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Manley® Massive Passive EQ

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20 février 2024

Very efficient and obvious improvement on my main Output Bus

Too many knobs for me maybe… But very efficient with useful presets that I immediately adopted on the Output Bus of my Cubase mixing Template !!

A. Zerbi

17 février 2024

The last touch

I'm not making professional mixes, but I like my home recordings having a good sound. I sing and play acoustic and electric guitar. I like to spend my spare time experimenting and trying to reach a well balanced result. This equalization has a lot of options and good presets.


2 février 2024

A real Must-Have

This is the plugin that really gives you the extra step on your Mix/Master even when you think you're done. Amazing.

C. Bauer

2 février 2024

Gorgeous Hi End

Love this EQ!!

t. fassbender

1 février 2024

a beauty colouring tool

loving to boost frequencies with this one. using the EQ version on nearly all tracks, plus the Mastering version on my stereo-bus.

P. Nguyen

30 janvier 2024

Use it in every mix

This plugin easily makes my track sound great. It includes boost/cut/leave out, which makes it very convenient to hear the impacts of every adjustment. Just turn the knobs and listen then adjust accordingly and you'll never ruin your mix.

T. Don

26 janvier 2024

Manley MP EQ

I use it sometimes and always surprises me Thx!

A. Santana

18 janvier 2024


love eq my favorite

R. The New Age

15 janvier 2024


I was debating if I needed this plugin for eq, and I’m glad I purchased it as it achieves a balance and clean sound that I haven’t been able to achieve with any of my other eq’s.


14 janvier 2024

Cut and Boost

Very Musical. The cut and boost to different frequencies makes this plug-in work great on about anything you put it on. I have found myself bouncing back and forth between it and the Pultec EQ on almost every vocal I have processed lately. Nice tube vibe.

S. Nakajima

14 janvier 2024

Natural,so good

It can naturally improve muffled sounds to clear sounds.

A. pc

13 janvier 2024

la mejor selección para un eq

para el mix bus y drums bus

C. Tabatadze

12 janvier 2024

awesomeee tubeee

thankss a lot

B. McCallum

11 janvier 2024

Pssssst, shhhhhhh, click, wooosshhh

This thing is fun, more than what I expected really. Presets are pretty killer too! Easy to use, sounds great, great price!

C. Ronnie

10 janvier 2024

Great EQ

This is an amazing Eq and it takes space on my master bus

S. Saied

6 janvier 2024

Super Flexible and Transparent

I haven’t had this plug-in very long, but so far I have not been able to get a bad sound out of it. Not that I’m trying to get a bad sound but I’ve tweaked the settings from minimum to max and everything sounds good. It’s nice to be able to target certain frequencies to bring those out in the mix and without a lot of trouble doing so. For me I don’t know that needs another equalizer as plug-in seems to meet all my needs.

G. Espinosa

4 janvier 2024

Pluguin fundamental

Fundamental no arrendodamento final da master ....

V. Stepanski

29 décembre 2023


absolutely great

V. Stepanski

25 décembre 2023


absolutely great classic

l. esturao

22 décembre 2023

Excelente sonido y claridad

Excelente representación y calidez de sonido

1-20 sur 750 résultats

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