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LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

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I. Voevodin

6 janvier 2023



S. Rogers

6 janvier 2023

Great bus compressor

Absolutely fantastic.

G. Goodwin III

5 janvier 2023

UAD Killed it on this one!

I have a lot of UAD stuff. I like all of it, some of it I absolutely love. All the API stuff is among the 'I love it' crowd. It is really, really well done. Good work UAD!!!!

L. Meador

4 janvier 2023

That API Sound

For starters, Luna. The bomb. Full stop. Then add the API console emulation across every channel, with Neve Summing (separate product). What a sound. Love having the API 560 on every channel. Such a great broad stroke EQ, with a great sound of its own. Along with the punchy sound of a 2500 compressor. All immediately available in the console slot in Luna. Very handy. No need to instantiate a zillion other plugins. All the basics - and some of the best basics available - right at your fingertips - on every channel. Makes mixing a real joy.

A. Filip

3 janvier 2023

Smooth Sound

Very good on percussive material and it’s really useful for gain-staging your tracks! You can hear something’s changing only when you just put in on your bus

C. Dahl

2 janvier 2023

Great 2-bus compressor!

...but also on pretty much anything else. Great emulation.

M. Franco

31 décembre 2022

Great emulation

I really like how this plugin sounds on Nylon Acoustic Guitars it really gives a special sound and make my guitars sound great every time I use it.

A. Siddiqui

30 décembre 2022

API - A Perfect Innovation

With API Vision Channel Strip Collection expect the unexpected - Pleasantly surprised and loving it.

a. min

30 décembre 2022

Punch and Clarity

it;s magic

M. Avery

28 décembre 2022

API sound everywhere

Same as the rest of the Spark plugins, it’s now easier to have this classic API sound all over a mix and not just tracked on the way in or on a few channels here and there.

J. Berthier

27 décembre 2022

Perfect to be used on multiple tracks for an API console emulation

I had the API Vision channel strip which sounds great but is too dsp intensive to be used on multiple tracks with my little Apollo Duo. This preamp only version allows me to put it on every tracks and to recreate a great sounding API Console (it uses just 9% of dsp per instance).

C. Bingham

25 décembre 2022


Such a great channel strip! This is usually the first thing I put on anything. Sounds just like the real thing. Not only looks beautiful but it's also fun to use. Highly recommended!

s. galli

25 décembre 2022


This is a great compressor!

L. Spilger

24 décembre 2022

Punch and Clarity

Punch and clarity on my drumbus or 2bus. Recently I also got great results on a piano stereo track with it‘s piano leveler preset with my ravel!

L. Spilger

24 décembre 2022

Great sounding preamp

For a long time I always preferred the neve tones as they are more coloring to my ears. But I recently tend to opt to the several API emulation for it‘s more subtle coloration paired with clarity and punch. This is what this preamp delivers if you ask me!

R. Berryman

23 décembre 2022

Love it!

My go-to plugin for vocals now!

V. Huynh

23 décembre 2022

Best Channel Strip Plugin

I use it for Unison Preamp. Good sound.

M. Poli

23 décembre 2022

Best api channel

Absolute the best api channel in the market hands down!

N. Hassling-Offrell

23 décembre 2022

Great preamp!

Really nice punchy sound!

G. Żabski

23 décembre 2022

Really great audio plugin

Good sounding and solid preamp for Unison technology. I really like to use it to recording guitars or vocals in my studio. The best one !

61-80 sur 1828 résultats