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Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Evaluation Globale

81-100 sur 298 résultats

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M. Jungbluth

3 mai 2019

Sehr gute Emulation eines Klassikers

Das Plugin verhält sich wie ein Amp. Mann findet im Netz viele Vergleichstests und das Plugin kommt einfach verdammt nah ran. Als nächstes probiere ich den Ox, da ich so auch meine Sammlung Boutiquepedale zum Einsatz bringen kann...

W. Abd Alrhman

1 mai 2019


Best amp-simulation

P. O'Connor

25 avril 2019

Great sounding guitar amp sim

Out of all the UAD guitar sims this is easily my favourite and the best one for getting a clean guitar sound. Also does a nice bluesy overdrive. Also very nice too have the plugin included for free with the Apollo Twin.

N. Zabic

21 avril 2019

Backdoor studio

Sound like original !! Very smooth and warmth tube tone !!

O. Smari

18 avril 2019

Very, very good!

Sounds amazing!

D. Pronin

17 avril 2019

Thank you for Plexi

The sound is beyond praise, thanks!

C. Lafrenière

16 avril 2019

totally blown away!! Wow!!

This is the impressive, I'm amazed by the sound of this plugin. I plugged both of my guitars, my American Telecaster and my Gibson SG in it, and it's amazing!! Those tones and textures, bluesy and creamy, simply Wonderfull !!

D. Sposato

13 avril 2019

Sounds Just like the real thing

I couldn't believe my ears when I used this with my gibson les paul classic. This is an amazing plugin that is a must have for all collections. I made a recording with this plugin in Reason 10 and you would never be able to tell I used a plugin and not the real amp. This amp is a classic and it's tone cannot be beat. I highly recommend purchasing this plugin for all around amazing sound.

J. Grover

27 mars 2019

Inspiring when plugging in a DI guitar!

Easy to get a realistic sound, just plug in and it sounds right, like a real mic'd marshall. I normally have to EQ a lot afterwards using other amp sims, but with this on the last track i did, i literally recorded them into the song on the default patch (using the guitar volume knob and pickup selector to modify tone between each guitar layer i tracked) adn in the final mix theyre untouched, just as i recorded them... that's never happened before!

R. Paris

18 mars 2019

Marshall Plexi rocks real time

I'm very impressed by this Marshall Plexi 1959 emulation on Apollo Twin MK II QUAD !
This emulation certainly performs as well the various hardware emulations that i also own. Highly recommended

W. Abd Alrhman

15 mars 2019

Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Amazing sound

S. Bakas

13 mars 2019

One of the best amp sims to date!!!

Great sound, unison works amazingly and very close to the real deal!!!

J. Davies

9 mars 2019

Sounds like a JMP

I own a 1970 JMP 100-watt and I like this Marshall SL1959 even if it does not have the sound of held notes and chords blooming with volume and feedback like the amp is alive. I will say the surface tone of the SL1959 is authentic especially working with three mic pairs to further dial in the tone. As far as plugins go, this one is good.

R. Goins

2 mars 2019

Very nice.

Wasn't too sure about this one until I starting using an overdrive pedal with it. Then wow! It really cane to life. Thank you UA!

J. Lidholm

2 mars 2019

Big guitars

Great sounding plug in! Easy to work with and many tonal variations available! Love it


23 février 2019



R. Fracasse

23 février 2019

In a class all its own

I've played through many amps that claim to be a clone of this amp but none sound quite like this amp sim.

A. Diederich

22 février 2019

Definitely one of the major tones in your head

Classic tones that feel right. I’m loving this.

V. Gashnikov

17 février 2019

Great plugin

Great emulation plugin. Love the sound of it, making me think of selling the real one.

V. Gashnikov

17 février 2019

Great plugin

Great emulation plugin. Love the sound of it, making me think of selling the real one.

81-100 sur 298 résultats