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Apollo 8

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A. Leite

25 janvier 2024


Perfect in every aspect. I love the preamps!

e. birraux

27 octobre 2023

jamais déçu

je viens d ajouter une deuxième Apollo 8 à mon rack et tout roule comme prévu, jamais déçu . peace

D. Jo

7 septembre 2023


I think it's a good option to replace ProTools hardware's low latency monitor.
It would be better to have an aes/ebu terminal for an external converter, but using spdif will solve it.
Now I'm thinking about which uad plugin to buy. :)

D. Bennison

11 août 2023

Great interface

Bought to expand the I/O on my Apollo Twin. It's a fantastic interface - rock solid performance and I'm getting great results using the Unison preamps on tons of sources

D. Wheeler

22 février 2023

Works a treat!

Got an Apollo 8 quad to expand on the Twin I’ve had for years. Works a treat!
Support have been very helpful resolving a few setup issues.


31 janvier 2023

Still active

I use ApolloX and bought it because I wanted more DSP.
The sound is totally usable, so good!

D. Shipilov

6 janvier 2023

Old, but not obsolete!

This devise sounds very clear and transparent. UNISON technology is just awesome for recording. Many many colours with this technology.

L. Holmes

27 décembre 2022

Amazing Interface.

Its great, would recommend over any Avid DSP unit.

P. Fitzgerald

20 décembre 2022

D. Selimi

18 décembre 2022

universal audio apollo

the best universal audio apollo

L. Nina

31 mars 2022

Excellent product

I love a/d, d/a converters since their response is very similar to analog sound and with that support densus plug ins is an excellent product.

f. orti salvador

9 mars 2022

Clear and great sound

I like the sound and also the plugins, the digital converter y great also.

C. Doicu

11 janvier 2022


High quality in every aspects.

G. Yacoub

15 décembre 2021

Thank you so much

Dear UA
Have a nice day
This is the 4th Hardware I bought from your valuable great company
you are my backbone of my workflow.
thank you so much for being in my life
I'm Looking forward any Gift coupon for a plugins as I bought a New Apollo 8

J. Bickford

9 novembre 2021

Just wonderful

Leaping into a professional sound and level as one of the best things I’ve done the quality and the plug-ins are just amazing

A. Kheyrdan

13 avril 2021


I can’t use any other interfaces after i bought my first apollo in 2015 and know I’m using all my apollo8 features and thats why I’m addicted to apollo .

J. Elyashiv

26 février 2021

Worth every penny!

I knew I’d be upgrading my setup when I bought this but I didn’t expect it to exceed my expectations! Also streamlined my workflow, and the plugins are fantastic!

D. Rohde

13 février 2021

Didnt thought it could get better, but..

After owning the first Apollo i thought what could get better, but this is one more Step
further than the first Edition, really a great Tool, works great with my other Apollo

S. Lyles

13 février 2021

Amazing Clarity - Apollo 8

Since we mostly crank out voice overs you would think having few tracks and devices to deal with would be no issue... and its not. But the clarity with the Apollo 8 is amazing - mic -> UA 610 SE -> Apollo 8 -> volume automation -> done. Clients love the quality and so do we.

s. Prystanski

22 janvier 2021

does not work with my new windows laptop

After 7 weeks of working with tech support from both Dell and Universal Audio, my brand new gaming laptop Dell G7, i7 with Thunderbolt does NOT detect the Apollo 8 at all, so I had to buy another laptop MacBook Air M1 bigSur and the Apollo does work on that.

1-20 sur 486 résultats

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