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1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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A. Viktorovich

14 novembre 2022


he best 1176 that I've heard in plugins.

C. Laroche

11 novembre 2022

Great plugin! Incredible sound! A must have for all enthusiasts!!!

Great plugin! Incredible sound! A must have for all enthusiasts!!! Thanks to the whole Universal Audio team for offering us all these products!

J. Lambert

10 octobre 2022

They did it right!

I wanted to REALLY give this a test- so, i tried recording my drummer with just one big tube condenser as a room/boom.
I don't know that i have ever heard a full drum track sound so clean with single microphone. This is pretty perfect.

T. Kingen

6 octobre 2022

So good

The 1176 is a time honored workhorse. I like to use it to capture the peaks after gentle compression with the LA2A or Fairchild. Works great!

A. Brown

23 septembre 2022


I have the Legacy 1176 Collection and now I have these Babies ! I'll put them to use asap !!

A. Ayer

22 septembre 2022


The legacy version of the 1176 is great. But it is 100% worth it to upgrade to the full collection.

J. Mendel

20 septembre 2022

Definitely the best 1176 plugins I've used!

Thus far a major improvement over the sound of the legacy versions. They seem to have the punch and power that I'm looking for on drums. Great Stuff! and now its available on UADx! Big plus!!

N. Stolz

19 septembre 2022

Review 1176

It's compressing very well and I like the sound how it compressing. Easy using with just few knoobs

R. Donnelly

16 septembre 2022

UAD email requested review.

The 1176 has been the go to compression for my percussion projects. Cant beat it.

P. Wallin

10 septembre 2022

Really happy with these

Using compressor together with these limiters is so rewarding! Of course they sound great on their own too. I have G-channel Bus compressor and sometimes I end up using one of these instead.

M. Park

1 septembre 2022

Need it every moment

The classic is the best

T. Basso

30 août 2022

The best

Congratulations for the excellent work!

A. Mujic

24 août 2022


Works fine!

i. icewalter

24 juillet 2022

so good


J. Song

21 juillet 2022


Currently using it for all of my rap tracks
Much better than the Waves emulation

A. Whittaker

19 juillet 2022

Yes it’s another 76

…but also maybe *still* the best 76 emulation out there so what can you do?

C. Preston

15 juillet 2022

Much better than Waves emulations

UAD make Waves plug-ins seem like toys. Serious tone and control, love these. Thanks!

N. Cifaldi

15 juillet 2022

Classic UA

these are high on the must have desert island plugins list!

M. Bernabel

11 juillet 2022


The 1176 and the LA-2A are like Peanut Butter & Jelly. You can't have one without the other. And the 1176 collection is industry standard, as in, it is in every single studio on this planet and you can bet on it. And you know what else? an LA-2A haha.

k. king

10 juillet 2022

The Best 1176 Ever

What can I say it gets the job done on every genre and it’s easy to use just use your ears that simple.UAD is my go to for my plugin arsenal thanks UAD!!!!!

1-20 sur 1185 résultats

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