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Retrouvez les sonorités d’un ampli à lampes américain classique qui a façonné la musique.

La pédale UAFX Dream '65 Reverb Amp vous fait bénéficier du son à lampes américain incontournable que les artistes et les réalisateurs(trices) artistiques utilisent depuis 60 ans, de Muddy Waters aux Beatles en passant par Mac Demarco.

Basée sur un puissant traitement à double moteur et sur la modélisation UAD haut de gamme, la pédale Dream '65 produit de puissants sons clairs, une jolie distorsion et des divins effets de réverbe à ressorts et de vibrato.

Retrouvez, pour la toute première fois dans une pédale, l’émulation la plus authentique qui soit d’un ampli à lampes américain du milieu des années 1960

Immergez-vous dans les effets classiques de réverbe à ressorts et de vibrato à lampes

Emportez le son de d’un ampli de studio partout, avec ses combinaisons de micros/haut-parleurs, ses boosts et ses modifications

Téléchargez des sons d’artistes, personnalisez les fonctions, rappelez et sauvegardez des presets, etc. avec l’appli mobile UAFX


Les sonorités authentiques d’un ampli à lampes, sur scène comme en studio

Les sonorités authentiques d’un ampli à lampes, sur scène comme en studio

Que vous remplaciez votre configuration matérielle pour vous brancher directement dans la façade en live, ou que vous enregistriez vos morceaux dans votre STAN, la pédale Dream '65 vous fait bénéficier, en quelques secondes seulement, des sonorités inspirantes d’un ampli à lampes de référence capturé à la perfection.

Une réverbe à ressorts et un vibrato authentiques pour une immersion totale

Une réverbe à ressorts et un vibrato authentiques pour une immersion totale

La Dream ‘65 est la seule pédale d’ampli capable de recréer à la perfection le son immersif de véritables effets de réverbe à ressorts et de vibrato à lampes. Cela en fait le modèle idéal pour la soul, le surf, la funk, le punk, le blues, le bebop… On ne vous fait pas de dessin.

Un ampli de studio modifié sur votre pedalboard

Un ampli de studio modifié sur votre pedalboard

Poussez votre son d’ampli vintage un cran plus loin grâce aux modifications spéciales et aux overdrives légendaires popularisées par des artistes tels que Stevie Ray Vaughan et Steve Lukather. Avec ses deux modifications iconiques et son clean boost intégré, la pédale Dream '65 produit des sons capables d’envoyer les meilleures modélisations d’amplis dans les cordes.

Les sonorités à lampes américaines des années 1960 dont vous avez toujours rêvé

Les sonorités à lampes américaines des années 1960 dont vous avez toujours rêvé

Grâce à ses combinaisons de micros et de haut-parleurs sur mesure dérivées de notre célèbre OX Amp Top Box, la Dream ‘65 vous fait profiter, d’un coup de switch, de sonorités professionnelles inspirantes.

UAFX Control App & Owner's Manual

Veuillez noter que la pédale Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier requiert une alimentation blindée de 400 mA (vendue séparément). Consultez sur cette page les suggestions d’alimentations.

Caractéristiques principales :

Puissant double moteur UAFX reproduisant, pour la toute première fois dans une pédale, le son parfaitement authentique d’un combo à lampes américain du milieu des années 1960

Authentiques réverbe à ressorts et vibrato modélisés à partir d’un ampli de référence entendu sur une centaine d’albums classiques

Inclut les meilleures options de haut-parleurs, micros et pièces provenant du célèbre OX Amp Top Box maintes fois récompensé

Modifications de l’ampli et du haut-parleur, ainsi que des baffles et des micros supplémentaires à télécharger gratuitement après enregistrement de la pédale

Bypassez les émulations de baffles/micros et utilisez la pédale avant votre ampli pour profiter de couleurs sonores et de timbres saturés supplémentaires

Application mobile UAFX pour personnaliser les footswitches, rappeler et archiver vos presets, accéder à des fonctionnalités supplémentaires, télécharger des presets d’artistes, etc.

Conception et fabrication haut de gamme signées UA, pour des décennies d’utilisation

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Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier

Evaluation Globale

(28 avis)

Utilisateur UAD

28 novembre 2022

Sound Great / Software :-(

First, the positive:
- the pedal sounds great, I play it as an amplless setup
- Apple App: always connection problems, few settings
- Cool would be a possibility to control the preset knob via external pedal, then you could ingregrate it into a looper / switcher

M. Robinson

23 novembre 2022

broken dreams

straight out the box, doesn't work.....disappointment!

T. Zawinsky

14 novembre 2022

Impressive Pedal

Thank you to the UA team, this is a cool innovation for guitarist. I found the sound and build quality of the pedal to be impressive. Definitely exceeded my expectations as someone who has been playing for +25 years.

C. Chadwick

7 novembre 2022

Sounds Ace but Bluetooth App Shocking

I am so very impressed with this pedal, Ive tried it out at a gig without an amp straight through the P.A and it sounded fat! Each note on my guitar was cutting through the mix great! Really impressed. However I am now wanting to change a few functions on the pedals that I can only do via the bluetooth app.... of which to great disappointed I've had much trouble getting connected via both my iPhone and I pad. My iPad worked the first time round as it just wasn't connecting to via my phone. However now I am trying to get connected for the second time and once again, I'm stuck with not being able to use the app. My bluetooth on both iPhone and iPad connect fine to the app. However the app just will not connect back. Its a real disappointment when your spending this kind of money and software is involved to change functions of the pedal but the software isn't up to standard.... Im left upset and angry

M. Alifiarry

27 août 2022

sounds good but not sit in the mix

Actually, I have no idea why the headroom of this pedal is so so small. If I tweaking it without the band is playing, it sounds good. With the band is playing? My guitar is gone. I do really really hard to find the sweet spot, especially the gain structure and the equalizers (bass and treble). Somehow, it doesn’t representing the “plain canvas” or “a pedal platform amp” that the real Deluxe Reverb could deliver; the clean tone is too thin and way too mid scoop! I don’t care about the connectivity or effects loop features that most of the people were complaining.

Could you guys do a firmware update regarding those issues that I have?

One more thing. The boost is sucks. For me, boost is very crucial for guitarist to have it when we’re on the lead part of the song. It’s just not enough to cut through the mix; as I stated before. It just adding some kind of artificial saturated frequencies.

D. Samuels

23 août 2022

70' music fan, who has found his Dream

I’m playing solo at home, and need something that can play well at low volume. I love the 70’s guitar tones, funk, blues, rock, soul etc. and have always been searching for a product that gives me a warm sounding tube like tone for clean and overdrive at low volume, which has led me to buy a modelling amp, and a number of multi effects too, but the cleans always sound too tinny to me, and the overdrives much too fizzy, with virtually no adjustment in between. So, when I saw the reviews on the UA Dream 65’, I thought I’d give it a try, and thankfully I did. I’ve never played the amp it is emulating but I know the warm tube tones I’m after, and with the dream I can get very close, what’s more there’s a large spectrum of adjustment possible between the clean and the overdrive sounds, and its real easy to dial in a tone. This is truly a major advancement in guitar technology, I’m really blown away by the sound quality, so much so that I probably play twice as much as I used to. Lastly, I've tried it with a wah pedal, auto wah, screamer, fuzz and vibe and they all sound perfect.

Thank you to all the engineers who made it happen, I’m so thankful!!! Anyway, gotta go she’s callin’, that’s my Strat…

S. Shaw

30 juillet 2022

"almost there!"

Advertisement is accurate... "lose yourself in legit vintage tone". The feel is A+. Very expressive for solo playing. However, we found it still doesn't glue very well when playing rhythm or counter melodies in studio recordings... the emulation attracts a bit too much unwanted attention compared to real deal - a common problem with amp sims. Nevertheless, UA did a really good job, and this is indeed a dream for playing live.

T. Schwab

29 juillet 2022

Sound is great but

PLEASE UA make the Control Mobile App available via USB for the desktop App too. I hate Bluetooth and it can't be that much effort to add such a feature.
Otherwise I'm very happy with the pedal. It reacts great to all sorts of pedals in front.

C. Claudio

28 juillet 2022

Sounds like a dream

Definitely lives up to the kind of audio quality UA is known for. Controls are interactive, and the different speaker models breathe life into each different sound. Also, the spring reverb definitely drips.

K. Turpin

27 juillet 2022


Best Deluxe Reverb emulation I’ve ever heard! Been playing for almost 30 years and This is the most amp-like digital pedal imho. Sold my Fractal. Takes pedals very well. Could not be happier!

J. Butler

25 juillet 2022

Nice Tone-Unusable Software

I purchased two of these after reading reviews and listening to videos online. For me the tone and feel are truly great. However, both pedals are only partially usable because of the disfunctioning
software. The bluetooth has issues connecting. Sometimes it connects after many tries, then the app will not open. It's really not very practical that the internal parameters and several other features are only accessible via bluetooth and not via the USB port on the back. Creating an app to use via the USB would be wise.

E. Juan Tresserra

18 juillet 2022

A Dream come true

After trying many modellers, I've finally found one that sounds astounding. On top of the multiple tones from combining different amp mods and cabs, the reverb and tremolo are exquisite. I would have loved a headphones jack and an fx loop though.

N. Wagner

15 juillet 2022

Good tone - terrible connectivity

The tone itself is good, but not as mind-blowing as many (paid) ads on youtube make it out to be.
The problem comes with the app. For a 400€ pedal, I expect it to at least be functional. It takes many attempts to connect via bluetooth and in the end the registration kept failing. So no app and presets for me.
No headphone jack is another issue. UA claims that you can drive headphones via a Y-cable, but with my 80 ohms beyerdynamics I barely got any volume.
The pedal also tends to hum.

F. Xavier

14 juillet 2022


Fantastic pedal, many possibilities, good with other pedals. And it's absurd how good is the recording results.

B. Delaunay

14 juillet 2022

Great sounding unit but needs firmware and app updates


- It feels very close to a real tube amp, if not indistinguishable.
- It sounds great.
- You can achieve a very large palette of sounds, it’s not just one amp.
- The reverb sounds great.
- Tremolo is excellent.
- Very seriously built.

- No Effects Loop - It’s actually a real issue for me. If I use the Dream 65 with my Victory V40, I use the amp’s effect loops. That means I can’t use my delays and reverbs in this loop anymore. Of course, if you use these time-based effects at the end of the chain, after the overdrives and before the Dream input, the sound is very altered. A saturated reverb or delay is not usable, in my case.
I use the Dream output directly in the Return of my amp’s effect loop. UA, I hope it will be possible in the near future to use Input 2 and Output 2 of the Dream as an effect loop! You can reconfigure the inputs/outputs for the 4 cable method, we should be able to get this option as well.
- No midi - hard to integrate with modern pedalboards with loopers.
- Even if I technically understand why they didn’t use TRS, XLR outputs would have been a nice feature at this price point.
- The app is nice but not fully ready. In my opinion, the presets are almost unusable without the ability to see the settings. We should be able to see a diagram with the values per preset. You can see which amp/cab is used, which means it is possible.


It is a great sounding product - If you are after that type of tone, of course (waiting for a marshall as well) - but in my opinion, it is not fully ready for prime time yet. I really hope we will have firmware updates in the near future (for the effect loop in particular).

G. Cohen

13 juillet 2022

Finally my sound on the floor

Sound quality is amazing!! It sounds like my old deluxe reverb. Takes pedals so well. So why the 5 stars? Routing and switching limitations. It would have control over the cab on each output for wet dry applications (ie one output without cab and one with). Also the switching is not very flexible (no midi and it is unclear how to use this with other pedals and NO amp). Beside that I love it! Please do Marshall 100w, Orange, and Hiwatt next!!!!

F. Xavier

12 juillet 2022

Good, but...

Good pedal, but a little different from the propaganda. It is nice for recording, but it does not really feel linke an amp. The sound is artificial in many times. I'll enjoy. But I expected more. I should not have spent a lot of money...

K. Socasau

10 juillet 2022

Revolutionnary Unit !

It's unbelievable how the UAFX amps sounds and feel. It's like owning the real amps but in a more friendly and really well built package. The Dream 65' simply sounds superb, like a great 65 Deluxe reverb amp, and we know it's hard to find these days. It's a revolution because it doesn't sound like a modeler, it sounds like a killer Fender amp, it got all the things we know and love in a Deluxe reverb, all the dynamics, the speaker breakup, the low gain tones, the pushed cleans that we adore. Plus the mods and speaker cabs/mics are stellar sounding, also the reverb tank was perfectly modeled. We couldn't expect more. There we have it, an amp in a pedal that sounds, at last, like a good old Tube amp.

T. Leduc

30 juin 2022

Just unbelievable !

Amazing sound and feeling !
When you're playing, you just need a few seconds to absolutely forget that you're not on a real amp ! This stuff will come with me on stage for sure, and I already work a lot with it on my recordings ! Just WOW !

B. B

24 juin 2022

Nice cleans, digital sounding break up

Clean it sounds quite nice. The cab sims are good, as expected. Touch responsiveness is ok. Overdriven tones, even mildly, lack the harmonic richness of a tube amp and sound choppy. Bluetooth connectivity is intermittent and sometimes requires multiple attempts to connect. I wanted to love it, but found it uninspiring in edge of breakup tone and feel.