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Galaxy Tape Echo

Evaluation Globale

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B. Seidendorf

14 février 2024


What can I say? Just add this sprinkle of magic in your side chain

R. El Rifai

18 janvier 2024

Can't live without it now

I didn't know that this plugin would become a staple for me when I bought it. Literally can't do anything without it now!

A. Ogarev

17 janvier 2024

Galaxy Tape Echo


P. Kalous

16 janvier 2024


all ok but only Galaxy Tape Echo and The Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor didn't appear in my ProTools 11.
Lexicon 224, and others, yes.

J. Janev

14 janvier 2024

My favorite tape echo!

It sounds like a real tape with those pitch and glitch movements! I usually set the delay slightly to the left and the reverb to the right - this gives a very nice space to the sound. And since it can't be set to a very long delay, I put another plugin before it with an extra delay to achieve slower repeats. The sound is so real!

G. Rostock

12 janvier 2024

Total waste of money

Went back to the free Ableton echo, as this has no tail and really is just a bright reverb.

H. Marek

2 janvier 2024


The best tape echo emulation!

E. Reynolds

18 décembre 2023

Galaxy Tape Echo -- Next level goodness!

This is a wonderful device emulation. This thing adds real bounce to drum tracks as well as dreamy delay to vocals. The spring reverb adds a good sheen as well as introducing its signature reverb characteristic. It is a versatile, utilitarian plugin. Good on the track or on the group bus. Try it on synths as well. There are also 3 different tape heads to pick from! Well done.

w. gause

14 décembre 2023



D. Silva

7 décembre 2023

That Vintage Slap and That Spacey Sound

It's a very great recreation of this classic, with that classic tape delay sound and all the possibilities.
Great Work!


7 novembre 2023

Excellent Plug

Je ne peux plus faire sans !

K. Fearon

1 novembre 2023

10/10 Tape Echo

I’ll probably never need another tape echo plug in ever, this thing rules and I have a dedicated aux track in my daw just for it on every session

S. Batten

31 octobre 2023

Why the modulation whether you want it or not

I've owned a heap of the originals and the wonky modulation is only in worn out ones with bad tapes or faulty or dirty capstan wheels. yeh sure its funky but you don't want it all the time, and it s not even random so stands out even worse on a sustained note. cmon Guys make the new tape switch get rid of the modulation. has no-one noticed this before?

R. Salay

29 octobre 2023

Best Tape echo plugin !

I think this tape echo plugin is the best tape echo plugin !..It sounds so authentic,really like the hardware !..warm,extreme,it has a lot of options and it's very usable !..I love it again,like other UAD plugins ! ..This is a big add to my Soundtoys plugins collection..but in diferent feel and colorization!..thnx UAD for another diamond in plugin world !:)

R. Squitieri

22 octobre 2023

Does not work

I have been testing this with different audio and midi sources. When you try to place it as an insert on plain audio the plug in just click and pops. I am using a i9 Mac Pro with 64 GB of Ram, and running an Apollo interface, and it's barely touching my DSP. I will stick with the Valhalla. What a shame

N. Antonio

19 octobre 2023

Tape Echo buenísima

Había probado ésta emulación por otra marca, pero la de UA se sale de lo común. Un sonido mucho más vivo. Buena elección.

M. Obuchowicz

13 octobre 2023

Not finding value so far

Got it as a part of bundle, was a waste of money - this is very good emulation of very old hardware, not really fitting modern workflows. It has very limited controls, so basically it's another plugin I got because of UA marketing/sales/bundles games, but I will keep using my old plugins

a. johnson

27 septembre 2023

Space cadet

Nice space echo. The reverb control is a nice feature. Great addition to my collection

S. Lontano

19 septembre 2023

A classic reborn

This is a perfect emulation of one of the most iconic tape delay and reverb.
A must have

J. Kim

16 septembre 2023

jongmin kim

so so nice :)

1-20 sur 303 résultats

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