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Opal Morphing Synthesizer

Evaluation Globale

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S. Nilsen

27 mai 2023

How to turn off LFO?

It’s the perfect wavetable synth, but can’t find out how to turn off the LFO?
Love the analog patches:)

I. Bandera

15 avril 2023


Veramente bello.
Un synth da avere

P. Jonsson

13 avril 2023


I like it very much

D. Minami

10 avril 2023

Good sound

Nice sound!

J. Eggers

3 avril 2023

Great Sounds and Unique Features

I've been using this for a few weeks, and I have started to get a feel for it. Some of the morphing sounds I've created sound like nothing I've done with other VSTs, so I'm happy with the purchase. I anticipate using it regularly. The morphing filters make for some great movement in pads/drones especially, although this synth can do other categories of sounds as well.

G. Nikolay

3 avril 2023

Best Synth

Great synthesizer, I like its sound, modulation matrix. I love to use it in my tracks and in the tracks of my clients. The perfect synth for electronic dance music.

T. Long

1 avril 2023

It’s fUn!

That’s how I see it! It’s a very fun and great sounding synth that I’ve used on a number of projects and as recently as the day I’m writing this review. Tried the demo and was hooked.
Nice one.

M. Sottilaro

30 mars 2023

Premium sound but could use a bit of polish.

First thing you notice when you start playing with Opal is how high quality the sound is. All of it. The oscillators, filters, effects, they’re all top notch. Nothing to complain about.

That said, it’s lacking some modern features that put it a step down from software instruments like Serum. No MPE support, no polyphonic aftertouch support. The interface is clunky and seems to have you clicking through tabs when a simple right-click assignment would be better. Double clicking doesn’t reset par. It looks good, but needs some UX love. No way to use oscillators to modulate the filter.

So, it was an instant buy for me, because few software instruments get distortion right, and Opal nails it. I just wish they’d add a few basic functions that are common in their competition.

A. Selzler

29 mars 2023


Super easy to program synth. Sounds great! Lots of options and built in effects are superb

H. G

27 mars 2023

I was honestly expecting more

I so wanted to give a better rating but gotta be real to my reality. I thought this would be revolutionary, but it was not, unfortunately. Opal is not easy to find presets while you are moving creatively thru a song and need a fast preset on the go. If you take the time before hand to shape and design your sounds, you should be fine though. For me as a songwriter when I think of a sound to fit the song and I need it to be there within 2 clicks. As a producer it can really kill the vibe to be scrolling thru all presets to find what the artist is looking for. Somehow I'm still not convinced this is a UA product but I'll keep giving it a chance on Spark until it changes my mind!

D. Gilden

24 mars 2023

Opal a dream synth that is deep!

I got the Opal synth at the end of 2022 on a lark, wasn't sure If I would like it.
However this is serious synth and I do love it! Can't wait for new features to be added as
it only at version 1.x

Z. Abresch

17 février 2023

Good sounding synth but has a lot going on

I don't use this much but it has some fantastic pad sounds. The interface is a bit daunting and the presets are a bit all over the place but there are good starting points. 4 oscillators gives you lots of runway for sound design too.

D. Gilden

15 février 2023

Opal, What A Gem

What a treasure, this synth is deep!

s. nomura

26 janvier 2023

beyond any words

One of the best synthesizer Morphing make anything in japanese call Yugen

A. Portillo

17 janvier 2023

Simple and still powerful

I like simplicity! Having a basic understanding About synthesis, you should be able able to make great and useful sounds. Buy it!

T. Salt

14 janvier 2023

Fell in love with three

1st purchased the Ravel piano. Definitely blown away. Opal & Polymax purchased at end of Dec. Glad I did, as super sounds & very easy to use. Songwriters tool kit.

V. József

6 janvier 2023

The sound design is with you.

Unusual hybrid synthesis, ingenious sonic possibilities, impressive filter unit, quality effects section.

A. Bertók

4 janvier 2023

Great synthesizer!

Cool synth. Very easy to use and sounds awesome.

V. German

2 janvier 2023

Great synthesizer!

Cool instrument, interesting presets, easy to manipulate. Very clear sound. Thanks UAD!

J. Maasakkers

1 janvier 2023

Opal-Good sounding synth!

Straightforward user interface and can easily and quickly navigate around and get some great sounds.

1-20 sur 40 résultats

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