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1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Evaluation Globale

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J. Walton

6 novembre 2023

Like Butter

These sound amazing. Brings out whatever I am running through it with superior clarity. Great plug ins.

e. pellegrino

6 novembre 2023


Assolutamente il top….

C. Asker

5 novembre 2023


The very finest compressors ever made are so meticulously modeled and perfected. Snappy attack, subtle comp or brutal crush - this plugin can teach you a lot!

D. Walton

4 novembre 2023

Definitely one of the better 1176 plugins I have used!

I've produced a number of songs using 1176 plugins. I own hardware versions but this is so close that I just grab this instead. There are definitely some sweet spots that are closer than others but this is TOO CLOSE not use!

A. Schindler

3 novembre 2023

I work at a studio and these plug ins are so close to the original

My favourite compressor in an easy to use plugin that i would use on anything. if someone asked me if i could only use 1 analog one or 5 of the plugin, it would be the plug in everyday

M. Zub

2 novembre 2023

Fantastic sounding plugin collection

I use it on drums (kick, snare) and vocals in combination with LA-2A. Sounds heavenly!

N. Østergaard

29 octobre 2023

My new replacements for current 76 solutions, but...

I'm already having issues with ilok, and I want you to find a new solution for your plugins and hardware... UA Connect should be it's very own entity without any link to ilok.. It would make things so much easier.

G. Corben

27 octobre 2023

Fantastic Plugins but STOP USING F*** ILOK

No one has had anything good to say about iLok is 20 years why UAD using the PoS system. Once again I had to stop a session because all my UAD plugins became unactivated. WTF
I will say again UAD plugins are awesome but
iLOK is. a total Po S from the 1990s

N. Antonio

19 octobre 2023


Una vez que los insertas tan solo tienes que nivelar. Ahí tienes el sonido perfecto del aparato analógico. Una maravilla.

T. Mai

18 octobre 2023

The real deal

to many fakes out there, if you want the real thing what out buying the physical hardware, this is the one.

G. N

17 octobre 2023

Classic Limiters

So cool warm sound . Looking forward to try the APIs one day

G. Corben

16 octobre 2023

These 1176s are the real deal

Loving the 1176s - I really like these bundles of different models UAD does. The GUIs are spot on too unlike some other brands.

D. Savastyanov

16 octobre 2023

my first plugin which became really must have

incredible plugin. incredible sound quality
no trash in my sound like in another compressors like waves)) thx uad for your job

R. Studio

15 octobre 2023

De los mejores 1176 del mercado

Muy Excelente Paquete de 1176

C. Jensen

14 octobre 2023


I rarely use any other brand

L. Weisz

13 octobre 2023


Ez egy klasszikus plugin. Nem lehet hibázni vele.

a. falesi

12 octobre 2023

THE compressor

i already said too much.

A. Cucos

11 octobre 2023

The best vocal compressor till this date

A must have for upfront vocals. Absolutely love it

a. yosh

10 octobre 2023


So Cooool!

m. fritsch

10 octobre 2023

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Happy to have gotten this excellent plug-in.

61-80 sur 1448 résultats