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Manley Tube Preamp

Evaluation Globale

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S. bagman

5 mars 2024

The necessary plugin

In conjunction with Manley plugins sounds very good

G. Smith

26 février 2024

Very smooth sound!

This has a smooth top similar to the 1073. Very nice and easy to get the vibe right!

I. Nandha

21 février 2024

Loving the sound

As a mic reviewer having the Manley Tube Preamp has been amazing, running even budget friendly mics sound great with this and for the price zero complaints.

S. Studio

12 février 2024

Best sound

Best Premic

K. Qafoku

29 janvier 2024



K. Qafoku

29 janvier 2024



J. Ranes

15 janvier 2024

A 10

Clean and crisp. Stoked I bought it.

B. McCallum

11 janvier 2024

Make a Manley out of you

Pretty accurate approximation in plugin form for a great price!

E. Flythe

9 janvier 2024

Bigger and better

My first UAD plugins. And I racked up on the holiday sales. A perfect time to step my game up. UAD is definitely a game changer, not to mention LUNA .

J. Avera

4 janvier 2024

Sounds Great!

Nice Break from the same ole 1073 and really sounded sweet!

k. gregory

3 janvier 2024

awesome :)

great !!!

J. Avera

3 janvier 2024

Sweet and Rich

I love tracking through this thang!!

D. Faggiolino

2 janvier 2024


nice warm preamp. a must have!

J. Coomes

31 décembre 2023

Secret weapon

This preamp adds warmth and saturation to vocals, bass, drums and whatever else you want to use it on.

F. Mateos

30 décembre 2023

Máxima warm in Vocals

It's amazing how natural and warm can a voice sound, extremely recommended! Universal Audio quality is outstanding! Thanks UA!

P. Falcao

18 décembre 2023


I like the colour of this plugins . It's just what I need sometimes on the strings to make them softer and more present

b. bruno

16 décembre 2023

big problem

I buy this plug-in and it never will be authorise ! I don't know what to do ? Never buy another UA plug-in ?

m. birchett

10 décembre 2023


This pre amp is just what I needed

S. Echevarria

9 décembre 2023

Audible difference.

This makes me feel like I have all new mics. Nice character change.

G. Josset

8 décembre 2023


Ce Manley est devenu totalement indispensable à ma production.
Même en retournant le problème dans tous les sens, il me manquait ce truc que je n'arrivais pas à obtenir, il y a quelque chose de magique ici !!

1-20 sur 183 résultats

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