Plug-In Oxide Tape Recorder

Plug-In Oxide Tape Recorder

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La révolutionnaire technologie UA d'émulation de bande dans un plug-in simple d'emploi.

Le plug-in Oxide Tape Recorder apporte la technologie novatrice d’UA en matière d'émulation de bande magnétique dans un package simple et abordable – avec toutes les caractéristiques essentielles. En exploitant le son musical, « prêt-à-mixer », d'une bande, il vous donne la clarté, le punch et la chaleur permettant à chaque piste de « sonner comme un disque ».

Vous pouvez maintenant :

Injecter facilement dans vos pistes la chaleur, la coloration et la réponse en basses percutante d'une bande analogique de grand format

Appliquer la saturation de la bande et des circuits via de simples commandes Input/Output

Utiliser des presets conçus par l'ingénieur/producteur John Paterno [Brad Paisley, Los Lobos]

Enregistrer en temps réel dans l'ordinateur « comme sur bande » au moyen des interfaces Apollo

Charger l’Oxide sur 24 pistes avec un unique accélérateur DSP UAD-2 QUAD

Choisir la vitesse de bande entre 7,5 et 15 pouces/s, et une des deux courbes d'accentuation pour des textures de bande riches en couleur

Exemples Sonores

Exemples Sonores
5-Minute UAD Tips
5-Minute UAD Tips

5-Minute UAD Tips

Plug-In Oxide Tape Recorder

Technologie révolutionnaire d'émulation de bande

Technologie révolutionnaire d'émulation de bande

Le plug-in Oxide Tape Recorder a été réalisé par l'équipe à l'origine de l'Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder et du Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder, les plug-ins UAD leaders de leur marché. Conçu en collaboration avec Jay McKnight, expert AES de l'enregistrement magnétique, l'Oxide donne à vos pistes et à vos mixages la chaleur, la présence et les sensations d'une bande analogique professionnelle.

Simple d'emploi

Simple d'emploi

Que ce soit pour enregistrer en temps réel à l'aide d'une interface Apollo ou pour mixer dans votre station de travail audio numérique, les commandes intuitives de l'Oxide donnent des résultats musicaux aux débutants comme aux pros. Sélectionnez simplement la vitesse de la bande en pouces par seconde (IPS), l'égalisation (EQ), et la réduction de bruit (NR), et ajustez les commandes d'entrée et de sortie à votre goût. En émulant la riche compression d'une bande et les comportements typés des circuits, l'Oxide donne à vos pistes et mixages le liant et la cohésion que seule une bande analogique peut fournir.

Caractéristiques Principales

Des fonctionnalités simples et faciles à utiliser vous permettant de profiter du son incontournable des bandes magnétiques dans vos enregistrements

Des presets spécifiques conçus par l'ingénieur/réalisateur artistique John Paterno afin de vous aider à obtenir le meilleur son possible

Reproduit le son chaleureux et naturel ainsi que les graves dynamiques d'un magnétophone à bande grand format

Des effets de saturation des bandes et du circuit poussés à l'extrême via des contrôles d'Entrée / Sortie simples d'utilisation et les trajets Repro ou Input

Vitesses de Bande de 7.5 et 15 IPS ; Courbes d'Accentuation NAB et CCIR

Une seule Carte DSP UAD-2 QUAD peut supporter 24 pistes stéréo ou 40 pistes mono

Algorithme développé par l'équipe d'ingénieurs en DSP d'UA reconnus dans le monde entier, ainsi que par l'expert en enregistrement sur bande à l'AES, Jay McKnight

Les détenteurs d'Oxide profitent d'une importante réduction pour l'acquisition de l'UA Magnetic Tape Bundle

Requiert une carte DSP UAD-2 ou une Interface Audio Apollo disponibles chez les revendeurs agréés dans le monde entier

Avis Clients

Oxide Tape Recorder

Evaluation Globale

(505 avis)

S. McKeever

19 août 2016

Love this tape sound;)

Its a tape sim. Sounds really good. I'd buy it. In fact, I did;)

T. Mandylas

15 août 2016

Best easy tape tracking plugin on market, native or otherwise

Sheer brilliance. My last experience with real tape was in 1998. I decided to take the raw stems from that track and see how close I could get to the high end studio tape recording. Oxide did a wonderful job. This is the plugin that you put on every channel to simulate track to tape, with absolutely zero fuss. For an analogue tape mix emulation, just gain stage properly, insert oxide and adjust gain staging to taste to emulate the level you would record at to analog tape, and instant goodness. Then after the gain staging use your DAW faders for standard level mixing. If a mix is done properly, there is no situation where it doesn't sound better with oxide enabled. Yes, even on electronic music. Low dsp, low latency, highest quality. a must

M. Ries

27 mai 2016

Instant goodness

I've demoed all the UAD tape sins, and while the Ampex and Studer are awesome and very tweakable (and over twice the price), Oxide holds it own and makes up for it's lack of options with near instant great tone. You really can do quite a bit with just the input and output alone. Using this a lot on drum busses and acoustic guitars, but it works on just about anything. Highly recommended.

a. Di giorgio

7 mai 2016

the best plug in

was a bit skeptical about tape saturation plug-ins. My friend said it was making a huge improvement to his mixes so I bit the bullet and bought the Oxide Tape Recorder plug-in. I have to say this plug-in is the difference maker. Its the biggest single improvement I have done to my mixes. The demo videos I have watched don't do it justice.
I highly suggest everyone to try this out and hear for yourself what magic it can do to you mixes.



7 février 2016

Oxide a great low cost option

Now that I have had some time behind the promotional plug-ins that come standard w the Apollo 8p and Twin Duo hardware, I needed something to add more depth and texture to my mix. I was holding out for sales on the Studier and Ampex tape recorders when, BAM, here is Oxide. Subtle, easy to use plug. It really brings out vocals when patched on a single track and gives the whole mix a round, whole feeling of context. Thanks for the coupons and keep those sales coming!

E. Burnett

28 janvier 2016

Easy GUI, DSP friendly and sounds great!

Had the Studer and loved it but with just a Twin Duo couldn't afford the DSP to use it on every track. Oxide is the answer - for anyone using the more modest Apollo devices this gives you the Studer experience without the painful DSP usage. Incredible job UA!

J. Barry

22 janvier 2016

I have many tape emulators and this is my favorite

I have Slate VTM which is very, very subtle. I have j37 which is almost cartoonish but does serve a very real purpose. I love Oxide because it is realistic like slate but has a flavor like the J-37 without feeling "cartoonish". If you have UA's big brothers there's no need to get this but if you do not -- then this is a godsend. This will actually smooth up your tracks and make them just work together. I love it and it doesn't take much processing power. One of my goto plugins. Great job UA.

F. Schoffelen

22 décembre 2015

Instant Goodness

Doing mostly acoustic work I appreciate clear sound, not saturated or compressed noticeably. Maybe that's why I never really got into the Tape-Thing until I heard Oxide-demo. I did a comparison with other VTC's, that either rhyme with 8 or something to do with atmosphere and sea, over 5 songs. I think I could, in the end, get my tracks to sound like that : opener and with a much clearer ambience. But it would take me a lot more time and several plugs. On the bus it really made a quick, one stop difference from "okay-ish" to "yeah-that's it" pulling instruments and vocals together in the stereo field. I do mostly use the 15 ips without overload on the input. Great! Thanks UAD for an affordable VTC.

A. Gamez

18 décembre 2015


I've had the pleasure to work on real Studers and Otaris a few years back and I own a Tascam MS-16 1" tape machine, and both the UAD Studer and ATR plugs, so I guess I have a pretty good perspective on how tape really does sound and what plugins can do in terms of fatness and saturation.

Being a little skeptical as this new plug was released, and owning it's biggest brothers (Studer and ATR) I thought this was just a cheaper version for people not willing to spend the 350 bucks. That was until I demoed it!

Oxide is a completely different beast than its older brothers. It imparts attitude and 3Dness that I love. It's a must for all tape aficionados & saturation seekers. This is not an upgrade/downgrade from other plugs, its something else.

K. Scragg

24 novembre 2015


Using most tape emulations is a waste of time, as the majority of them don't 'react' like tape does and therefore they always seem to fall short. This doesn't. It's magic. It lifts, adds warmth and the right amount of saturation to really fool the ear. Working in the box, in a home studio set up, aiming to get close to that pro studio sound without spending thousands of pounds on actual tape? This is your safest bet.

It will do what most plugins claim to do, but most don't fulfill - It will make your mix sound better.

Well done to the wizards of Universal Audio.

R. Dodd

19 novembre 2015

Yes if..

If you don't already own the Studer A 800, then this is for you.
If you want to 'just grab a preset and hear a change", this is for you.
If you've used the 'real thing' for many years, you may prefer the flexibility of either the ART or Studer.
Good value.

j. franco lopez

17 novembre 2015


hola , tengo el stunder 800 y es magnifico pero acabo de probar el oxide y es espectacular , consume menos recursos y es mas cristalino , el stunder tiene un poco mas de pegada pero el oxide lo tiene todo , y en graves es mas limpio . grande uad

Utilisateur UAD

14 novembre 2015

UAD version of Slate VTM

Exactly what VTM users are looking for in a UAD style Tape Machine. Simple, effective gets the job done and then some. For users afraid of the 15ips sound for "modern sounding" reasons, try messing around with the EQ curves as well. You'll be surprised.

A. Maxwell

10 novembre 2015

Oxide works!!

i've always been a bit dubious about these tape style plug ins. Often I have difficulty hearing the difference. Not this time! Having tried it out on a real job i was mixing fro a corporate film I was thrilled with the results, It's in my must have UAD list. Yours too probably!

A. Zaporojan

5 novembre 2015


super slov net klassnyi pribor

E. Burnett

11 février 2016

Basically a poor man's Studer - and it's great!

I've worked with the Studer and Ampex plug-ins here and actually found them a little too feature packed - when I'm quickly looking for a nice tape effect the Oxide is a perfect place to start. And obviously the DSP hit is so much less than with the Studer/Ampex - great job UAD!

M. Penn

5 novembre 2015

Just The Touch of Warmth Needed!!

Wow, Warm, Punchy.. Love it, Easy to use .. Just slap it on Dial a little or grab a easy Preset. Instant Love is what I Hear. Simple Results!

Great Job UA!!


11 novembre 2015

Good, but

Good plugin, but nothing to do with the ATR 102, which remains my favorite.
One could compare it with the Studer A800, the settings are simple, the presets are not all to my taste !!!
The price is very interested, but I prefer to choose other quoted above.
thank you uad

A. Dixon

27 novembre 2015

Simple, easy to use, and effective.

Imparts a desired sonic character... Works nicely/most effective when applied across lots of tracks, which is actually possible as it is not such the DSP 'hog' as the ATR or Studer A800.. have been using this plug in on every mix.

S. Robertson

22 novembre 2015


Love it!! What an awesome tape emulation.. really tightens things up