have" Instrument

What a joy this is to hear on my tracks. It's so close to the real thing and soooo much more convenient to use.

My only gripe is that the Leslie cannot be instanced as a plugin by itself.

K. Mahone

11 février 2023's almost...too perfect...

I have tried many virtual organs since 2009, and this is one of the best ones I've ever played. No frills, no extras...and it sounds like some of the organs I've played in churches over the years. The only gripe I have is that I either need a Spark subscription (which I currently have) or a UA interface to use it (which I don't understand seeing as it doesn't use alot of RAM, and I already have a good interface). If ya'll could make this useable without a UA interface, I would buy this IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! Or, maybe I'll just buy UA interface...but I need this organ to remain in my arsenal!!!!!

M. O'Flynn

1 février 2023

Waterfall B3 Organ

A good selection of presets, virtual microphone choices and their position. A convincing emulation.

c. maskell

29 janvier 2023


larger than life groovy. Loads of fun

R. Peterson

14 janvier 2023

Sounds like the real thing!

My new go to for virtual organs. Great presets for some instant inspiration.

J. Bru

12 janvier 2023


Muy realista e inspirador para la creatividad!!!! Lo recomiendo

F. Angelini

10 janvier 2023


Fantastic, truly real sound....I can't help but use it in all my productions!...highly recommended!