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Studio D Chorus

Evaluation Globale

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M. Obuchowicz

10 décembre 2023

Vintage signature sound. Only.

Either it does the job, or not. Sounds very vintage, has almost no controls and rarely gets used. Got is as part of the bundle, not finding it useful at all

F. Hasan

1 décembre 2023

Loves this plugin!

once again thank you UA!

J. Romero

16 novembre 2023

Very classic

I love the depth and dimensionality that its chorus effect produces.

Very analogous and very classic.

O. Pedersen

13 novembre 2023


Great emulation of a studio classic!

R. Tulloch

13 novembre 2023

Not too over powering and not too gentle

This Chorus has to be the best I've tried others but the UAD S audio D chorus does wonders

C. Duru

7 novembre 2023

Gets the job done

Nice and easy was to get wide effects, with rich color but transparent quality sound. Like the fact yu can combine different settings. And the price is right.

J. Callahan

31 octobre 2023

Outstanding sound quality

I realized just how good this plugin sounds when I tried it after the Arturia version (which sounds great) and was blown away.

A. Jarre

28 octobre 2023

Just the best Dimension D you could have in the box

The title says it. There is no need to have anything else to get that famous chorus sound.

C. Doud

19 octobre 2023

May not be for every day use, but when you need it—you need it!

Like that under the counter faucet wrench you have in your toolbox in the garage, you may not need this plug-in every day … but when you need it, it is the best for that ‘particular’ job.

C. Walton

8 octobre 2023

Studio quality chorus and great for adding width!

This is a brilliant sounding plugin. I use it on clean/overdrive guitars to add depth. I also use this on an all vocals bus and automate it to add width to different sections within a song. I figured if it works for Michael Brauer, it'd work for me! I wasn't wrong.

J. Frýbert

27 septembre 2023


Great sounding chorus, I like to add it to vocals and back vocals. He can give every track amazing space.

P. Rogosky

26 septembre 2023

Love it!

Great for adding depth and dimension to my tracks. Used it on bgvs and lead vocals. Really great!!

S. Lontano

19 septembre 2023

Width for your synths

If my synths sounds a bit sterile and mono this chorus is always the best solution

P. Lambert

12 septembre 2023

Lacks functionality

Sounds good but lacks some basic functionality. Why have they not added a wet/dry knob like other competing brands such as Arturia? For example instead of just being able to insert on a lead vocal you need to send it to an aux and once you turn up the chorus it swallows your other ambience auxs. would be much simpler to insert on your track and blend to taste. Get with the times uad.

m. pozzi

29 août 2023



A. Rosell

13 août 2023

Easy to use and sounds fab

My fast go to chorus, sounds analog and works really great on a lot of stuff!

C. Mcintosh

27 juillet 2023

Good.....but could be better

The Studio Chorus D sounds good, width, depth etc are acceptable but I feel UA could of done better, especially compared to the competition from Arturia which sounds much wider, fuller and gives alot more flexibility. I hold UA in high esteem in the software market, so hopefully they can take this as a challenge, make a revision of the dimension d and elevate this product beyond its competitors reach! Overall good job, but room for improvement!

S. Psalmon

27 juillet 2023


gg wp

G. Merino

19 juillet 2023

Simple and effective

when I bought this plugin I didn't imagine that I would use it so much. Super useful to add depth, dimension to any source.
For me is amazing using it in a subtle way, so I need to put it in auxiliary send track because it doesn’t have a mix knob. That’s why I’m only giving it 4 stars.

U. Juhl

19 juillet 2023

Good sound

Use it for analog widening.
And to give a sense of room without a reverb plugin.

1-20 sur 257 résultats

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