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Studio D Chorus

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E. Corneliussen

25 décembre 2021

Nice one

Having used Waves version for some time, I finally got to buying the UAD one. And what a difference! Way more subtle and elegant, but even more effective.

D. Keller

20 décembre 2021


Sounds awesome !

M. Farina

19 décembre 2021


passing my chords into this processor my mix comes moere dimensional

c. maskell

10 décembre 2021


Just what I needed to add in parallel with a lead vocal.

J. Neves

8 décembre 2021

Found it!

Been looking for this plugin all my life.....finally found it!

M. Bilderbach

15 novembre 2021

Um, hello gorgeous!!!

the moment I tried this plugin, was the moment I knew I needed it, This thing is so incredible, and totally puts me in a different head space. It is so LUSH, thats kinda the only way I could describe it. its perfect. I am not a huge chorus guy but when you just need a little "specialness' it seems to be just what is needed. Stoked!!!!

P. Räisänen

23 octobre 2021

Best chorus

Good design and amazing sound. Recommended!


28 septembre 2021


Best chorus PU in the game


28 septembre 2021


Best chorus PU in the game


28 septembre 2021


Best chorus PU in the game

R. Schaller

19 septembre 2021

Like the original

The Studio D Chorus is perfekt for guitars like The Cure, for the bass like The Cure and Vocals like The Cure. Love it.

J. Guimarães

14 septembre 2021

big chorus

D Chorus is a very interestin' plugin, due to its sound dimension.

P. Hoier

23 août 2021

Lovely expansion.

What can I say? As always it's better than the others. Can't compare it to the real thing, but it's the way this one sits in the mix. As with a lot of UAD things. Try it on real mixes, and you figure out it just works. It blends, it "lives", it's not too much, It's not "all over the place". It's where it should be.

And it's not even new. Something must have been done right, years ago.

A. Vitaliano

21 août 2021

Great emulation of the real thing

It's a really impressive emulation of the real machine, even the controls are exactly the same. Would have loved just a dry/wet knob, but not a big issue, there are workarounds to go for it

E. Ananda

15 juillet 2021

Great Sauce!

Lovely feel on almost everything I put it on. Adds width and a nice small amount of chorus that is not too obvious. If you want just that tiny bit of sauce to make it interesting.

P. Record

11 juin 2021


Always in my mixes

B. Wakefield

21 mai 2021


Amazing plugin, love it! Can't wait for the next sale so I can buy some more delicious UAD stuff

A. Geiss

13 mai 2021

Ex Dimension

Sorry to say so, but the old Verdion of the plugin sounded much better in my opinion.

T. Burlingame

12 mai 2021

Pixie Dust

I add it to my synth bus, piano bus, etc., and it adds that subtle extra magic ingredient and vibe that breathes more life into the tracks.

H. Mahdavian

4 mai 2021


One of the best and most colorful plug-ins of universal audio. I always use this plug-in in my mixes and it’s incredible on my instruments: Tar, Setar and Oud (Iranian Instruments)

61-80 sur 247 résultats