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LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

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D. Gardell

14 janvier 2023

Works as a native plugin too!

Great that it's included with Spark, which means I also got a native version! I'm not going to compare it to other API strips, as it's modelled after a specific console, so it's not going to sound exactly like the next. But there are tons of videos review this and of course you can demo it.

So you might wonder why the average is not five stars? I'll save you some time scrolling through the reviews: It's because UA upgraded the old plugin (it's now called "legacy") and they didn't give the owner of that plugin this update for free. I understand the frustration, but I would wish sent those comments to UA instead of giving this particular plugin a negative review. So keep that in mind.


14 janvier 2023



c. rosario

11 janvier 2023


Everyone of your products and plug-ins are perfect for obviously certain applications
And I love this plug-in as well

J. Ka

11 janvier 2023

API Vision


N. Wilson

11 janvier 2023

Best channel strip!!!

I love this because it is easy to use and you can’t get a bad sound, the eq is my fav eq for shaping vocals buy this first !!!

J. Vanderhorst

10 janvier 2023

Best Bus Compressor Period

Best bus Compressor there is . And UA qaulity is unmatched

P. Méndez Gómez

10 janvier 2023

Wasn't planning on it, but I fell in love instantly

Great for distorted guitars, lots of aggression and really hard to find EQ settings that sound bad, amazing color box, I used to rely on the SSL but this has now become my favorite channel strip.

T. Stankiewicz

10 janvier 2023

Sounds perfect

It's perfect for vocals and sound incredible on acoustic guitar.

Š. Kominko

9 janvier 2023

Excellent preamp

Excellent character on drums, vocals and bass. I recommend.

S. Lopez

8 janvier 2023

If you switched to Luna

Then Grab It along with the Neve, simple.

a. min

8 janvier 2023

it's best for LUNA

best program recording for bus compresor

K. Houghton

7 janvier 2023

I’m a summing convert!

I never used this approach in a daw but now hear a great difference on many songs and now I will have to redo many songs I thought we’re finished
Give it a shot and you’ll understand .
Happy mixing!

J. De la Rosa

7 janvier 2023

Buen producto recomendado

Utilisateur UAD

7 janvier 2023

Vale la pena

Utilisateur UAD

7 janvier 2023


Maravilloso producto

I. Voevodin

6 janvier 2023



S. Rogers

6 janvier 2023

Great bus compressor

Absolutely fantastic.

G. Goodwin III

5 janvier 2023

UAD Killed it on this one!

I have a lot of UAD stuff. I like all of it, some of it I absolutely love. All the API stuff is among the 'I love it' crowd. It is really, really well done. Good work UAD!!!!

L. Meador

4 janvier 2023

That API Sound

For starters, Luna. The bomb. Full stop. Then add the API console emulation across every channel, with Neve Summing (separate product). What a sound. Love having the API 560 on every channel. Such a great broad stroke EQ, with a great sound of its own. Along with the punchy sound of a 2500 compressor. All immediately available in the console slot in Luna. Very handy. No need to instantiate a zillion other plugins. All the basics - and some of the best basics available - right at your fingertips - on every channel. Makes mixing a real joy.

A. Filip

3 janvier 2023

Smooth Sound

Very good on percussive material and it’s really useful for gain-staging your tracks! You can hear something’s changing only when you just put in on your bus

21-40 sur 1803 résultats