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  • 4.6/5
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Our infinite, larger-than-life synth that always sounds like a record.

Opal is our epic-sounding flagship synth that's perfect for producers, sound designers, and musicians. This analog-meets-wavetable synth gives you huge-sounding morphing filters and powerful UA effects — yet always keeps you close to album-ready sounds, no matter how deep you explore.

Versions incluses

UAD Native
Fonctionne sur votre Mac ou PC sans le matériel d’UA.

Configuration système requise : les plug-ins UAD natifs fonctionnent sur macOS 10.15 Catalina ou une version ultérieure, ainsi que sur Windows 10 et 11. Consultez notre page d’aide dédiée pour connaître la configuration système requise.

  • Get giant, inspiring sounds from the world's best-sounding analog‑meets‑wavetable super synth
  • Use morphing filters, oscillators, LFOs, and noise to unlock new creative paths
  • Add studio-quality UA effects like vintage spring reverb, tape delay, modulation, and authentic 1176 compression
  • Go deep into synthesis without getting lost, thanks to impeccably crafted presets

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Fire Up a Super Synth

Fire Up a Super Synth

Opal's unique analog-meets-wavetable synth engine lets you create epic sounds and craft songs within minutes. With morphing filters, oscillators, LFOs, and noise, Opal is a modern soundscape maker with deep analog roots.

Create with World-Class UA Effects

Create with World-Class UA Effects

With onboard studio-quality UA effects like ambience and vintage spring reverbs, tape delay, modulation, and authentic 1176 audio compression, Opal makes any production fuller, and more professional sounding.

Find Inspiration Fast with Album‑Ready Presets

Find Inspiration Fast with Album‑Ready Presets

Get just the right sound using Opal's gorgeous presets, lovingly crafted by the synth geeks deep within the halls of UA. Curated for fast use across genres, Opal's presets ensure you'll capture inspiration the moment it strikes.

Avis clients

Opal Morphing Synthesizer

Evaluation Globale


U. W

7 avril 2024

Opal Morphing Synthesizer

A wonderful plugin. Sections "Header", "Display" and "Panel", which display the signal flow in a clear order from left to right, while important controls are always displayed in the "Panel" section, so more time is left to create interesting sounds and less time is spent exploring the menu.

P. Bondy

9 mars 2024

Now my go to synth.

A very flexible and great sounding synth plugin. The audio quality is second to none. The range of beautiful sounds it can produce, their dynamism and their usefulness is excellent.

But I’d like to send a real congratulations to the designers of the user interface. Such a clean and smart design that allows very quick and easy access to so many features both without clutter and without diving into a multitude of menus and submenus. A programmers dream or if you want to quickly adjust presets to work perfectly in your track that is a breeze too.

This synth will definitely find its way onto every song I write. I’ve added it to my new song template.

A. Shell

17 janvier 2024

Opal Morphing Synthesizer

very cool and powerful
thank you !

H. Fivelsdal

16 janvier 2024

Great Synth

Nice sound from just the presets. I am looking forward to tweaking the settings and combining it with the Mini Moog. Easy to use interface. As usual fine quality from UAD.

P. Beullens

16 janvier 2024

Love it more day by day

Can do various synth styles with ease. Find it easy to generate good sounds that sit well in the mix. Morphs well with others... just beautiful.

n. else

15 janvier 2024

Opal Morphing Synthesizer

Very impressed with the understated unit. Was previously impressed with the presets of the Polymax and decided to take the plunge during the holiday season. Like what I hear so far


15 janvier 2024

Opal Morphing Synthesizer

Loud / Clear / Versatile...comparing to an another virtual synth company from France, UAD Opal has no artefact and no noise in its sounds.

S. Walles

11 janvier 2024

Analog Fat!

Love this synth! Great when you get under the hood FX-wise. Can get some real analog grit out of this one! Knocks most softsynths for 6!

Z. Netz

5 janvier 2024

Versatile, easy, big sound, excellent presets

It’s the most straightforward wavetable/VA synth with excellent sound quality and filters. It feels like hardware, so very easy to program, packed with a lot of features, and has thick sound and immediately usable presets. The best balance between versatility and usability, if you want a synth with very good presets but also the easiest workflow for sound design, you found it.


5 janvier 2024

Opal Morphing Synthesizer

That synth has the dynamic and versatility with rich texture that can be tweaked with "no limits".

F. Mateos

30 décembre 2023

Increíblemente versátil

Como todos los productos de UA, no deja de sorprender la calidad de sonido que ofrece Opal, la facilidad de uso es una de las cosas que encuentro maravillosa, simplemente calidad asegurada! Muchas gracias UA!

L. Kagenaar

27 décembre 2023

Smooth sailing

Smooth sailing the waves is guaranteed with this wavetable morphing synthesizer, recommended !

E. Reynolds

13 décembre 2023

Opal Morphing Synthesizer — Rich noise generators

UA nailed this synth. I was shocked by the oscillators and how good the filters were. The wave tables are top notch and the modulation, mod matrix, and visual cues provide excellent workflow while designing patches. For this price you get something that sounds like a dedicated hardware unit! Rich and powerful tones plus good depth of configuration. You can even get musicality from the resonance filter and fold square waves. I love it. Perfect for EDM and sound design. The effects are remarkable and of quality— very well designed.

G. Lion

28 novembre 2023

Simply Beautiful

Be warned, if you install this you're writing off the weekend! You won't want to leave it alone. The word "lush" occurred to me most often. It's pretty much everything in an analogue-esque synth you could want with the "morphing" front and centre. If you need some superior leads/poly as well as GORGEOUS pads this has got what you're after in spades. Excellent piece of software.

j. briere

18 novembre 2023

total rave synth

super sounding rave synth, dark sounds , powerfull morphing bass noises

s. bosewicht

14 novembre 2023

Triple awesome sonic deliciousness

I own almost every decent software synth out there and Opal is as legit as can be. Luscious complex sounds that are captivating. Just scratching the surface of all this synth can do.

I. Kumpel

9 novembre 2023

Top synthesizer.

Top synthesizer. Above all praise.


15 octobre 2023

Possibilities and a great sound

There is depths to exploring the sound, and the sound itself is high quality. Presets show what it is capable of and it is alot, though it will benefit from QOL updates.

W. Manke

15 septembre 2023


Great Filters! Amazing OSC. Superb effects. BUT....
It's the interface that is what makes Opal stand out. It's so easy to morph from sound to sound and make big changes. And not only hear but SEE the changes you are making. That's how I want to learn about wavetable synthesis. The wavetable sounds themselves are very inspiring, and mixed with the "analog" filter getting great sounds is a snap. This is a perfect pairing with my Prophet 10 and JX synths. The way the UX is designed I don't miss having knobs to tweak, and I love getting to dive into the secondary menus. I'm starting to mess with the matrix and it feels decently easy to navigate to add life to performances. Not just a techno machine like the video, its a great basic to very advanced synth. It makes the speakers jump and its the best synth purchase you will ever make.

J. khan

14 septembre 2023

Phat sounding synth!

Absolutely Phat sounding synth! Blown away by the quality of this plugin. Sounds real. Put a 1073 after it and an 1176 and have an eargasm