Plug-In Manley® Massive Passive EQ

Plug-In Manley® Massive Passive EQ

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Égaliseur à lampes ultra haut de gamme pour le mixage et le mastering.

Le plug-in Manley Massive Passive EQ pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo est une émulation minutieuse de l'égaliseur à lampes vedette de Manley. Réputé pour ses courbes organiques au son naturel, l'égaliseur Massive Passive excelle dans la correction tonale radicale aussi bien que dans les nuances délicates d'un chant ou la mise en valeur subtile lors du mastering.

Sous licence officielle et approuvé par Manley Labs, le plug-in Manley Massive Passive EQ restitue habilement le comportement du hardware d'origine, de ses courbes de filtrage inhabituelles aux multiples interdépendances des bandes jusqu'à la distorsion de l'amplificateur à lampes et son hystérèsis lié au transformateur/inducteur.

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Modeler pistes et masters de façon experte avec l'égaliseur à lampes ultra-boutique de Manley

Exploiter les interactions complexes entre bandes et la distorsion de l'ampli à lampes pour obtenir des textures musicales et organiques

Choisir la version standard ou la version mastering et ses commandes de largeur de bande à paliers

Donner du punch, de l'air, de la chaleur et de la clarté, et cela sans dureté

UAD Demo Video
UAD Demo Video

UAD Demo Video

Featuring the Manley Massive Passive EQ plug-in

Une notoriété « massive »

Une notoriété « massive »

Le Manley Massive Passive, égaliseur à lampes quatre bandes et deux canaux, s'appuie sur les forces de modèles d'égaliseurs graphiques de consoles renommées, d’égaliseurs paramétriques et EQ Pultec, pour offrir des courbes douces et musicales avec une clarté et une marge inégalées. Dans le nom Manley Massive Passive, le mot « Passive » fait spécifiquement référence aux éléments de correction fréquentielles de l'égaliseur, qui n'utilisent que des résistances, des inducteurs et des condensateurs pour créer tous les changements apportés aux fréquences. Ses commandes de fréquence interagissent entre elles intentionnellement, tout comme les commandes de gain et de largeur de bande, ce qui donne au Massive Passive ce son naturel et organique.

La seule émulation authentique du Massive Passive

La seule émulation authentique du Massive Passive

Soigneusement modélisé par Universal Audio et d'une authenticité rigoureusement contrôlée par Manley Labs, le plug-in Manley Massive Passive EQ capture les courbes de filtrage et la distorsion musicale uniques du hardware.

Mixage ou master

Mixage ou master

Le plug-in Manley Massive Passive EQ offre une version Standard avec réglage en continu de la largeur de bande, et une version Mastering avec 16 paliers de largeur de bande faciles à sauvegarder. Parfait pour les corrections subtiles ou larges d'instruments individuels ou de mixages entiers, il vous permet d'ajouter de la présence et de la chaleur sans dureté à la batterie et au chant, ou de donner plus de poids et de force à l'ensemble d'un mixage sans empâter le bas du spectre.

Caractéristiques Principales

Reproduction logicielle d’un égaliseur à lampes de quatre bandes passif ultra prisé, avec ses deux versions "standard" et "mastering"

Six mois de modélisation minutieuse et une vérification rigoureuse de la part de Manley Labs pour une parfaite authenticité

Les courbes des filtres, l’interdépendance des bandes de fréquences, la distorsion et le comportement hystérétique sont tous reproduits dans la modélisation d'égaliseur la plus ambitieuse jamais réalisée par UA

Chaque bande est commutable en plateau ou cloche et peut être bypassée, boostée ou coupée individuellement

Fréquences réglées spécialement avec choix de chevauchement ou d'entrelacement

Désactiver l'égaliseur sur la tranche via 'In' (bypass) conserve le filtrage et la coloration du système

Fonction de Chaînage très pratique exclusive au plug-in pour profiter en permanence de paramètres identiques sur les canaux gauche et droit

Requiert une carte DSP UAD-2 ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

Manley® Massive Passive EQ

Evaluation Globale

(519 avis)

J. Zangrilli

12 janvier 2015


i love the manley massive passive. amazing clarity and head room.
i use it pretty much exclusively on the master fader, and it subtlety livens up the mix.
i'm still new to it, as well as mixing, but i'm in love with this plug. now if i could only get 5k together to A and B it with the hardware, then i could comment on its big brother.
that might take a while....

N. Dettenbach

11 décembre 2014

must for master

Fairly useless on most individual tracks, except for a last finish of some very critical / outstanding ones, but a must on master. As Bob Katz said about this plug (Beat/DE), the manley eq is one of the not substitutable tools if you have to master / fit recordings which sound as they come from the garage - but this plugin is one of the first analog emulations which does it on a similar level too.

Utilisateur UAD

21 novembre 2014

Not for everything...

...but when it fits - it fits.
Never been in the position to use a real one, but I am totally happy with this one.

C. Hoyer

10 juillet 2014

The EQ

What can I say? This the EQ I use on all my most important tracks in every project I ever do. And often an instance on the master as well. This is perfect for the shaping and kneading to get a sound to have the right shape, right character. Very transparent. Love the parallel setup. Give it a bit of extra headroom if the magic isn't happening. Recommended.

G. Rezendes

14 octobre 2013

massive passive - sounds great!

Just started to use it on mastering tracks. Love it. It's subtle and easy to use.
Thanks for the great gear!

C. Sammarco

12 mai 2013

Manley EQ

This a super sweet eq. Very suttle, but perfect for mastering. The top end adds sizzle without being harsh. Highly recommended!

J. Daly

14 mars 2013

Too good

This plugin is going to make me buy 2 octos and a 2nd apollo quad so I can use one on every track.

A. Booty

19 décembre 2012

Blow me away!!!

Sound like the the real hardware. I can confirm that!

C. Osden

7 août 2012

Incredible emulation. This one is just about indistinguishable from the real thing (in fact, despite having extensive experience with the real thing, to my ears it is)... Some things are a just slightly a little less than the real MP, but this also seems to have a bit of smoothness or sheen somewhere that the real MP doesn't. Hands down an acceptable alternative considering the price difference and ability to run multiple instances (well, sort of... I have a UAD-2 quad and can only run a small handful of these and other plugs). Excellent new addition to part of my "mastering chain" though, and hats off to UA and Manley for accomplishing a truly impressive feat.

O. Cedermalm

17 avril 2012

This is an absolutely killer plugin! I've been skeptical about it for a while and didn't even demo it because of the high price. But eventually I tried it out on a project I'm working on right now, and maaan this was spot on! Doesn't transform poor mixes to something magical but will put some sparkle on an already good mix. This is the missing part for me when it comes to mastering. Will buy it as soon as the demo is over. The 299 is a bargain compare to what you get and in comparison to the hardware;) Even if it's a resource hog, I will buy a new card just for this plugin, it's that good! GOOD work UAD! Really looking forward what UAD have for us in the future:)

P. Vilhena

2 janvier 2011

This has got to be the best EQ plug I ever used. Never used the HW unit also, but even if they´re not similar, it doesn´t matter. It´s easy to use, quick to get the best results, and it smokes the competition - even UAD other EQs, more often than not. Not the kind of fix-this-terrible-loop EQ, more like a fine tuning tool. I don´t master stuff a lot, but been using the MP to sculpt vocals, and bought it straight away just for its magic at that. I don´t see myself mixing vocals in the box without this plug anymore, it´s really a game changer.

The only reason it doesn´t get 5 stars is that it´s a huge CPU hog to the point it brings trouble to your workflow.

S. Gilroy

27 mai 2010

"Massivo" the EQ superhero does it again..... in the digital realm! This godzilla esque eq shocked the world when it first entered the hardware realm with its organic, larger-than-life component network of sound and now it is happening again with software. I own the hardware and have had to patch with this thing for years and believe me, it is time consuming! Now I can leave Massivo on my master output and mix with the software, SAVING TONS OF TIME. This plug-in is so close to the original. There is a different energy when you push the software compared to the original, but this only applies for certain types of hard driven music. The filters are fantastic and sound exactly like the hardware. I use them more than anything. Overall I am very impressed with this plug-in and now a proud owner of both the hardware and software. Thanks once again Universal Audio for making my life easier!

F. Javier

14 juin 2012

What can i say. Anything is too less. Just got the demo, tried it and boom!!!.
In mastering is a MUST. The only "but" (that's why it's only 4 stars) is that it's
really high DSP consuming. But, hey, quality has a price.
About sound: just put something through and feel the colour. Tweak it to the extreme
and hear the "no distortion".

F. Tavares

18 avril 2012

Very good, specially for vocals and drums buss!!!thanks

M. Whent

20 novembre 2013

sounds better than its usages.

Sound wise its very good but on the downside it uses so much dsp which makes it hard to put in a chain many times.

C. Hilding

30 juin 2011

2 words: Buy it! Need more words? Alright, how about this: It's the unrivaled champion of Equalizers. It imparts a super-smooth sound to anything it touches, and you can apply extreme cuts or boosts without ever getting a harsh or nasty sound due to the way the bands interact. The bands are very flexible and can act in shelf or bell mode, with configurable bell shape (Q) and, more interestingly, configurable shelf shape where you can change it so that it's not a pure shelf but actually giving it some interesting shapes that allow you to cut or boost without muddying or creating hollowness in nearby frequencies. Additionally, all the bands of the unit interact and can be combined around the same frequency ranges for amazing effects thanks to the unique curves this provides. It comes in a mastering and regular version. You NEED this!

J. Klein

12 octobre 2015

Sounds great but...

I really dislike the user-interface, because it´s so small I always want to switch my monitor to a lower resolution. Nowadays lots of companies come with better/larger/custumizable interfaces - think u-He. So - I keep using it, but it´s not a joy dialing...

R. Farren

22 septembre 2015

It's ok not great, and for the money so good at that

I sorta wish I could have my money back on this one. I regret buying it based on the hype, and not demoing it out. People talk about how smooth it is, but it's sorta brittle sounding to me, not very 3 dimensional nor round. I think the top sounds thin, and for low stuff the neve plugs are just straight up better. For the top, and brightening things up in a plug I would recommend the Maag, it's way better, furthermore the dsp usage on this thing is kinda monstrous. The upsides is, that the lowpass filter is pretty solid.

J. Murphy

2 mars 2014

Texture like the analog unit

I am a 2 time billboard number 1 engineer. I love UAD plugins and they definitely are quality levels higher than waves plugins they sound real close to the analog unit, but all the hype about the manley massive I really thought it would be much more than it is, I do use it on my mastering but you cannot use it on mixing because of the lag. it is a good plugin I was not blown away with it but it is still well worth it has the texture of the analog unit

Jimmy Starr

H. Anti

18 décembre 2013

just can't do without

I love the Manley EQ for mastering, especially the low end but I like to read DBs added or subtracted. It'll be great to have that on the UAD version. For smooth but heavy low end and mid rage Manley EQ tops them all.