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EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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E. Cruz

2 février 2023


First time in my life I used this reverb. Definitely one of my favorite. Top notch sound with uad.

V. Mina

19 janvier 2023


Absolutely brilliant. 3Dimensional flavour to any kind of instrument. Highly racomanded. Really intuitive and powerful

J. Arrieta

29 décembre 2022

Sweet verb!

wasn't sure if i'd like it and immediately fell in love with this reverb!

M. Avery

28 décembre 2022

I’m in love with this reverb.

Not a whole lot of features and flexibility, but when I think “reverb” THIS is the sound I hear in my head. Sounds beautiful on everything. This is reverb. Want “some” reverb? This is reverb.

B. Hastings

25 décembre 2022


at the suggestion of a few VERY big mixers i bought this and was NOT disappointed!

M. Ahmad

23 décembre 2022

Grab this Emt 250

organic and very musical , love this plugin ..

R. Sortwell

23 décembre 2022

Rest reverb

Best plugin reverb on the market

J. Neves

21 décembre 2022

Great Quality

Very happy with this purchase. Definitely not a workhorse type of reverb in my opinion but it certainly does what it does very well!

N. Οικονομίδης

25 novembre 2022

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

The best

a. toth

13 octobre 2022


Très facile à prendre en main. En send, j’envoi plusieurs source dedans et le mixage rayonne.
Super pour la voix! Cette réverb sonne détaillé et ne rend pas les sources confuses.
Je l’utilise en complètement de la Lexicon 480 (grand espace + texture ) et ocean Way (room réaliste ), la 250 ( plate) apporte la clarté et la précision.

M. Mengali

21 septembre 2022

Versatile e di grande qualità

Si tratta di un multieffetto da usare con molti strumenti. Utilizzando l'EMT 250 si possono ottenere ottimi risultati già con i vari preset. Io lo uso sulla mandata effetti quando mi ascolto e nelle fasi del mix. Usato con presisione, è utilissimo anche nella fase di mastering. La traccia della voce acquista molto con l'EMT 250. L' emulazione è ottima !

f. Rose

17 septembre 2022


Very cool and easy to use

T. Basso

29 août 2022

The best

My favorite reverb

w. gonsoulin

29 juillet 2022


Performs exactly as advertised! User friendly and accurate.

E. Ananda

23 juin 2022

Can't explain it

Does what it's meant to do and more, can be used for a simple vocal reverb or for a whirlwind of weird stuff. It's fun that's all I can say!

G. Scharmer-Choi

11 juin 2022

It’s just lovely

Sound so smooth and great- it’s just a joy to use

Z. Sidó

12 mai 2022


My favorite reverb.

S. Nelson

27 avril 2022

Amazing Reverb

This reverb is one of my all time favorites. I love it. When used on a vocal track it places the singers voice clearly and elegantly in the mix. The reflections are very smooth, warm and clean without unusual artifacts. In my opinion it the best EMT verb available—the depth and dimension of this reverb is simply phenomenal. Did I say I love it.


26 février 2022

Niceee reverb

Nice reverb

V. Baranov

17 février 2022

MY EMT-250

A very interesting plugin! Wide functionality and ease of management!!! You can get very unique results!

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