Plug-In Cambridge EQ

Plug-In Cambridge EQ

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Égaliseur doux et chirurgical
capable de traiter n'importe quelle source.

Le plug-in Cambridge EQ pour plateformes UAD-2 et interfaces Apollo est un outil de choix pour les ingénieurs du son professionnels qui recherchent un puissant modelage du son et une douceur acoustique. Que vous apportiez la touche finale à un master, que vous remodeliez radicalement des pistes ou que vous résolviez des passages à problème venant de sources mal enregistrées, le plug-in Cambridge EQ est un outil indispensable pour tout ingénieur du son.

Vous pouvez maintenant:

Façonner avec précision les signaux au moyen de cinq bandes de correction paramétrique ou en plateau

Ajouter un éclat transparent et vous débarrasser des grondements dans les graves avec 17 types de filtres passe-haut et passe-bas

Garantir une précision chirurgicale avec trois types de Q et de plateau résonant par bande

Utiliser le contrôle de zoom sur la courbe graphique de l'égaliseur pour faciliter la visualisation des réglages fins

Caractéristiques Principales

Cinq bandes de correction paramétrique ou en plateau

17 types de filtres passe-haut et passe-bas

Trois types de Q et de plateau résonant par bande

Alternance entre deux configurations A/B d'un seul clic

Affichage de la courbe de correction graphique modifiable

Filtres passe-bas et passe-haut avec 17 pentes de filtre dont des

Butterworth de 2e-6e ordre et des filtres elliptiques ainsi que les filtres à coupure standard de 6 à 36 dB/octave

Les filtres de type analogique utilisent un algorithme propriétaire, qui permet d'éviter les problèmes typiques des égaliseurs numériques

Les filtres fonctionnent à des fréquences élevées sans suréchantillonnage

Les commandes de la section paramétrique émulent les consoles analogiques haut de gamme les plus appréciées

Les complexes filtres en treillis donnent un son doux de style analogique

Contrôle de zoom à trois paliers sur la courbe graphique de l'égaliseur pour faciliter la visualisation des réglages fins

Requiert une carte DSP UAD-2 ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

Cambridge EQ

Evaluation Globale

(406 avis)

Utilisateur UAD

5 février 2016

Amazing EQ

I needed a linear eq and this is the best eq that i found..low DSP with a great sound response.
great plug in!!!

G. Postorino

4 août 2015

The "everything" EQ

I was on the fence about purchasing this plugin. I desperately needed a solid parametric EQ as my "go-to's" were leaving something to be desired - especially in the higher frequencies (5k and up). After reading the reviews and demoing the plugin extensively, I decided to bite the bullet. I'm so glad I did. The Cambridge puts every other parametric EQ in my plugin folder to shame. It can do everything from surgical EQ work to broad stroke boosts and cuts, all handled with ease. The high and low pass filter options are UNREAL! I have never heard a filter set with so few phasing issues. Add to it that the plugin only consumes 1% DSP power per instance and it's no wonder this little gem has risen above the rest of my EQ's. A must have!

N. Dranov

5 juin 2015

Great EQ - Low DSP

A very nifty little eq with great sound and nice filter options. I find myself using many instances of it - and its low DSP hit - for adjusting tracks, groups and effect returns in the beginning of a mix for which I might end up using the bigger (massive passive) or more colorful (eg Pultec and Trident) guns. But often the trusty Cambridge stays, at least for hi/lo passes and more surgical cuts. It gets a lot of use and I'm very happy with this eq.

M. Stockdale

20 novembre 2014

Lovely ...!

I use a variety of different eq's and this one was recommended by a colleague. My original intention was to use it for a specific purpose but frankly I've ended up using it all over the place - it's as at home on a channel strip as it is on the output bus. It's one of those plugins that seems to have its own sound - a warm & slightly tubey hifi quality. Wherever I've used it it just seems to make everything sound ... well, nicer. I know that's not a particularly helpful technical analysis, but it's the best way I can describe it. Things just sound nicer.

Highly recommended ...!

S. Verma

13 août 2014

cambrige is best eq i impressed

This eq plugin is best before i was use wave & tc
but know i love the Cambridge eq form uad

J. Carmo

14 juillet 2014

Spectrum analyzer....

IMO the Cambridge EQ Plug-In is excellent, but i would like to see a Spectrum analyzer included. I want to propose UA to make a Spectrum analyzer plugin for use with the console or inside DAW ...this is my sugestion for UA team

V. Uhov

13 janvier 2014

Cambridge EQ Plug-In

After buying the UAD- 2 Octo Core question arose about the equalizer as a working tool in my work. Heard a lot of good things about Cambridge EQ Plug-In. Very versatile can be used to track channel and master.
Immediately decided to try. Comparing Eq Channel included in the program Logic Pro 9 so badly disappointed . So many years have used this Eq Channel but when compared with Cambridge EQ Plug-In - Hi Pass filter is not correctly cut the lower frequencies ... had to choose cutoff frequency only was more audible effect . Cambridge EQ Plug-In when choosing the same value immediately heard his work. a subtle and precise tool!

N. Cooke

21 décembre 2013


This is a good solid eq to turn to when other eq's can't do what you need to do!!!

Great Job UA

B. Mclendon

17 décembre 2013

The cambridge eq is is my "Go To" Eq plugin

UAD’s Cambridge EQ is very similar to Sonnox’s
Oxford EQ in terms of its colourful graphic layout
as well as functionality. Cambridge wins me over
with its pristine yet warm sound quality. This EQ
is often described as being “surgical”. Indeed it
does provide a really detailed, flexible set of
parameters, which are pretty intuitive to handle.
But the analog sweetness that can be achieved
with just gentle curves is what really impresses
me with this plugin.

P. Munch

1 septembre 2013

My goto EQ for allmost everything

I use this EQ on every single track I produce. I do use other plugins like flux and waves, but this baby is my workhorse. Having access to the butterworth 3-6 filters is helpful in getting my basses and kicks to sit perfectly in the mix.

D. Pessanha

9 juillet 2013

Powerfull EQ

Wonderful EQ, very responsive and sensitive with great musical response and the highest point is the filters. The most complete tool EQ I've ever used.

J. Vawter

17 juin 2011

When it comes to EQ, I'm a bit of a control freak. Broad, colorful EQs have their place, but more often than not, I need something surgical too. For a long time, the Cambridge was the only EQ UA had that could do surgical, and frankly for that purpose it's a bit too colored for my taste. So why four stars? The filters. The filters on this thing are amazing, and offer unmatched control. Like the rest of the Cambridge they're not uncolored, but with care they can do awesome things. While the upcoming Brainworx BX Digital will largely supplant this plugin for me, and 88RS is a better surgical EQ, for someone with a just a UAD-1 this plugin is still a no-brainer for the filters.

S. Maitland

17 juin 2011

Firstly I own a Crane Song Ibis, hardware.
I looked hard and listened hard to the Sonnox eq trying it out as you do.
I had been looking into UAD Omni for some time and unfortunately no trials which is understood.
I had Pro Tools 7 through 8.4 and except for the later 8.4 the plugins were, well, agricultural and not a pro vibe. All promises and little joy.
I read countless reviews of all software equipment and trialed the big name eq's of the time. The vibes I got on the UAD software although in minor numbers were definitive and when I got together my courage and purchased the whole Omni I was not disappointed.
The Cambridge eq, to my ears does everything in a musical fashion, it does everything well except make shrill edgy highs and muffled lows.
The Cambridge eq is in control of what audio passes through it and the test is what feeling you get when you listen to the audio passed through it.
The Sonnox to my ears is the other eq that passed my tests and I think the Cambridge most certainly is up there in it's own space. I have no need to purchase Sonnox now, I think the Cambridge is wonderful.
I have to say here that I recorded to tape for many years and although in pro studios it was a Studer 24 track, at home it was just a Tascam 38. Well when I heard the Cambridge I thought my journey for gear that sounds good and does what it was designed to do was over. This puts it in a nutshell really.

R. Fernandez

26 juillet 2012

A Fantastic EQ! The filters are amazing.

I just finished mixing the new Clint Eastwood Film. The score was made up of a 60 piece orchestra featuring 2 Harps, Solo Piano, Acoustic Jazz Bass and 2 Acoustic guitars( Nylon and Steel string). All playing live in the same.

The Cambridge EQ was used on all featured instruments. Using the Filters to clean
up any unwanted low end rumble or noise. and EQ for carving

Harps were filtered at 80hz as well as the Acoustic guitars.
Some carving EQ on the harps at 300 hz with some top added 1db @ 8k an 5.6k to the guitars for some sparkle.

The Piano high mic was rolled off at 50 hz the low at 30hz. This was only EQ applied to the Piano.

Jazz Bass 2db @ 63Hz and 1.5 db @ 2.4K.


M. Daniele

1 mars 2010

I just tested it in demo mode, but I can say it's a great-sounding and very powerful plugin.
An additional spectrum analyzer function would make it an even greater tool, for mastering purposes especially: if it will be implemented in the future, I will not hesitate a millisecond to buy it!

M. Fekjær

10 août 2014

I love this plugin, but...

The only thing I don't like about it is the interface. I would love it if UAD remade the interface.
Other than that, it does everything I want from a surgical EQ.

H. Kwang

11 juin 2012

I remembered when I used uad-1.
This is very simple but Effect is Good!
My vacal have a color by Cambridge EQ .
But I have a question . That's Tone. My ability was bad. So.......^^
TO DO MIX ! with My instruments. It is hard work to me .
But I expect . Because My Uad-1 upgraded by Uad-2.
And I have a plan about New Audio Interface (Apollo,Ufx,and so on)
I will try about many time . Thank you for read my words. Bye !

J. H

18 octobre 2015

Needs a Frequency Analyser

Most similar plugins (ReaEQ, etc) have a real time frequency analyser. This one really should. It doesn't sound particularly great, but if it had the right features it might be useful. Another disappointment from UAD.

D. Mitchell

17 juillet 2014

Solid EQ

4 Stars for the EQ works great, a bit buggy in my DAW. Love the elliptical presets.

S. Netsman

13 novembre 2018

I love it

Low on DSP, sounds great. GUI as a modern eq (having to turn ”knobs” using the mouse drives me crazy)