Plug-in EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

Plug-in EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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Prix tarif : $249.00


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(293 avis)

Vous n'avez pas d'article dans votre panier.

L’emblématique unité d'effets de réverbération et de modulation numérique à leviers.

L'EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb plug-in pour systèmes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo est une émulation fidèle de la première unité d'effets de réverbération/modulation numérique sortie en 1976.

Toujours considérée comme l'une des réverbérations ayant le meilleur son jamais produites, l'EMT 250 continue de marquer de son immense empreinte l'histoire de l'enregistrement dans les mains de légendes de studio comme George Massenburg, Bruce Swedien, Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno et Allen Sides.

Vous Pouvez Maintenant :

Enregistrer et mixer avec la seule émulation de l'unité de réverbération EMT 250 certifiée par EMT International GmbH

Élaborer de riches effets delay, phasing, chorus et écho

Doter la batterie, les guitares et le chant d'un espace et d'une profondeur typiques avec le même algorithme que le hardware d'origine

Exploiter les fonctionnalités propres au plug-in telles que Dry/Wet Mix, Wet Solo et Hard bypass

UAD Demo Video
UAD Demo Video

UAD Demo Video

Voici le plug-in EMT 250 Classic Electronic Reverberator

Utilisée sur bon nombre de classiques

Utilisée sur bon nombre de classiques

Le son de réverbération clair et ouvert caractéristique de l'EMT 250 est apparu sur un nombre incalculable de disques, dont Purple Rain de Prince & The Revolution, Spike d'Elvis Costello, et des albums modernes devenus des classiques comme Stadium Arcadium des Red Hot Chili Pepper. .

Exclusivement certifié par EMT Studiotechnik

Exclusivement certifié par EMT Studiotechnik

Élaborée en collaboration avec le Dr Barry Blesser, concepteur de l'EMT 250, la version plug-in UAD utilise le même algorithme que le hardware d'origine, aujourd'hui extrêmement rare. Le plug-in EMT 250 a été modélisé d'après l'EMT 250 de référence des légendaires studios Ocean Way Recording d'Allen Sides.

Une polyvalence accrue par de nouvelles fonctionnalités

Une polyvalence accrue par de nouvelles fonctionnalités

Le plug-in EMT 250 va bien au-delà du hardware d'origine, en ajoutant des fonctionnalités adaptées aux méthodes de production actuelles, telles que Dry/Wet Mix, Wet Solo et Hard bypass. Grâce à ces ajouts utiles, le plug-in EMT 250 est encore plus puissant que cet emblématique hardware.

Key Features

Fidèle reconstitution de l'EMT 250, largement considérée comme l'une des réverbérations ayant le meilleur son jamais construites

Exactement le même algorithme que dans l'original, réadapté pour être utilisé dans le plug-in avec le concepteur originel de l'EMT 250, le Dr Barry Blesser

Modélisé d'après l'EMT 250 de référence des studios United/Ocean Way Recording d'Allen Sides.

Effets de retard et de modulation de l'EMT 250 également inclus : Delay, Phasing, Chorus, Echo, et Space

Certifié par EMT Studiotechnik GmbH comme seule émulation authentique au monde

Fonctionnalités propres à la version numérique : Dry/Wet Mix, Wet Solo et Hard bypass
via l'icône lumineuse d'alimentation EMT

Avis Clients

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

Evaluation Globale

(293 avis)

P. Drake

28 décembre 2015

EMT 250

It's great. Buy it. I am forced to write more, as the text length I wrote was too short. I repeat: it's great. Buy it.

E. Halterman

27 novembre 2015

Sheer beauty, like a girlfriend you cannot live without!

This along with the EMT 140 is out of this world! Enjoy them both for different reasons, but the 250 has the character I like most and also a touch brighter and cuts through the mix the way I like it to!

D. M?ller

14 janvier 2015

EMT 250

...nicht übel...hat was ... was nostalgisches.
Könnte mehr Presets vertragen !!!

B. Lynch

13 décembre 2013

EMT 250

One of the best sounding plug-ins I have heard let alone used. Excellent on most all Vocals and Acoustic Instruments, flawless!

G. Noteris

11 octobre 2013

Nice multi FX

The reverb part of the plug is really special. A very "light" kind of sound that have the ability to become almost unoticeable in the mix. So if you want to apply a lot of reverb on a source without muddying your mix this unit really is a must.
As the EMT 140 this unit is very easy to use. 4 parameters only but a lot of different results.

The chorus part is really nice too. It can be very large and rich while supporting a mono reduction without sounding weak and phasy.

The echo/delay part is nothing special.

The space part doesn't compete against the Eventide Black Hole... but this is not an everyday FX.

The reverb only would get 5 stars from me !

J. Kehm

19 juillet 2013

fantastic reverb and more

This ended up being my go to UAD reverb. It is not so much a dreamy reverb as it is a clean reverb that helps ground the source to the mix. The other FX are also wonderful.

C. (buck)

14 avril 2013

Killuh Dilluh

Wow ,,,,What a slick verb. I have the 224 which is way the deal! But!!!! when I add this puppy with it I get some very nice lush verb's. It's little bit of a tric to get it figured out as far as using it, so use the presets to get started and tweek it from there. By starting with the presets you also learn how it's being set up for the different verb and chorus settings stored. I really am hung up on it, I spent the better part of all nite last week playin with it. I got into it way deep on my BV trac's using the chorus side and it blew my mind right outta my head. Just a touch of it here and there made the tracs sit right down in the mix. Reminded me of the concrete delay room at Studio In The Country a studio Katrina killed. Git it.

D. Gallant

19 février 2013

UA Greatness!

Love it...
My new go-to reverb!
Thanks for 12 years of fabulous plugs UA!!

Davy Gallant
Dogger Pond Music inc.

J. Cabrera

14 février 2013

Great Digital Reverb!

The EMT 250 is worth every penny. Not only does it sound beautiful as a Reverb unit, but it also comes packed with 4 extra FX (and they are all great!). The Chorus is so amazing and works wonderfully on background vocals and electric guitars. But the Reverb is definitely my favorite. It's so lush, yet it doesn't muddy up your tracks. So good! I personally liked it better than all the other UAD offerings, YMMV.

WARNING: Be careful when you demo this thing, you may end up wanting it :P.

P. Sweeney

17 décembre 2012

EMT 250

Great emulation once again from Universal Audio ! Im using a quad apollo at the minute which is complimented by the 4-710D.

Thinking about the Ampex and Studer plugins next (maybe the studer first though)

S. Wissnet

29 juillet 2012

I`ve been working with the real EMT 250 in the early 80`s.
The PlugIn sounds and behaves just like the real thing.
it´s fantastic.
Thanks for the brilliant work you do at UA.
it makes my work so much easier!

Stephan Wissnet

P. Mulligan

9 juillet 2012

Chorus!!! I bought this for the chorus effect alone - makes things nice and upfront in the mix, beautiful
Oh and the reverb isnt bad either ;) very smooth...

C. Townshend

28 mai 2012

The Bollix! Love it top toy! you know you want one!

A. Jannotti

8 mai 2012

The EMT 250 is warm and beautiful sounding. I had a client tell me what ever I just did made the lead vocal sound warmer. It was the UAD EMT 250 on chorus and reverb. In the sea of modern reverb plugins -there is nothing that sounds so big, wide and, warm. It is now at the top of my go to list. 1976 was truly a great year! -Angelo Jannotti guitarist-engineer-producer.

S. Hall

7 décembre 2011

An amazing natural sounding reverb with great control of length and size. Most reverb plug-ins need a low pass filter at around 5kzhz. This reverb's top end frequencies sound natural without the aliasing and distortion of those other plug-ins. The controls are a little confusing at first so you must reference the manual with this plug. Once you master how the EMT 250 works it will be a strong weapon in your arsenal.

C. Hilding

30 juin 2011

Easily THE most lovely reverb I have ever heard, and that's coming from someone that owns the $1900 Lexicon PCM Native reverbs. The UAD EMT 250 sounds extremely smooth and airy, in part thanks to the way it actually cuts out bass from the input signal so that the reverb never muddies the low end. Its smoothness makes this the vocal reverb to rule them all. It also offers several different effect-modes which adds value (such as echo, phaser, etc). It's a reverb that you really should own, no matter if you also use other high-end products like AltiVerb or Lexicon Native. Combine it with the EMT 140 Plate reverb and you have an unbeatable combination for all your reverb needs.

A. Maskens

17 juin 2011

This reverb is awesome!! You add a touch of this to your recording and make it sound like you're at a jazz night club at 2am. There is nothing else like this piece! When I'm going for something intimate, or just trying to add that extra bit of flavour that makes you feel like you're right there this piece is a must have!

A. Oberholz

18 décembre 2009

I demoed the plug and all I can say is that it is the most amazing reverb I heard in the box. Only thing due to the fact of global crises I do not have so much cash anymore as before the crises.... before I lost some customers I would have bought this thing without any doubt the day it came out.

Well done hopefully there comes a lexicon reverb by uad soon.
Because the new Lexcicon native series is out of price range for small budget digital producer.

R. Virili

1 août 2009

Reverbs... a good way to go.

This one is special not for long reverberation, but from short to middle reverb, and it's a great sounding one!
Also including some other nice effects. Sure I can't compare it with the real unit (not a professional guy) but to
my ears is very good sounding, clean and useful for many sources.
A little too expensive.. so I wait for a good coupon to come :) :) UA; Great Job!

A very good sounding Guitar/Bass; Amplifier/Cabinet new plug-in!
I know it's not easy to have a real superb emulation...but maybe
UAD's people could reach a goal!

B. Broyer

7 janvier 2013

Waouh !

Que dire... fabuleux.
Un autre esprit, un autre monde et une bonne partie de mes reverbs matérielles sont à vendre.
Un must have.