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Manley® Massive Passive EQ

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P. Fridell

16 juin 2011

Just fantastic and musicial. Very easy to make instruments or mixes just to sound better.
I whish it was not so DSP hungry, but... thats probably why it sounds so good

J. Newman

15 juin 2011

The Manley is the smoothest Eq I have every used. This plug goes on every master buss. I won't mix and master a song without it!

C. Soulos

29 mai 2011

It's just so good to use this.
Once you stop thinking you know what you're doing and read the manual it's amazing.
I really wasn't expecting it to make such a welcome difference to my mixes.
My Mastering engineer has the hardware, now I can preempt his job a bit just to see I'm in the ball park.

P. Vilhena

2 janvier 2011

This has got to be the best EQ plug I ever used. Never used the HW unit also, but even if they´re not similar, it doesn´t matter. It´s easy to use, quick to get the best results, and it smokes the competition - even UAD other EQs, more often than not. Not the kind of fix-this-terrible-loop EQ, more like a fine tuning tool. I don´t master stuff a lot, but been using the MP to sculpt vocals, and bought it straight away just for its magic at that. I don´t see myself mixing vocals in the box without this plug anymore, it´s really a game changer.

The only reason it doesn´t get 5 stars is that it´s a huge CPU hog to the point it brings trouble to your workflow.

D. Roberts

29 mai 2010

Wow!!! Ok I haven't used the hardware equivalent, but if it's half as good as the UAD software version, then it's something pretty darn special. I thought I had to buy the software version, just to see what all the fuss has been about and quite frankly I'm absolutely floored by how good it really is. I just inserted in on the mix buss and ran some pre-recorded songs through it, to really get a feel for it and you know it's so responsive I started hearing things I never heard before in songs I had been listening to for years. You could with random turns of the knobs create entirely new sonic mixes of the same song. I got so into the session that, when my wife tapped me on the shoulder and frightened the bejesus out of me, I realised how it had just fried my pip.

Much love.

S. Gilroy

27 mai 2010

"Massivo" the EQ superhero does it again..... in the digital realm! This godzilla esque eq shocked the world when it first entered the hardware realm with its organic, larger-than-life component network of sound and now it is happening again with software. I own the hardware and have had to patch with this thing for years and believe me, it is time consuming! Now I can leave Massivo on my master output and mix with the software, SAVING TONS OF TIME. This plug-in is so close to the original. There is a different energy when you push the software compared to the original, but this only applies for certain types of hard driven music. The filters are fantastic and sound exactly like the hardware. I use them more than anything. Overall I am very impressed with this plug-in and now a proud owner of both the hardware and software. Thanks once again Universal Audio for making my life easier!

A. Colon

13 mars 2010

I've just finished mastering a demo mix with this and although I could complain about the amount of resource 1 instance of this plug in takes on my UAD2 Solo Card, the amount of detail and research UAD did working with Manley labs is evident!!! This is definitely going in my arsenal of plug ins for my UAD2 card. If you are into mastering get this. It takes getting used to as unlike other mastering EQs and plug can boost and cut at extreme levels that you normally would not do for mastering and get very pleasing results from this.

701-707 sur 707 résultats