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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

Evaluation Globale

1801-1820 sur 2127 résultats

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T. Vines

7 janvier 2016

Great sounding, aggressive

I love the aggressiveness of this channel strip on drums with the Neve 88RS channel strip tone on the bass. It's a match made in Heaven! I am anxiously awaiting my Apollo Duo USB so I can record through it! Great quality as always! In my home studio it's as close as I will ever come to a true analog API console.

P. Alves

6 janvier 2016

The best sounding channel strip

Great character!
I like the gate very much since transforms the transients in a very good way. Same thing with the comp.
Not 5* because it uses much DSP and I would like to use it in a large amount of channels :)
Thank you UA!

J. Ivarsson Björklund

6 janvier 2016

One of the best...

... sounding plugins I've ever used. Wish I had the DSP to run this on all channels. Sounds beautifully when the preamp gets pushed and the compressor and EQ fits me perfectly! This one in combination with the Studer on all channels would be a dream setup!

N. Nowottny

5 janvier 2016


I love this thing. just a few twists and you are recording a finished sound. I wouldn't consider it risky to track with some moderate Eq and compression. you just can't really mess much up with this thing.


5 janvier 2016

Sounds SO GOOD!

Man this plugin is great. I have been using API's for years now and I seriously believe this Plug. The mic gain is sometime/most times all you need to make a track really sing. I only wish that they would do a update that would not be unison so you can use up less dsp.

J. Pearson

3 janvier 2016

Start here.

UA is doing so much good work with this current generation of plugs. Almost too many options. I've been fortunate enough to use many of the hardware versions over 30 years and there is very little appreciable sonic difference now. More importantly, the cumulative effect of using these total circuit emulations just makes me smile. It's as close as we've ever been to bridging the gap while retaining the convenience, workflow and mobility of digital.

The API Vision is a workhorse. Learn it inside out and expand as necessary. The Neve 1073, 1176 Collection, LA2A Collection and Fairchild 670 are all fantastic. There really are no bad choices. You'll likely get them all in time. Worry less about the tools and make some music

A. Tomashenko

30 décembre 2015

cool sound

Very cool EQ section and preamp. I want try mixing song with this plugin on all chanel track, but my UAD 2 duo weak for that :)

A. Cannon

30 décembre 2015

Great Channel

This channel for it's cash value is a no brainer!

V. Salvaggio

27 décembre 2015

They got it right

So much fun, great character

J. King

27 décembre 2015



H. Barry

22 décembre 2015

Simply Beauty & Hard

This is a great Channel Strip. I've never used a real API but, I like the sound and it seems the selected frequencies work very well on various sources. Simply Beautiful and Hard at the same time.

C. Castanheira

18 décembre 2015

API Vision Console Channel Strip

Plug in wonderful !!!
Equalizer with very close to hardware sound.
And great filters.
Worth it

S. Semsis

17 décembre 2015

Refreshing quality

It's fresh and inspiring . To my ears it has a more pronounced yet sweet high end compared to the other unison strips . The filters are great and the eq transparent . It is a definite " must have" !

A. Vaquero Taboada

16 décembre 2015

Solamente dos palabras

im - prezionante como decía Jesulín ,

A. Elfimov

16 décembre 2015

An unexpectedly useful and versatile tool

I rarely use channel strip plugins, but went ahead and purchased this on a coworker's advice. Haven't had time yet to run it through places, but it's clear enough already I *will* be using it extensively. What a lovely plugin. Very tight and defined sound; not as 'dry' as the SSL but has just the right amount of color. The preamp is not harsh, and wonderfully warms bass & drums. The EQ is what you'd expect from an API EQ plugin. What I was surprised with is gate -- it is indeed so dynamic and responsive, just brilliant. Basically, that entire middle 'gate/comp' strip is brilliant and will surely find much use. Overall, I didn't expect to be as excited with this strip as I actually am. But, yes, it does it up DSP instances quickly [sigh].

T. Apikos

16 décembre 2015


Nice GUI. I wish it wasn't such a resource hog.

A. Oseghale

16 décembre 2015


I have never been a fan of channel strip neither do i know how the original hardware or the console sound like , In the past i tried a few but this thing here is the real deal.
i went back to few old mixes to try it out. it tortured the stack of drum kicks that i had a hard time putting together. I use a lot of drum kick stacked and the moment i cranked the PREAMP i could feel a sense of relieve finally. the comp is very good in all the things i have thrown at it and it is my now go to when stacking synth and drums. I would not go for the eq on a surgical mission but very good to tame things with. again thanks to UAD for bringing this to people like me.


R. Elliott

15 décembre 2015

Actually 4.5 stars

I feel like an Olympic judge and will give a half point deduction for DSP usage. Other than that, this plugin is pretty incredible...especially for anything that rocks. I like driving the virtual front end of this thing and use some subtle compression just to tame any drastic transients. You guys are truly the best. I know being the best comes with a price, and you are worth every penny.

D. Hamilton-Leid

15 décembre 2015

Great sounding with a fast workflow

No only is a great sound plugin but offers me a great and quick workflow which I rarely get from other channel strips


15 décembre 2015

Sounds good

Very efficient preamp. So nice on drums, I recommand.

1801-1820 sur 2127 résultats