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Manley Tube Preamp

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B. Thomas

21 décembre 2022

Instant analog bliss

This preamp turns my Apollo Solo into a pro front end for my tracking. What's not to like? The smoothness, the detail, the grit when pushed hard... the simplicity. One of the best additions to the UA range of plugs.

G. Gádor

21 décembre 2022

Clean and warm

Clean and warm

R. Frederiksen

17 décembre 2022

Vocal soft sound

The manley mic pre amp gives a smoothness and A little saturation to vocals. A warm sound

P. Sarkar

15 décembre 2022

Wam Sound

This preamp is a decent one. Very pleasant and warm sound.

M. Demirel

11 décembre 2022


Sounds clean and is simple

C. Bors

10 décembre 2022

Corrected review

I have to correct my review, because i knew exactly me new plugin, is working already fine. :)

A. Allen

16 novembre 2022

Awesome sound

You can’t go wrong with this plug in especially for vocals with any tube mic, it gives you a huge sound without using a analog pre.

D. Coger

14 octobre 2022

Manley Tube Pre

I love the idea of Unison. Love it. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I just picked this up right before I had to take a couple months off, so I haven’t used it as much as some of the others. It’s manley though, crisp and clean. So far I love all of the unison stuff I have.

S. Berry

13 octobre 2022

warm and smooth

My go-to preamp for vocals. Chose this over the extra features (and DSP) of Voxbox and have no regrets.

K. Kusama

13 octobre 2022

Wide Range

I like it better than the Neve preamp.

K. Jongmin

9 octobre 2022

Very good preamp

I really like it!

R. Bán

28 septembre 2022

Egyszerüen tökéletes

A Manley maga a zene, csak szuperlativuszokba szolhatok ezekről a zene eszközökről.

L. Martin Lee

19 septembre 2022


when I put this on the unison preamp, and I take my AKG C214 sounds awesome dude

P. Diaz

20 août 2022

Very nice

Not sure why this doesn't have 5 stars overall at the time I purchased. it is a little heavy on DSP for a Pre but it sounds great on Vocals.

E. Behrendt

16 août 2022

Looks Complicated

I have had this plugin for sometime but have always used other preamps because the front panel of the device seems fairly complicated. After using it for the past week I'm thinking i should have been using this all along. It's pretty simple once you break down the parts and it works like a dream. Have never used the hardware ver so not sure how it compares to that.

P. Diaz

6 août 2022

Very nice

Not sure why this doesn't have 5 stars overall at the time I purchased. it is a little heavy on DSP for a Pre but it sounds great on Vocals.

I. Papagiannidis

23 juillet 2022

My go to uad preamp for vocals

Great preamp , in your face sound , reach harmonics!

S. Shaw

20 juillet 2022


this makes singers sound more manly! .. just kidding. This preamp is serious without the all the complexity of the voxbox. Worth the $25 (for ones who own the voxbox)!

I. Papagiannidis

18 juillet 2022

My go to preamp for vox !

I own the Manley voxbox ,some say it's the same ,but the mtp is sounding more up front in your face and make the source sound more alive! Great one!


1 juillet 2022


Just try a demo of this. I don't even feel like a review is necessary. This and/or the Voxbox on ANY type of vocals, hiphop, pop, countryyyyyy, whatever, So warm and clean. Virtually distortion free if dialed right. I dont wanna say "but its good on," taking away from the facts I just stated, but, I do gotta say: lowkey, play with this joint on some bass... enjoi

61-80 sur 183 résultats