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Cambridge EQ

Evaluation Globale

181-200 sur 443 résultats

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d. Lee

7 septembre 2017

what a wonderful

correctly surgical EQ!!

h. Lowe

25 août 2017

Pls add signal anylizer

I'll buy this if it gets a signal anylizer. I won't need logics or fruitys ever again

D. Keown

10 août 2017

Great correction tool.

I like to place it after a guitar amp in a console session. You can really fine tune the guitar sound by notching out low mid frequencies and boosting the high end. I'm very happy with this purchase.

M. Jursik

30 juillet 2017

Great EQ

Great and handy EQ. Using it on almost every channel in my mix.

M. A

17 juillet 2017


New go to eq everything CLEAN

C. Calvo Pardos

17 juillet 2017


Es el equalizador que mejor trabaja en UAD, tiene filtros por nombres y bandas suficientes. Es un equalizador con dos tipos de curva, una más musical y la otra quirurgica. Nada que envidiarle a ningún otro.

D. Villa

14 juillet 2017

You're missing out

One of the only EQs I can cut/boost 10dB and sound great. Very clean and transparent.

A. Cadie

13 juillet 2017

Responsive and clean

Just started using this - mostly for cutting. It is very clean sounding, whichever way you go. My only gripe is that the bands can't overlap - so if you only have one left in the middle and you need it up top, you can't jump over the other bands and have to start again! I like the way you can clearly hear it working and doing what you tell it to.

Y. Maia

12 juillet 2017

A whole new level

I love graphical EQ. Cambridge EQ has lot of flavours to choose. It's my go to when it comes to HPF and LPF and subtractive EQ =). Little DSP (1% on my DUO card at 48kHz), so I can make a entire mix with Cambridge + the gold ones from Legacy Bundle!

N. Velhas

11 juillet 2017

Great deal for this EQ!

Bought it with a good discount and I was impressed with the quality of this EQ

M. A

3 juillet 2017

Favourite !

Classic EQ , best workflow

p. edvinsson

3 juillet 2017


Easy too use! I use it for cutting unwanted frequencies. Just great :)

G. Scuderi

3 juillet 2017

Very good EQ

Very nice, precise and flexible EQ - whether used creatively or to correct problem frequencies it can get the job done easily and quickly without messing up your track(s).

A. Avelin

26 juin 2017

My favourite

It's already my favourite eq. And my favourite uad plugin. As easy to use as the logic channel eq but it sounds amazing. Pro sound!

D. Hendrickson

25 juin 2017

Great Corrective EQ

I use the Cambridge EQ all the time. It is very effective and easy to use, particularly for notching out nasty resonance frequencies. Its wide array of filter slopes allows for precise control over the low end, which can really come in handy on odd-sounding recordings. For whatever reason, the way this EQ is designed allows me to obtain the sound I'm looking for more easily than with other equalizers I've tried.

C. Nardi

25 juin 2017

Versatile and accurate

In terms of versatility, this is my favorite EQ when mixing. Unless I want to get some coloring or just some inspiration from a different kind of EQ, I'll go for the Cambridge EQ on most channels on any kind of project. It has enough filters – including a range of high-pass filter curve types – to allow for surgical interventions and the results are always clear and accurate, whether I am aiming at a detail or at a wider portion of the frequency spectrum.

L. Alin Gabriel

21 juin 2017

A good worker

Low dsp print ,excellent lows

R. Webb

20 juin 2017

My go to eq

I use this eq on almost everything. I use Pultecs a lot for their vibe and color shaping but for zeroing in and just fixing a specific issue the Cambridge is fantastic. I'm constantly amazed at how many instances I can use of it as well. I keep saying, "I'll see if I can get just one more on..." low dsp usage, nice sheen, great precision.

J. Ciero

18 juin 2017

VERY important

VERY important tool! i use it in every work i do!! exelent

T. Ivory

17 juin 2017


So dope

181-200 sur 443 résultats