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Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

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S. Davis

9 février 2021

Great addition

I used this plugin as an amp for a fractal guitar session and it was fantastic. It gave the guitar a fully heavy tone.

I. Corradini

7 février 2021

great buy!

absolutely a must have for anyone who plays guitar with unison plugins.
I was able to grab it with a discount coupon...for me a great buy.
I have thus enriched my possibilities

A. Nielsen

30 janvier 2021

Exactly What I Needed

I plugged in my Les Paul and It took me no time at all to dial in one of my favorite recorded guitar sounds I had gotten out of my gear. ES-125? Same thing. To anyone that called this "unmusical," I can say that that is not my experience at all.

J. Slavin

25 janvier 2021

Another really nice amp

I have a helix, and the UAD didn’t let me down
Sounds great, when up against quality competition

b. zucchetti

9 janvier 2021

Excellent as the original hardware and everything of UAudio !

Legendary.... Must to have !
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everything of UAudio!

W. Schurat

16 décembre 2020

It is really that typical sound

This is the big M sound that we love so much.


13 décembre 2020

Great Emulation

This is the greatest Marshall emulation I ever heard.

S. Shaw

10 décembre 2020

Clearly there's room for improvement

A cool emulation, but not usable for mission critical places. The sustain is nailed in but the attack is disturbing where it lacks realism, dynamics and punch. Good for padding things up or mixed with other UAD effects, but unmusical and not playable on its own. Can I say it a geeky amp sim?

A. Nabavi

8 décembre 2020

Classic Vibe + 3d Micing

I'm in love with Classic Rock and the Golden age of 70s 80s Music. I haven't heard any emulation as precise as this amp for those amazing tones. and the perfect 3 Mic feature that allows me to capture the tone of this amp in multi dimension.

N. Bryce

17 octobre 2020

Perfect in your mix!’

I compared one of my songs using this amp vs Bias and this amp was 100% better, I rather have one good amp then lots of toys, Marshall Plexi is awesome in your mix!!

N. Bryce

16 octobre 2020

Super fun plugin!

I have never played through the real amp but playing and recording with this plug-in is amazing! I love all the sounds and you’ll definitely record some songs with it!’

E. Jegu

10 octobre 2020

Marshal Plexi Super Lead 1959

Good amp with Unison ! :)


3 octobre 2020



G. Balistreri

14 septembre 2020



J. Barton

19 août 2020

An Amp

It's a pretty good emulation with a good room mic and two up close to pan! The ghost notes and the squeak is pretty cool! Original sounds only on this amp!

B. Zhang

7 août 2020



K. Boaten

18 mai 2020

Great sound

Great amp plugin. I was looking for a great sound to compliment my 1970s Fender Strat and my Gibson Les Paul. Great sound on both guitars. I love this plugin. You won’t be disappointed

K. Boaten

15 mai 2020


Softube deliver as usual. Amazing sound and very intuitive how you can control mic distance on the cab. Very impressed. you won't be disappointed.

U. Gerstenmeyer

13 mars 2020

Great Stuff!!

Great Stuff!

D. Puzia

2 mars 2020

The Best!

I have been using amp simps now for about ten years, even owned a Marshall JCM 800 stack. This is amazing how it captures every aspect of the tones! It is the best that I have come across! Great Job!

21-40 sur 298 résultats