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Studio D Chorus

Evaluation Globale

61-80 sur 278 résultats

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D. sutherland

6 avril 2023


I'm very happy with this product

d. wiederhoeft

9 mars 2023

the best you can do to your tracks, try the demo !

took me some time to decide to get this one, got the demo, checked it out -and we’ll, won’t miss it anymore. So bought it. It makes an even phantistc sounding dry synth come alive, the effect is widen the signal and also to make bass sounds more compatible with small speaker systems. Same with other signals. Very well done clone off the original I‘ve used on several productions back in the 80th. Great job UA !

c. rosario

8 mars 2023


Nice to have this sound again

E. Perdomo

25 février 2023

Brilliant Plugin!

Just load it up boom. That's it! You have set yourself for a treat. Highly recommended!!!

A. Goncharov

22 février 2023

Time saver

As with other UAD plugins I've used, this one gives instant results with minimum efforts. It also sounds good on almost everything I've tried it on, from piano to drums, from background vocals to strings group. It widens the sound in a very pleasant way and lets other tracks come through without conflicting or overlapping. Sometimes you may find that you don't need to use any other plugin on top of Studio D Chorus (including compression, EQ etc.) because your track already sounds great.

A. Bonilla

14 janvier 2023

Favorite Chorus

After owning several “Chorus” plugins, I believe I’ve finally found The ONE. It adds a non-digital, analog character to my sounds and vocals.

F. Verjux

13 janvier 2023

Give dimension to synths

It gives a nice depth to my old accès virus b pad sounds.

J. Deschenes

9 janvier 2023

Studio D-licious

This fills my bucket. Everything old is new again, and it sounds as fresh as the day it came out 40+ years ago.

M. Ramos Jiménez

8 janvier 2023

My favourite chorus.

It works great for getting a bigger sound on background vocals.

K. Dobracki

5 janvier 2023

Wide :)

Very wide clear sound.

K. Nungesser

5 janvier 2023

Amazingly useful

The only invisible chorus I know. Fits easily into any mix, removes sharpness und broadens the stereo image in elegant ways. Only downer is the original designfidelity - I would have liked a dry/wet-control. Still, all in all an underrated gem.


23 décembre 2022

The best modulation plugin

Use this on setting 3 for vocals on a bus, and by far my favourite choice of modulation!

U. Audio Account

23 décembre 2022

Great in 80s acoustics

Makes a diferencie!

A. Gorobets

11 décembre 2022

Nice one.

Just use it on your voices.


29 novembre 2022

Has UAD removed the Roland Dimension D plugin for this?

I demoed the Roland Dimension D a month or so ago and absolutely loved it. Super authentic to its vintage gear version. After my demo expired, I clicked the shopping cart to buy it, but was redirected to this. Not only that, I can't find Dimension D anywhere on the site. The Dimension D plugin hasn't been removed from the current collection, but there seems to be no way to purchase it without be directed here. I fully agree with another reviewer — this is obviously not the same. If this is actually replacing the Roland plugin, I will be very upset. UAD: Please address this issue.

W. Krol

14 novembre 2022


So magical

A. Viktorovich

14 novembre 2022

Well.Simple and sounds!

Simple and sounds!

T. Hışır

26 octobre 2022

Great definition, not many options

Could have been made with different modulation options but still solid

D. Ryan

15 octobre 2022

Gives Dimension!

Not sure what's not to love with the SD chorus. It widens everything. I know there's all sorts of methods to do this now days, but this is a beautiful time tested sound. Plugin nails the sounds.

C. George

16 septembre 2022

Killer Plugin for Producing Rock and Metal

This is a magical plugin when I am producing rock and metal songs. It adds depth and creativity to my rock and metal productions by adding subtle shifts of the vocal, guitar or keyboard tone and width. Love that it's dirt cheap too!

61-80 sur 278 résultats