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Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier

Evaluation Globale

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A. Altunkozaoğlu

29 mars 2024


I have no animosity towards the brand I am happy for the musicians who purchased this pedal and enjoyed it. Here is my experience with the thing summed in 3 subjects.

1-Pedal has no headroom, any additional gain to the signal makes it sound like a 90's digital mulit effects unit with all knobs at 11 . I sense something sinister about the fact that none of the billion youtube reviewers have noticed this. No headphones out, just ins and outs. Am I wrong to think that this should take pedals well.

2-Extremely noisy, no matter what type of power you use. The best scenario is it being disturbing ( considering the fact that this is an emulator with more than a usual possiblity of being used with headphones, this alone renders the device unusable) A ten year old half dead Line6 M5 that i have is dead silent in full gain fuzz mode with the same power supplies, so no I'm not the problem here. Remind you that this old pedal draws more current and is a multi effects unit. If you dare use a regular power source this thing completely kills your signal with noise even when off.

3- BT connectivity and the whole software part of things is plain useless. Trying to connect the thing feels like throwing a dice. 3 more speakers only when you register? I think the marketing is not aware of the price of this pedal.

L. White

20 mars 2024

Absolutely Amazing

I'm not sure if maybe some reviewers on here and on other sites just maybe don't understand how to use the pedal or the design of it? It's a 65 Reverb with a Master Volume. To all the people complaining about the "lack of headroom", what are you ACTUALLY talking about?

I have the volume (the ONLY volume knob on the actual amp..) set to 8, maybe 8:30 on the clock and use the OUTPUT (e.g. a Master volume mod on the actual amp..) for signal level going into my recording interface or a mixer; bass right at noon, slightly boosted treble, maybe 12:15/30 and I'm using the EV12 speaker. This sounds 98% of what my 68 Custom DDRI through Cnbis Rex speakers mic'd up with a SM57. I can sit down and play my pedals right through this thing and I'm off to the races.

I got the sound dialed in, ABC'd between the three speakers on board (haven't tried the bluetooth ones yet, kind of silly those are on the unit but hidden behind an app..), and settled on the EV12. Absolutely love the pedal. If I'm headed to an open mic or some 20-30 minute gig, I'm taking this pedal, my two overdrives, a compressor, and a delay, and I'm 99% there on my main rig's sound and tone. My overdrives running in to the 65 dream, again, sound 98% of what they do on my 68 Custom DDRI. If any engineer is having trouble giving this pedal the miniscule amount of gain it needs on a mixing board, find a better engineer to run your board. With +0 gain on my recording inputs, the pedal's output at 12 o'clock it's hitting -30 dBFS, with the output at 3 o'clock it's peaking into > -18 dBFS. This pedal has PLENTY of output signal to send to a board! Find an engineer to run your mixing boards that understands gain staging!

For those complaining there is no effects loop, again, please learn to use the pedal. If you want delay going in, run delay going into the pedal on the front end, if you want delay after the amp, like an effects loop after the preamp dirt, plug in a delay pedal.. after the amp... before what you're running the pedal in to.

If any of you think even 1% of your audience can hear whether or not you have Delayed Reverb or Reverbed Delay, please, get some perspective. They will never care whether you have a delayed reverb sound or a reverbed delay.

M. Lopes

10 mars 2024

Good for recording and playing at home. Bad for live shows.

The title says it all. This baby isn't for live gigs. Sounds terrible on PA Systems, you can't have a clean sound with a decent volume. Keep it a home.

V. Le Roy Junior

18 février 2024

Please, update dream 65 with more headroom

This pedal has little headroom (clean sound), which is horrible to be used with others overdrivers pedal's. Please UA, update the Dream65 with this corrections.

A. Oliveira

31 janvier 2024


Ótimo pedal


16 janvier 2024

Excellent for fender tones, wish there were a "clean" mod

I wish there were more clean headroom. I know, I know, just leave the volume knob at zero... but still, I would love to feel sag and compression without breakup at a little higher output for clean pedal platform tones. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. It should be theoretically possible to have another "mod" with ultra clean headroom up to say 12 o'clock on the knob. To get more twin/super type sounds. Sometimes, it's just too quiet, and volume must be compensated in other parts of the signal chain post-pedal.

Anyways, other than this one, very big point, it's an excellent fender blackface pedal. better than all the others in the market. The speakers are spot on, the spring reverb is... well, what you expect from a fender blackface. The tremolo as well... If we could get a "clean" mod, it would be the perfect pedal for jazz players for fly rigs or direct-to-PA setups.

4 stars because it's so good!

R. Kaldowski

24 novembre 2023

Connectivity nightmare

Really a good sounding pedal, but the app and its connectivity are a nightmare. You are forced to register the pedal, which results in an error message saying I don't have an internet connection, which is of course nonsense. What a bad experience. According to the forums it looks like lots of other people are having the same troubles.

A. Colenbrander

11 novembre 2023

Fantastic sounds, useless bluetooth

Dream65: initially rated the pedal with 5 stars. 2 months later: we give up. Fantastic sounds. But the Bluetooth on this device doesn't work on our 4 Android devices. Tried all the UAFX tips, even bought a new tablet. Totally hopeless. Not a dream but a nightmare. It's a shame, because amp options are fantastic, solid pedal with lots of features. But as an amplifier switcher via the app, totally worthless. Another amp pedal goes on the board.

K. Mithani

28 octobre 2023


Maybe have a dodgy unit but it’s totally uninspiring and there’s a really unpleasant mixture of hiss and hum underneath everything. Have tried all sorts of isolated power supplies, outlets and cables and it’s always there with this pedal. Have to assume it is what it is. But the sound itself feels very thin, any breakup is pretty unpleasant and fizzy IMO. Unpopular opinion as seems to get rave reviews but pretty underwhelmed with the dream 65

V. Soosalu

24 septembre 2023

Lovely pedal!

Firstly - thank you, it's a wonderful pedal!

Secondly - could we please get something like a software update with more clean headroom? Actually, a lot more would be even better! (A)

S. Pugh

10 septembre 2023

Great tone, but improve switching

I love these UAFX amp pedals. They all have great tones that are relatively easy to dial in without option paralysis. My issue is the switching options. I have the Dream, Ruby, and Woodrow. My only switching option is to use the Live/Preset mode so I can turn one off to use another. But this severely limits the utility of using, say, the reverb on the Dream or the tremolo on the Ruby because I have to manually turn them on each time I use the pedal (or only use a preset that has that specific setting already saved). Would be nice to have, for example, a live/reverb or a live/tremolo option or even better, a way to have live (on/off) and reverb/tremolo. Other than that, all three amp pedals have been a joy.

P. Rance

19 août 2023

Massive upgrade!

Received my Dream 65 this morning… Thanks Andertons!
I’ve never played a tube amp, not likely to able to afford such a thing either.
I’ve never played an amp modeller/sim, etc… Until today!
For my set up and ability this pedal is awesome and I’m beyond happy that (after some major procrastinating) I decided to buy it.
It took me a while to get it dialled into my setup (steep learning curve in the last 24 hours) but holy crap it sounds ace!
Beyond happy :-)

t. schlueter

28 juillet 2023

two different dream pedals, same issues

ive had two different dream pedals both randomly have intermittent screaming type noise that makes the pedals unusable. also after 6 months or so, a distorted/fizzy noise just started appearing as well. tried factory reset and firmware updates on both pedals to no avail. up to 2 month turnaround time for UA to fix as well. not good.

p. sanchez

10 juin 2023

awesome sound

It sounds so so good (I never played one of this amps but for sure sound nicer than amplitube). It doesn't clip the interface, I don't need to use a DI,.... it brakes to soon!, I like playing clean. I wish it had been modeled to a few more amps, a 65 twin reverb to get a better jazz tone?!, its nice to have many cabinets, another couple of amps would have been super, otherwise I am very happy. Is it UA ever going to make a distortion/OD pedal?

P. Bachan

26 mai 2023

More headroom and better tone stack

I too agree with the other reviewer’s, and most of the people on the forums, that the amp has not enough headroom definitely not enough compared to a real deluxe 65. I also would welcome a way to adjust the scooping of the Tone stack, which is really hard to overcome, unless you use an EQ pedal in front or mid heavy booster, such as clone, the Dream 65 is too mid scooped. Otherwise excellent.

V. Baotić

11 avril 2023

Great sound, limited use.

A nice piece of gear to have, with good sounds, and the level of quality and detail which you would expect from UA. The overdriven sounds are stunningly similar to the real amp. And while I am happy with the way this pedal sounds, I am surprised and disappointed by a severe lack of clean headroom, which is far more accentuated than on most Deluxe Reverbs I've played and heard. I hope there is the possibility of a software update that could adjust this. Also, it surprisingly does not play well with overdrive pedals in front. A D.I. output would have been nice. The app needs work.

J. Appel

14 mars 2023

Sounds Great! App needs work.

I love how this pedal sounds! The artist and factory presets are really wonderful for someone like me who wants to start playing right away and not get overwhelmed with changing settings. With the benefit of a few weeks experience, the manual settings are making more sense by tweaking the loaded presets.

Like others have mentioned, the bluetooth connectivity with the app is glitchy and can be frustrating. Also, it'd be great to be able to see where the dials and other settings are at for my favorite artist and factory presets -- even if it was available as a download and not part of the app. Hopefully UAFX can and will address these issues with updates.

P. Kuehne

31 janvier 2023

Great sound, but no headphone out, no XLR, no BT audio, no separated outs, horrible app

First of all: this pedal sounds great. It plays great, feels great.
Blackface sounds are accurate, reverb is simply perfect and trem super usable as well. I have owned some digital tools (like e.g. the Kemper, sold it) but use mainly - or better: exclusively - analog and tube gear.
Besides other amps I have a Deluxe Reverb and a VibroVerb, both hand-wired. For recording purposes I mostly am too lazy to get my 121, 414, 57 etc. out but instead go directly into the Ox Box (into Apollo 8), which works just beautifully in most of the cases.

When the dream arrived, I was eager to see, if this would be good enough to become my "Deluxe Reverb into Ox-quicky-substitute". And well.... hell yeah! :-)
Used it for recording a couple of times since I got it and even played it live twice now. Great pedal, great Fender tones!

BUT..... and yes, this is a BIG but..... as ggod as it sounds, this 400 Euro thing lacks in other areas in quite a painful way. I personally find it absolutely idiotic...
... to not include a headphones out
... to not have XLR or symmetrical 1/4'' jacks
... to have BT but not BT audio
... to not let the user have one out with cab simulation and the other without (for going mono into FoH and mono into an amp's power section (e.g. on stage )
... to have such a horrible app, that took me over an hour and four (!) different devices (Android, iOS, Windows) to get the damn thing registered

What was UA thinking here? This little buiddy could the perfect practicing and recording tool, but it lacks the necessary connectivity and options.

Using the outs for driving your headphones works so la la, with low impedance phones volume is a joke and you'll need a Y-cable anyways. Man, there is plenty of free space on all sides.
No symmetrical outs is a bad joke too. Hum is a real problem, as you can read in many posts here. Level is a problem, you'll need an additional DI box live. How stupid is that? Why not include this?

Plus the pedal can do soooo many things, that UA lets you not use or configure. Yes, it is able to do different cab sims left and right - or just as easy cab sim left, no sim right - but you will not get access to that.

Nevertheless, after much consideration I will give this thing 4 stars, just because of the tonal glory of it.
In terms of connectivity it would be only 2 stars.

J. Otin

15 janvier 2023

I can't believe my ears

It is impressive how good it really is! You can get great sounds connecting it directly to the interface but I also love it when mixed with other pedals as well as playing through my amp. Definitely another tool that inspires to play and make music

N. Alexander

16 décembre 2022

Great but...

The sound and feel of this pedal is amazing. The app and everything else to do with it? Incredibly below UA standards.

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